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(The scene opens to an unmarked Rebel ship flying toward the planet of Vorus. On board, Erika and her team are seen)

Erika: And the disturbance is dealt with?

Diana: *Voice* Sure is. Torfal is safe now, well, as safe as it can be.

Erika: That's good.

Diana: *Voice* How're things on your end?

Erika: We're closing in on Vorus now.

Diana: *Voice* You think you're ready for this?

Erika: Trust me Diana, we got this.

Diana: *Voice* You sure?

Erika: Trust me, it'll be a breeze.

Diana: *Voice* Okay. Be careful out there. We'll be waiting at the rebel base.

Erika: Got it.

(Erika hangs up)


(Gale walks up)

Gale: We're approaching Vorus.

Erika: Got it.

(The ship is seen entering the atmosphere)

Rebel Pilot: Alright, thanks to this unmarked ship, we'll be able to get into the city with ease.

Allen: Why did we need an unmarked ship anyway?

Rebel Pilot: Empire shoots down any rebel ships that enter this planet.

Gale: I see.

Allen: Figures.

Beodrr: *Grunts*

(The ship soon lands at a landing dock where workers are seen hauling cargo onto and off of other ships while being watched by guards)

Rebel Pilot: Alright, here we are.

Erika: And you're sure the Cloning Facility is here?

Rebel Pilot: Sure is. It's just a few blocks from here. I would land you closer, but that place is only for the military.

Beodrr: *Growls*

Allen: So I guess we're going on foot.

Rebel Pilot: That you are.

(The heroes nod and go to leave)

Rebel Pilot: BUT.

Erika: Hm?

Rebel Pilot: Do not bring any attention to yourselves. The Empire soldiers here HATE when people act out of line. It's one of the reasons the people won't fight for the Rebellion around here.

Erika: Got it.

Allen: We'll stay out of trouble.

Rebel Pilot: Please do.

(Erika nods before the heroes get off the ship)

Rebel Pilot: *Voice* I'll be here waiting!

Beodrr: *Growls and grunts*

Erika: Well, let's get moving.

(The heroes all move forward)

Allen: *Looks around* Let's stay on our toes. We got patrols.

Erika: Right.

(The heroes leave the dock and enter the streets of the Empire's city)

Erika: Whoooa!

(The heroes look around at the sights of the city. People are seen hanging around on the streets talking or heading to other places around town. Sith Troopers are seen patrolling alongside some Purge Troopers as well. Some of the buildings are seen adorned with Empire insignias and propaganda)

Allen: Damn, this place doesn't look that bad.

Gale: Covered in propaganda though.

Erika: Yeah...

???: *Voice* HEY!!!

(A thief runs out from an alleyway with a Purge Trooper going after him)

Purge Trooper: STOP!!

Thief: You got the wrong guy!

(The thief runs past the heroes before a Sith Trooper walks up)

Trooper: Hold on. I got this.

(The trooper then aims and shoots the thief in the back twice, killing him)

Heroes: !!!

(The trooper then walks over and fires four more shots into the thief's body)

Trooper: *Spits on the body* Scumbag.


(The trooper then looks around at the onlooking civilians)

Trooper: Nothing to see here people, just keeping the streets clean. *Looks at the Purge Trooper* Get this scum off the street.

Purge Trooper: Right.

(The purge trooper drags the body away)

Trooper: *Looks at the heroes* Hey, you there. 

Erika: Hm?

(The trooper walks over)

Trooper: You people new to Vorus?

Gale: Uhhh, yeah.

Trooper: Thought so. You don't seem like commoners from around here.


Trooper: Sorry you had to see that on your first visit, but I had no other choice.

Gale: Its... Quite all right. I'm sure the Empire is doing its best to maintain security.

Trooper: Oh it is. That's how we've kept those dirty rebels away from this place. No matter the threat they may pose, once we see them, we shoot them.

Gale: R-Right.


Erika: Well uhh, we should be on our way.

Trooper: Right. Stay safe out there.

(The trooper walks off)


Erika: Dick.

Allen: Shoots a guy and acts like he did nothing wrong.

Beodrr: *Growls and groans*

Gale: Well, let's get moving. No point sticking around now.

Erika: Yeah...

(The heroes resume moving)

Allen: I'm looking forward to shutting this place down.

Beodrr: *Growls*

Gale: Tell me about it.

Erika: Don't worry guys. Once this factory goes down, the Empire won't be far behind to fall.

Allen: Good.

David: Let's hope so.

(Erika nods as the group walks off)