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(The scene opens to Sora and Cyra following Jen and Caleb as they look around)

Cyra: Wow...

Jen: Impressive huh? Twenty-five years of hard work and look how far we've made it! Genworks has accomplished so much in that time!

Sora; Yeah. Its... Its something all right.

Jen: Down that hallway, we have scientists working and studying more diseases, and how to go about countering them.

Cyra: Ooooh.

Jen: And over there, we start on testing our progress, all humane, and approved of course.

Cyra: Well of course!

Sora: Heh, yeah.

Jen: What do you think?

Cyra: You've got quite the track record!

Sora: Yeah, we saw your commercial before we got here.

Jen: Oh did you?

Sora: Yeah it was cool. We're quite surprised by what was done.

Jen: And every single one what you heard are all true. And just wait, there is more to come. Why, at the rate we are going, all 21st century diseases will basically cease to exist.

Cyra: Oh wow!

Sora: That's amazing Jen!

Jen: Thank you both. I'm glad heroes of your renown could come here.

Cyra: Oh pff, we're not that famous.

Sora: Yeah we're not like our parents yet.

Jen: Oh I digress! Your group may not have renown yet, but your families do! I mean, the daughter of a famous boxer AND Fire Warrior, and the son of an Ice Warrior and an Animal Hybrid!

Sora: Eheh, well ya know...

Cyra: Heheheh.

Jen: My son has told me a few things about you Miss Hall.

Caleb: !

Cyra: Oh really? Like?

Jen: Well that you're quite lovely for a start.

Sora: *snicker*

Jen: And fit. Though, I could tell that the minute I saw you!

Caleb: *Covers face and groans a bit*

Cyra: That right?

Jen: Oh yes! And, I hope you don't mind me saying this, you two would be perfect together!

Caleb: Mom!

(Sora laughs)

Sora: *Laughs* S-Sorry! I-I just-...Oh ho man!

Cyra: Well, that's nice of you Jen!

Jen: Don't mention it!

Caleb: *Growl*

Jen: Hmm now let's see what else would be interesting to show?

Sora: Hmmm.

Cyra: Say, I got a question.

Jen: What's that?

Cyra: Have you done research on....Animal Hybrids?

Sora: Hm?

Jen: Oh ho as a matter of fact, we have! Come right this way!

(The 4 go to an elevator and go up a couple of floors. They step out when they arrive)

Jen: Here we have made this entire floor made for the sole purpose to studying the Gift which gives people animals features.

Sora: Whoa really?

Jen: Yes! There's been so many different hybrids coming here!

Cyra: Sounds interesting.

Jen: Sounds?! You should SEE some of the things we see here! Come look!

(Jen and the others look through a window and see a Hybrid with bat wings on a table where scientists are seen taking notes on him)

Jen: Look at this! We've been taking notes on this man's flying capabilities!

Sora: Whoooa!

(They go to another window, where a man with a large hump is seen drinking some water)

Jen: And over here! This man is gifted with a camel hump! We are testing to see if he can hold water for days like a real camel!

Cyra: Oh wow!

Sora: That's amazing!

Jen: It sure is! And check this out!

(The group goes to another window and finds a woman with spider-like features spinning webs in her room)

Jen: This woman is helping us understand her spider abilities! Look at all the webs!

(The woman is using some of her arms on some webs, and creates a large snow flake, which the scientists all clap at)

Cyra: This place is awesome!

Sora: I'll say!


Sora: Man, I didn't know people were THIS interested in Animal Hybrids like me!

Jen: Well we certainly are, believe me!

Sora: Oh I totally do!

(Jen smiles)

Cyra: I'll say, this has been rather fascinating!

Jen: Why thank you!

Caleb: *Rolls eyes*

Jen: It's quite interesting. I mean, we've barely scratched the surface with them! We may even discover how this Gift came to be!

Sora: Oh man that would be great! Mom's been wondering that for the longest time!

Cyra: Yeah!

Sora: Man thank you so much for showing all this!

Jen: My pleasure!

Caleb: Yeah yeah can they leave now mom?

Jen: Now Caleb, that's no way to act around our guest. Especially one as lovely as Miss Hall here.

Cyra: Hehehehe.

Caleb: MOM!

Jen: Hmph. But I suppose we'll have to end our tour here for now. I have work I must check on.

Cyra: That's fine.

Sora: We've got other stuff to do today anyway.

Jen: Thanks for stopping by though!

Cyra: No prob Mrs. Valcino!

Jen: Ah come on kids, call me Jen!

Sora: Okay, Jen.

Jen: Feel free to stop by another day, and I'll gladly show you more.

Cyra: Will do. See ya.

(Sora and Cyra head for the elevator)


Jen: Come along now Caleb.


(The two walk off. The scene then cuts to Sora and Cyra leaving the building)

Cyra: Man, that was fun!

Sora: I'll say! I never thought a genetics company could be so interesting to me!

Cyra: Yeah. And Caleb's mom! I can't believe Jen's his mom!

Sora: Me either!

(Sora looks at the building smiling)

Sora: Man, I guess it's true.

(Sora holds his tail in his hand as he wiggles his ears happily)

Sora: People really DO care about hybrids like me!

(Cyra pets Sora's ear)

Cyra: Told ya buddy!

Sora: *giggles* H-Hey careful petting those!

Cyra: Oh stop complaining, you know you enjoy it.

Sora: *Laughing* C-Cyra!

Cyra: Hehe, come on, let's go.

Sora: Eheheh, right.

(The two walk off)