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(The heroes are seen walking to Noravith Village with the Artifacts. Mika is seen in her Alien Octopus form holding Valrye as Nick walks with Anya and Nelphie)

Nick: You sure you're okay Anya?

Anya: Trust me Nick, I'm fine. She didn't hurt me.

Nick: You sure? I heard you laughing from the cages.

Anya: I'm okay Nick. Just a bit exhausted is all.

Nick: Well, if you're sure.

Anya: Besides, Nephie was screaming louder than me.

Nephie: Hey!

Anya: *Giggle*

Nick: Wait, why did Sandra have you? Weren't you and your tribe working with her?

Nephie: It's a long story...

Anya: At least now you know what makes that Sandra so scary.

Nephie: Don't remind me. *Shivers and hugs herself a bit* I can still feel her ghost hands on me...

Nick: Well don't worry. She's gone. For now.

Nephie: Thank goodness...

Mika: We're almost to Noravith!

Valrye: Greeeeat....

(The heroes are seen approaching the entrance to Noravith Village. The guards notice them)

Guard #1: The children have returned!

(The heroes enter the village)

Nick: We're back!

(The town leader walks out with his men)

???: Ah, you've returned children.

Nick: We sure have.

???: *Sees the Artifacts* Ah, and you've recovered our precious artifacts.

(The leader then looks at Valrye in Mika's grasp)

???: And I assume this is the one who had them?

Nick: Yep.

Mika: Her name's Valrye. She leads a Harpy Tribe near here.


???: Ah I see. That tribe has been a minor headache for us for a bit.

Nick: So. Are you convinced we aren't the thieves?

Erika: And you gonna give our parents back!?

???: Well, a promise is a promise. And you did return on the deal, so yes. You can have them back.

Erika: THANK you!

???: *To the guards* Mages, bring them out!

(The mages go into a building. Soon, they come out with the now unrestrained Defenders)

Erin: Kids!

Nick: Mom! Dad!

(The Defenders run over to the Warriors as Nick and Erika hug Erin and Jack)

Erin: Oh thank god you're alright!

Erika: Us?! We're happy you're alright!

Jack: *Smile*

(Alex and Jessica are seen hugging David and Jeanne)

Alex: You two okay?!

Jessica: You're not hurt are you?!

David: Guys guys, we're fine!

Jeanne: Really!

Alex: *Sigh of relief* Thank goodness.

Jessica: *Smile*

???: Now then.

(The leader approaches Mika and Valrye)

???: About this Harpy.


???: You're the one our Artifacts were given to yes? Probably to help with your rituals am I wrong?


Nick: That's not all they did.

Erika: Look what they did to Midvek's Princess!

(The heroes show the mage leader Jonett's Harpy form)


???: They transformed her into a Harpy??

Anya: Yeah. They used those artifacts. Do... Do you think you guys can-

???: Yes I can fix this.

Jonett: You... You can?

???: We've spent decades using these artifacts powers. This will be a simple matter to fix.

Jonett: *Sigh of relief* Oh thank you!

???: *Nod*

David: But what about the Harpy girl?


???: Well that's a different story. Her and her clan have been causing trouble for us for awhile now. Using cursed spells, performing rituals, kidnapping our people, the list just goes on.


???: You and your people are gonna pay for your crimes Harpy.

Valrye: *Gulp*

Nephie: W-Wait!

???: Hm?

Nephie: I-I know we did a lot of painful things, and we have to accept punishment but-

???: What, you asking we don't punish you?

Nephie: No but-

???: But what?

Nephie: Can you...give the clan a more...fair punishment?

???: Fair?

Nephie: Yes sir. Our clan is....in shambles right now. Food is scarce and mates are few and far between. If we don't get what we need soon, we'll all die.


Anya: She's not wrong. They allied with our counterparts because they promised help.

Nephie: And instead they left us behind when it seemed fit for them.


Nephie: I'm not saying that you shouldn't punish the clan, but please. Be merciful with your choice sir. Please...



Jonett: Sir. If I may.

???: Hm?

Jonett: Look, I understand your anger toward the Harpies. I mean, I am a victim of their....rituals. But she is right, their clan is suffering. They only did this to me because they saw it as their only chance for survival.


Jonett: At the very least, give Valrye's clan a light punishment, and when that punishment ends, give them the help they need. That's the least they deserve.

(The leader stands there thinking for a moment. He looks at Valrye then looks back at Jonett)

???:.... I'll speak with the others and we'll decide how to help the Harpies once they're punishment ends.

Vayrle: !

Nephie: *Happy gasp*

Jonett: Thank you.

???: But first, I think we should get you back to normal Princess. Wouldn't want your father seeing you this way.

Jonett: Agreed.

???: Well then, get the Artifacts and come with me.

Mika: What do I do with Valrye?

Valrye: You can let go. I won't run away. I promise.

Mika: Hmmmmmmm...

Aello: Go ahead Mika. She's telling the truth.

Mika: You sure?

Aello: Trust me.

Mika: Hmmm, well, okay!

(Mika lets Valrye go)

Valrye: Thank you.

Mika: No prob!

(Valrye smiles a bit)