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(The heroes enter Andrion's throne room through a portal)

Jonett: Dad!

Andrion: Ah daughter! Welcome home!

Jonett: Dad, we've got a problem! A BIG problem!

Andrion: Hm? What is it?

Jonett: Alteria is about to be invaded!

Andrion: What??

Jonett: Yeah!

Andrion: By who??

Jonett: Shadows! They're Goddess of Darkness is brainwashing all the shadows and she's sending her army to invade all of Alteria!

Andrion: Shadows? Goddess of- What???

Erika: Look, we need to gather fighters!

Nick: Or your kingdom's screwed Andrion!

Jonett: Yeah!

Andrion: R-Right. I'll assemble the troops at once. Are we the only ones in danger?

Jonett: Not likely. Arlina went to see the Elves, and Chauncy went to see the Dwarves, and Jayla went to see her sisters just in case.

Andrion: I see.

Nick: Well, let's get those men ready! Who knows when they'll attack!

Andrion: Right away.

(The scene changes to Midvek troops arming themselves as the people go into hiding)


(The heroes look over at the soldiers)

Nick: Whoa...

Jonett: Yeah. We might still be a bit sore from the last war we were in, but our men are still fit for battle.

Erika: I don't know if it'll be enough.

Jonett: How?

Erika: Your men have swords and bows. The Shadows have guns and plasma blades.

Jonett: Well, they'll try their best.

Erika: Right...

Diana: They do have dogs too.

(The group sees a number of wardogs out)

Erika: That's not gonna add much Diana.


Jonett: Well its all we got. We don't have the advance tech your worlds have... And we're not ready for it either.


Jonett: But they'll fight to the end. They all will.

Nick: Good.

Erika: At least we'll have a chance.

Jonett: With you guys here we will.

Nick: I hope Arlina, Chauncy and Jayla are doing okay with the others.

(The scene then cuts to Jayla arriving at her home)

Jayla: Hello? Guys?

(As Jayla lands near her nest, a harpy with two small harpy babies in her arms comes up)

Harpy #1: Jayla! Wow you're back! Its been awhile!

Jayla: Hey!

(Jayla sees the babies)

Jayla: *Gasp* Awww look at them!

Harpy Baby #1: *Coo*

Harpy Baby #2: *Reaches for Jayla*

Harpy #1: I know isn't it great?!

Jayla: Aaww! Did Arone's babies come yet?

Harpy #1: Yep! The whole tribe has babies! How about you Jayla? You got a baby yet?

Jayla: Uhh well...N-No not yet?

Harpy #1: Why not??

Jayla: Um... Well uhh… I uh...

Harpy #1: Jayla you okay?

Jayla: Y-Yeah yeah! I'm uhh...totally fine!

Harpy #1:......

Harpy Baby #1: *Coo*

Jayla:... *Shakes head* Wait no times for this! Listen we have BIG trouble!

Harpy #1: Trouble???

Jayla: I need to find Arone now!

Harpy #1: O-Okay Jayla. She should be over with the others.

Jayla: Right! *Flies off*

Harpy #1: ??

Harpy Baby #2: *Attentive coo*

Harpy #1: Oh right! I gotta get you two cuties fed!

(The harpy walks off before it cuts to Arlina approaching Sylshys's Council Hall)

Arlina: There it is!

(Arlina enters the hall and approaches the Council of Five)


Jaran: Hm?

Varira: What is the meaning of this!?

Arlina: Pardon the intrusion, but I have urgent news!

Zevnar: wait. I remember you. You're the elf girl who brought the Midvek princess here.

Arlina: Yes sir!

Melora: And what is this new you bring that is so urgent?

Arlina: Invaders are coming to Alteria! Creatures not of this world!

Samros: Not of this world?

Arlina: Yes! This is a threat to ALL of Alteria! We need to mobilize troops for battle now!

Zavnar: You want us to mobilize troops for battle for some invaders we've never heard of? And for that matter, what proof do you bring that we are being invaded?

Arlina: Huh?

Zavnar: You heard me. Where's the proof?


Samros: While Zavnar is hard to reason with on some matters, I'm afraid he is correct. We cannot march to war unless we know for certain we are in danger.

Arlina: P-Please wise council! I'm telling the truth!

Melora: I'm sure you are youngling, but we can't march to battle on the word of one elf alone. We need something more.

Arlina: Like what?

Zavnar: Proof of a threat that's what.

Arlina: *Thinking* They are right! I can't tell them to do this just on my word! I need proof! But what?!

(Arlina then gasps)

Arlina: Wait! My communicator!

Zavnar: Hm?

Arlina: *Thinking* If I remember correctly, we had a picture of Nimuria somewhere in this! Hopefully I still have it!

(Arlina soon finds the picture of Nimuria)

Arlina: *Thinking* Got it!

(Arlina shows the picture to the council)

Arlina: I have this!

Zavnar: What.. Is that??

Arlina: This is Nimuria! She-

Zavnar: No no not that, the thing you are holding!

Arlina: Oh. Its called a communicator. It allows me to talk to someone from far away.

Melora: I've never seen magic like this before.

Arlina: I-It's not- *Shakes head* That's not the point! It's what's on it that's important!

Zavnar: Who is that then?

Arlina: Her name is Nimuria, the Goddess of Darkness! She's plotting to invade Alteria with an army of Shadows!

Jaran: She does look dangerous.

Melora: Yeah.

Arlina: Her armies hold unimaginable power! If we don't team up to fight her, our world will be destroyed!


Zavnar: And what do you propose we do?

Arlina: We need our forces ready to do battle in case she invades our city!

Melora: I agree.

Samros: Yes. We should send extra troops out to keep guard.

Zavnar: Hmm, good idea.

Arlina: *Bows* Thank you council! I promise this won't be a waste of time!

Samros: I'm sure it won't young one. Now we must prepare.

Arlina: Right. *Leaves*


Samros: Well, let's send the order.

(The Council of Five nod)