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Genocide of the RESTOL Pilots is the second episode of LOTM: Plan To Destroy The Heroes.


After Agumon and Gabumon were destroyed, DigiDestined had mourned the deaths of Tai and Matt, who were killed in actions by the hands of Dartz and his minions. Suddenly, Kang Maru and the gang arrived to help the remaining DigiDestined. Suddenly, Envie Fernandez appears to attack the villains, but only to be killed by Dartz. After Envie was dead in disgrace, Kang Maru and the heroes allowed themselves to be killed by them. The Kingdom Force members attempted to save the heroes but it is too late, and, only to meet their deaths. The remaining DigiDestined were now left.


Maximillion Pegasus's narration: "The next chapter begins. The remaining DigiDestined had moruned the deaths of Tai and Matt. Will they try to avenge them?"

Liberty Longtail: "Last week, we've lost our heroes: Tai and Matt, who tried to protect Japan against the evil forces of Dartz and his powerful minions, including the Orichalcos Soldiers. Suddenly, the DigiDestined's Digimon were destroyed during the assault."

T.K.: "Kari, It is time to go to The Wake."

Kari: "You're right. I am sad about my brother's death."

[At the Wake]

Droopy: "May the souls of our dead heroes. RIP. Amen."

Sora Takenouchi: "Kari, I knew we can get them back. We can defeat Dartz and his powerful minions. So that, the Orichalchos magic will be broken; and, everything will go back to normal."

Kari Kamiya: "Sniff... You're right. The Orichalchos needs to be stopped. Now, the ten Digidestined are left to live. We need to fight together."

Mimi Tachikawa: "We must face courage to defeat Dartz and his men."

[Enter Kan Maru and his friends.]

Kang Maru: "Hey, there. How's everything going on?"

Joe Kido: "Not good. We have a meddling problem."

Izzy Izumi: "I knew Tai and Matt didn't win. They're dead."

Teo: "I knew we can avenge the deaths of Tai and Matt, including their Digimon."

[In The Order of Evil Head Quarters]

Michael Langdon: "Master Dartz, the souls of the DigiDestined are now sealed. Their Digimons' Digi-Eggs are shattered to nothingness. I knew that I am selfless follower to you."

Dartz: "Excellent job done today. I am very glad that you have killed both of them."

Michael Langdon: "Master, I knew that the crests of Courage and Friendship are disappeared for good."

Dartz: "Very well. The ten remaining DigiDestined are left to live. Once, we obtain the souls of our heroes. The Great Beast can be reborn."

Ryoken Kogami: "Sir Dartz, I knew that we have plenty of vehicles enough to destroy heroes and villains as well."

Hajime Busuzima: "Dartz, I hope the souls of our heroes and various types of warriors will be enough to awaken the Great Leviathan."


Envie Fernandez: "Haha. Interesting It looks like I am going to steal Dartz's Properties."

[Enter the Time Jackers.]

Swartz: "Well. Well. Well. If it wasn't for this to the Puny Cowardly Foxes like you, Envie Fernandez."

Envie Fernandez: "What do you mean 'Puny Cowardly Foxes'?"

Swartz: "Your attempts ended up doing a failure. Your self-proclaimed vehicle is destroyed by my beloved superhuman friend, Tid."

[Envie watches as her vehicle gets destroyed by Another Kuuga in horror.]

Envie Fernandez: "No! You're going to be sorry, Time Jackers!"

[Enter Dartz and Ryoken Kogami]

Dartz: "Tsk. Tsk. I am afraid you underestimated us and the Time Jackers."

Ryoken Kogami: "I told the Orichalcos Satanism can despise truths and everything you hold dear. The Orichacos reigns supreme. I am afraid you're perfectly evil, Envie. Your life is going to get worst. When Great Leviathan is born. The darkness prevails."

Envie Fernandez: "No!"

Ryoken Kogami: "Now! Your selfish actions had led you to an eventual downfall and demise. By the time Digimons are friendly to humans... Now, they are the dangerous creatures themselves!"

Envie Fernandez: "Impossible! You hated me!!"

Ryoken Kogami: "Your solitude will lead you to your own demise. The ultimate death can prevail over everything for good."

Envie Fernandez: "Enough!"

Ryoken Kogami: No worries! Time to make the seal out of you, damned fox.

[Ryoken activates the incantation circle of the Orichalcos with his companions.]

Ryoken Kogami: "Let's go, villains!"

Villains: "If thou would seek our power

A great power dwells within thyself

It shall dwell within

Offer unto us a sacrifice

And we shall be resurrected."

Envie Fernandez: "No! NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

[Envie gets dissolved into nothingess when her soul gets taken by the Seal.]

Dartz: "Good work, my fellow henchmen. I knew we won't let ourselves down."

Swartz: "Thx u, master."

Uhr: "Mr. Dartz, Can we kill the remaining Digidestined?"

Dartz: "Very well. I hope the rest of you can do it."


Joe Kido: "We must find the way to stop the Orichalcos Incident."

Izzy Izumi: "Right."

Kang Maru: "Okay. Is everyone ready?"

All heroes: "Yes."

Kang Maru: "Alright! Then, roll out!

[The heroes marched forward.]

Joe Kido: "Guys! Look! The Soldiers of Orichalcos! They are stealing everyone's souls!"

Kang-Maru: "Very well. Let's go and fight them!"

[The heroes began fighting the Orichalcos Soldiers.]

Mimi Tachikawa: "They're so many of them."

[Enter Azrael]

Azrael: "Well... Well... Well... What do we have here, meddling heroes."

Yolei: "Hey! Why are doing this to all of living creatures?"

Azrael: "Because, King Dartz needs all of your souls to awaken the Great Beast. Now! Rise, Genospino and all evil mechas!!"

[Enter Genospino and many evil mechas]

[Azrael pilots Zero Grigis.]

Davis Motomiya: "Oh no! It's Zero Grigis!:

Azrael: "Come on! You damned DigiDestined are finally going down! Now, Zero Phantos Units! Attack them with Wild Blasts!"

[Zero Phantos Units used Ruin Bomb Weapons on the heroes and their Digimon!]

Joe Kido: "Don't give up, Vikemon! Keep fighting!"

Horobi: "Weapon release! Machine Blast! Genocidal Crusher!!!"

[Genospino cuts Vikemon in half.]

Joe Kido: "Vikemon, no!! GUUUUAAAAAHHHHH!!!!"

[Joe Kido gets dissolved into nothingess when her soul gets taken by the Seal. The Digi-Egg was shatterred. Kamen Rider Horobi destroys the Digivice and the Crest of Reliability.]

Mimi Tachikawa: "NO!"

Davis Motomiya: "This can't be happenning!"

Ikazuchi: "Weapon release! Machine Blast! Plasma Wall!!"

[Gilraptor electrifies Rosemon into bits.]

Mimi Tachikawa: "Palmon, comeback! GGGGUUUUAHHHHH!!!!"

[Mimi Tachikawa gets dissolved into nothingess when her soul gets taken by the Seal. The Digi-Egg was shatterred. Kamen Rider Ikazuchi destroys the Digivice and the Crest of Sincerity.]

Sora Takenouchi: "Mimi, nnnnoooo!!"

Yolei Inoue: "This can't be happenning, too!"

Jin: "Weapon release! Machine Blast! Absolute Shot!"

[Phoenixmon gets shot and pierced.]

Sora Takenouchi: "Biyomon! Nnnnooo!!!"

[Sora gets dissolved into nothingess when her soul gets taken by the Seal. The Digi-Egg was shatterred. Kamen Rider Jin destroys the Digivice and the Crest of Love.]

Izzy Izumi: "No, you monsters!"

Naki: "Weapon release! Machine Blast! Drei Slasher!!"

[HerculesKabuterimon gets sliced and destroyed by Drei Panther.]

Izzy Izumi: "Tentomon! GGGUUUUUUAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!"

[Izzy gets dissolved into nothingess when his soul gets taken by the Seal. The Digi-Egg was shatterred. Kamen Rider Naki destroys the Digivice and the Crest of Knowledge.]

Kang Maru: "No! This cannot be happening!"

Azrael: "You don't get the sense of positivity after all. Ha... Ha... Hahahahahahaha!"

Kang Maru: "That's it! Everyone, let's avenge our friends!"

Azrael: "See you for yourselves! Zero Blast! ZI-END!!"

[Azrael opens and activates Grizis Core in its body. Then, he destroys the Restol Units.]

Kang Maru: "Guaah!"

Teo: "Oh!"

Punky: "No!"

Oming: "Ahh!"

Mia: "Uh!"


[The five restol pilots killed in the explosion like a fireworks.]

Kari: "Mia!"

T.K.: "Oming!"

Yolei: "Punky!"

Cody: "Kang Maru and Teo!"

Ken: "Impossible! This can't be happenning!"

Davis: "No! This is a nightmare! The six of must have been alive for so long!"

[Elsewhere in the Order of Evil HQ]

Dartz: "Interesting! The six DigiDestined were left to live! Hahahahaha!"

[Dartz land his men leave the HQ.]

[Enter the Kingdom Force members]

Luka: "Sorry, we're late. We, the Kingdom Force, can help humanity to make the world a better place."

[Enter Dartz and his men.]

Dartz: "It looks like you and your friends will die. Once, the DigiDestined are dead. Your souls will belong to me and the Great Beast."

Maximillion Pegasus's narration: "Oh no! The six remaining DigiDestined were left. Will the heroes live? To be continued..."



  • The debuts and deaths of Restol Pilots
  • The debut and death of Envie Fernandez
  • The deaths of the six remaining DigiDestined.