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(The scene opens to a large abandoned warehouse-like structure surrounded by police. The "Lazarus Medicinal Supplies" logo appears rusted and dilapidated atop the building where a large screen is seen above the door. Evan is seen using his powers to try and hack the door)


Damian: Well how's it going?

Evan: Working on it. Damn thing's more advanced than I thought.

Damian; Well keep at it. We can't risk them escaping.

Evan: Right.

(The heroes are seen approaching)

Sora: Yo guys!

Roy: Bro, the others are here!

Damian: *Looks over* Hey. Good timing you guys.

Sora: We came as soon as we got your message.

Cyra: Is it true? Is that asshole inside?

Damian: Sure is. Got the place on lockdown too, they aren't getting out and we're not getting in.

(Damian looks at Evan)

Damian: Well, until Evan unlocks the door that is.

Evan: I'm getting there!

Cyra: Good, I got some words to share with that asshole.

(Soon, the screen on the building turns on)

???: *Voice* Really now?

Heroes: !!!

(Riah then appears on screen)

Riah: And what would that be little miss boxer?

Cyra: MMA fighter, thank you.

Riah: Whatever.

Damian: Riah Daniels. I am Damian Swift, high-rank hero under the M.A. We are here with a warrant issued for you and your gang's arrest on suspicion of drug trafficking and manufacturing. Not to mention many other heinous acts done to Targhuls and humans as well.

Riah: How long did it take you to pull that up "hero"?

Damian: Surrender and this'll end better for you. Open the doors and I promise this'll be easier.

Riah: I'm not gonna do that. You see, me and my boys are quite busy at the moment.

Cyra: Well you're gonna need to stop being busy so we can kick your ass!

Riah: Oooh not even fighting and already the fire is burning hot!

Cyra: *Growl*

Riah: Hmm, you got SOME muscle on you girl, I'll give you that.

(Riah holds up a vial of Demon's Blood)

Riah: But I can help you get even STRONGER with this. What do you say Hall?

Cyra: ! You're seriously trying THAT tactic!?

Sora: Easy Cyra.

Riah: If you don't want it, that's fine. There's plenty of people in the South District who need it more than you do.

Cyra: ! *Growls*

Damian: Riah, this is your final warning. Surrender now, or else.

Riah: And this is my final response. Fuck off.

(The screen turns off)


Cyra: Evan, open that damn door cause I need to punch that asshole!

Evan: I'm working on it.

Cyra: Work faster!

Evan: Hey you ever tried hijacking a system like this?

Cyra: I'm about to use my fist to hijack your-

Sora: *Holds Cyra back* Okay okay let's uhh get back a bit and let them work!

(Sora and Cyra go with the others behind the barricades)

Sora: Okay Cyra, I know you hate Riah and all that, but could you tone it down just a liiiittle bit?

Cyra: Sora. That bastard, tried to kill me, all cause I wouldn't play ball with his dumb idea of throwing a fight.

Sora: I know but you can't rag on the heroes for trying to help.

Cyra: Well he's being slow!

Sora: He's trying his best Cyra, just take it easy! Please.

Azuki: Yeah save your frustrations for the fight ahead.



Cyra:..*sigh* Okay. Okay I will.

Sora: Thank you Cyra.

(Cyra nods as Sora pats her shoulder. A beep is heard)

Intercom Voice: Lockdown procedure disengaged. Unlocking security doors.

Evan: Got it!

(The doors open up)

Damian: All right people, let's-

(Suddenly Cyra rushes right past them)

Damian: ! what the?!

Sora: CYRA!! Oooh damn it! *Follows*

Azuki: Oh boy.

Brook: This isn't gonna be pretty.

Abe: Come on! Let's get in there!

Damian: Officers, stay out here and make sure none of them escape!

(The heroes all run into the warehouse)

Sora: Cyra!


(Cyra kicks down the door to the basement)

Cyra: Justice is coming to kick your ass into a prison cell!

(Cyra runs down into the basement as the others follow)

Sora: Cyra wait up!

Roy: Man, she's got some determination!

Sora: What good will it do if she gets herself killed?

Cyra: *Voice* Uhhh guys? Might wanna come see this!

(The heroes head down and see the basement)

Heroes: !!!

Damian: What the...

(The "basement" is seen as a highly advanced underground laboratory with multiple rooms and various pieces of medical equipment and supplies)

Sora: Oh. My. God.

Rika: This isn't a drug den. This...This is a full on LAB!

Damian: This is....This is WAY more than I was expecting.

Roy: Shit...

(The intercom then turns on)

Riah: *Voice* Impressive isn't it?

Cyra: Riah.

Riah: *Voice* We really splurged on the setup down here, all for the better.

Damian: Where are you?

Riah: *Voice* I am nearby in the lab. My men however have been evacuated long before the cops got here. Which is good for me.

(The door the heroes entered through shuts with a security door as alarms go off)

Riah: *Voice* You won't get to see the lab for long. In fact, you're here just in time for feeding time.

Sora: Feeding time?

(Growls and roaring are heard nearby)

Intercom: Warning. Containment cell locks have been disengaged. Lockdown commenced.

Riah: *Voice* The test subjects are REAL hungry today!

(The test subjects run out, revealing them to be mutated humans slowly turning into Targhuls)

Subjects: *Roaring*

Sora: Oh shit.

Riah: *voice* Hope you enjoy them, cause I know they're gonna enjoy YOU!

(The subjects charge in)