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DigiDestined's Last Stand, Rise of the Great Beast, and the End of the Multi-Universe is the third and final episode of LOTM: Plan To Destroy The Heroes. This final episode features the Victory of The Order of Evil (Luigi777) over DigiDestined, the rise of Great Leviathan, and the destruction of the Multi-Universe.


After Dartz and his men had arrived, the remaining heroes were beginning to feel desparate. The final battle begins, the remaining DigiDestined used the DNA Digivolution on Digimon to assume their best powerful forms. When Dartz was about to be defeated. Dartz was aided by the evil Kamen Riders. Thx to the support from evil riders, Dartz is victorious to kill the last Six DigiDestined, their Digimons, and the Kingdom Force. The souls of the 12 DigiDestined were gathered. The Great Leviathan is awakened to take over the Multi-Universe.


Maximillion Pegasus's narration: "After joining forces with the Kingdom, the six remaining DigiDestined were left to live. Will they win?"

Dartz: "What's wrong? It seems that you and your friends were defeated against the power of the Orichalcos."

Davis Motomiya: "We'll see about that, Evil King! Everyone, it's DNA Digivolution time!"

Ken Ichijouji: "The revenge is for Matt and Tai!"

Kari Kamiya: "Revenge for dead friends!"

Yolei Inoue: Revenge for Mimi and Sora!

Cody Hida: We'll survive!

Six Remaining heroes and Kingdom Force members: "YEAH!!"


Target ~Akai Shougeki~ (Original Karaoke)

[Everyone use their Digivices on Digimons.]

Veemon and Wormmon: "Advance DNA Digivolution!"

[Veemon and Wormmon Warp DNA Digivolve into Imperialdramon.]

Imperialdramon: "Imperialdramon!!"

Gatomon and Aquilamon: " Advance DNA Digivolution!!"

[Gatomon and Aquilamon DNA Digivolve into Silphymon.]

Silphymon: Silphymon!!

Ankylomon and Angemon: " Advance DNA Digivolution!!"

[Ankylomon and Angemon DNA Digivolve into Shakkoumon.]

Shakkoumon: "Shakkoumon!!"

Luka and Kingdom Force: "Kingdom Force Unite!"

[Alpha Mech is formed.]

[The heroes fight against Dartz and his Orichalcos Shunoros together.]

Dartz: "No!"

Davis: "That's the way, Imperialdramon!"

Ken Ichijoji: "Don't give up!"

[The heroes knocked Shunros out. Suddenly, the four evil Kamen Riders arrive.]

Isaac Kanda: "Master Dartz, We're here to help you!"

Imperialdramon: "Now, Digidestined, gather your powers with me!! Positron Laser!!"

[Imperialdramon uses the Postron Laser on Villains. Suddenly, the four evil Kamen Riders managed to block the attack.]

Ken Ichijoji: What?! Positron Laser did not work well.

Dartz: "Sorry, fools!! It looks like we win! Destroy those remaning Digimons with Wild Blast!"

[The villains used their Wild Blasts on Imperialdramon, Silphymon, Shakkoumon.]

Ken Ichijoji: "Don't give up, Digimons."

[Orichalcos Shunoros uses the Photon Ring Blast on Imperialdramon, Silphymon, Shakkoumon. Then, they revert back to their Rookie Forms.]

Dartz: "It is goodbye, puny damned Digimon!!"


Digimon Adventure - Butter-fly Piano Version

[Dartz uses the cursed sword of Orichalcos on both Veemon and Wormmon.]

Davis: "No!"

Ken Ichijoji: "Impossible!"

[Dartz uses the cursed sword of Orichalcos on the remaining Digimons.]

Gatomon: "Kari!"

[Gatomon's Digi-Egg gets shattered.]

Kari Kamiya: "Gatomon!"

[Her Digivice gets shattered]

Patamon: "I am sorry, T.K."

[Patamon's Digi-Egg gets shattered.]

T.k. Takaishi: "Patamon!"

[His Digivice gets shattered.]

Armadillomon: "Cody, live!!"

[Armadillomon's Digi-Egg gets shattered.]

Cody Hida: "Armadillomon!"

[His Digivice gets shattered.]

Hawkmon: "Yolei, forgive me!"

[Hawkmon's Digi-Egg gets shattered.]

Yolei Inoue: "Hawkmon!"

[Her Digivice gets shattered]

Ken Ichijoji: Wormmon!

Davis Motomiya: Veemon!

Wormmon: Good-bye, Ken!

Veemon: Ciao, Davis.

[Both of them crumble to dust. Their Digivice get shattered. The heroes begin to feel in sadness and despair.]

Davis Motomiya: Veemon, don't leave us!!

Ken Ichijoji: Wormmon, come back!!

Kari Kamiya: The Digimons are all destroyed!!

T.K. Takaishi: We've lost the war.

Yolei Inoue: The hope is over.

Luka: Kingdom Force, we have failed!

[Cody's soul begins to crumble to dust.]

Cody Hida: No! My soul!


[The remaining DigiDestined crumbled to dust.]

Luka: It is too late for us to save them.

Dartz: Hahahaha! The Digimons are extinct! The DigiDestined are now dead! It seems our souls are collected for us! The Multi-Universe will be destroyed forever!! No one can finally stop us!

[The villains ready to use earthquake on Kingdom Force. The heroes fall down.]


Bloody Roar 3 - Painful Memories

[The villains enter Order of Evil HQ]

Dartz: Time has come!

O, Comrades unrightfully condemned

to walk in darkness

Use the power that courses through

our body and receive our true forms at last!

O, shapeless Great Leviathan, banned from

this Multi-Universe until now, use my body as a

gate and spread over this Multi-Universe."


Maximillion Pegasus's narration: With heroes and villains perished, the event had come to an eventual end. No more species... forever

Dartz: At long last, my Great Leviathan, heroes and villains are gone and extinct. The Universe is mine! Mine alone!!!!