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(Sora and the others are seen sitting with Roy and his friends as they eat brownies together)

Kylie: Mmmm!

Rika: Good huh?

Kylie: They're amazing! You said Roy's brother made these?

Rika: Yeah!

Kylie: Oh cool! He makes them great!

James: Agreed.

Roy: So, you guys just formed your hero team huh?

Sora: Yeah about a month ago.

Roy: Hm. Well you're not bad for newbies, I'll give you that.

Rika: Yeah! The way you fought those thugs was sweet! You were all like "Take this evil doer!" and they're like "No please! I have no more bones for you to break aaah!"! Man, it was awesome!

Azuki; Well, when you're born a Lorthare, it kind of comes naturally.

(The three then look in shock. James drops his brownie as Rika almost chokes on hers before swallowing)

Rika: *Coughs* W-What!?

James: Lorthare??

Roy: As in THE Lorthare Family!?

Sora: I thought it was obvious.

Roy: I-I-...I-I mean-....

Rika: We REALLY weren't paying attention.

Sora: It's okay.

James: W-Well uh, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance! We've read all about your parents and the other Lorthares back in school!

Sora: Trust me, we have too.

Azuki: We usually don't try to make a big deal about-

(Rika then holds up a pen and paper)

Rika: Can I PLEASE have your autographs!?

Sora and Azuki: !!

Azuki: I uh... S-Sure.

Sora: O-Okay.

(The two take the pen and paper and write they're names)

Sora: There you go.

Rika: *Happy squeal* I gotta go put this in my room!

(Rika runs off)

Azuki: Well, she's a fan.

James: You have no idea.

Roy: You should see how she gets when it comes to learning about Sandra Kiren. THAT'S her favorite hero.

Azuki: Hm, guess it's good Shasta didn't show up or she'd flip.

Sora: Heh, yeah.

Cyra: Well, I don't mind it here.

(Cyra puts her feet on the table)

Cyra: I mean, you guys don't seem so-

(Roy knocks Cyra's feet off the table with his bat)

Cyra: ! Ow!

Roy: Sorry but don't do that! Seriously, this table is the nicest thing in this room and my bro would flip if it got scuffed in any way!

Cyra: Okay okay jeez sorry!

Roy: *Sigh* It's okay. Sorry I flipped.

James: It's not THAT nice.

Roy: Still.

Cyra: Again, I'm sorry, I didn't know.

Roy: Its fine, its fine.

(Rika then returns)

Rika: I'm back!

James: What did you do with the paper?

Rika: Put it up on my wall!

James: Ah, I see.

(Rika smiles. She then looks at the others)

Rika: So Cyra.

Cyra: Hm?

Rika: I saw that fight on TV a few nights ago! You fight JUST like your mom does in all the videos and stuff about her!

Cyra: You think so?

Rika: Yeah! The way you punched, the way you kicked that guy in the face! It was so amazing! And don't forget about when you literally SET YOURSELF ON FIRE!!

Cyra: Eheh, I did get pretty intense out there.

Rika: Intense!? You were on FIRE!! Pun intended!

(Cyra laughs a bit)

Cyra: Thanks Rika.

Rika: Don't mention it! There's nothing I love more than putting smiles on peoples' faces no matter what!

Cyra: That's good.

James: Yeah, Rika's our team's ray of sunshine.

Rika: Awww thanks! But I mean, I can always throw punches with my powers when I need to.

Sora: Definitely not like Shasta in that regard. She avoids physical harm unless absolutely necessary.

Rika: Well I don't see anything wrong with that! I mean, why throw punches when most bad guys can get taken down just by pinching their sides a bit? WAAAY easier if you ask me!

Sora: She'd agree with you on that.

Rika: I bet!

Kylie: I'm already thinking of you two being in the same room.

Azuki: That's a nightmare waiting to happen.

Sora: Tell me about it.

Rika: To the bad guys that's for sure!

Azuki: Yeah, the bad guys.

(Rika giggles)

Cyra: Well as Shasta's best friend, I know you'd get along great.

Rika: Thanks Cyra!

(Cyra smiles)

Kylie: Heh, well this isn't half bad.

(Rika then goes and picks up Kylie's tail)

Rika: So hey, mind showing me how this works? I am super interested in your snake features!

Kylie: ! *Looks over* Huh?

Rika Like is all this real? Can you feel this? Do you have legs?

Kylie: N-No I don't have legs, that's all tail.

Rika: Wow really?!

Kylie: Yep.

Rika: Wow! You must be good at sneaking around and stuff like that huh?

Kylie: Eheh, sure am.

Rika: Amazing! Oh, can you coil around bad guys too?

Azuki: Oh boy.

Rika: Huh? What?

(Suddenly Kylie's tail goes out of Rik's grip)

Rik: Hm?

(Kylie then quickly wraps her tail around Rika)

Rika: Whoa!

Kylie: Cool huh?

Rika: Yeah! *Struggles a bit* Man, that IS a tight grip!

Kylie: Yeah it is. I haven't met anyone who could break free once I got a hold of them.

Rika: That's amazing!

Kylie: *Giggle*

Rika: So uh, mind letting go now?

Kylie: Sure!

(Kylie removes her tail from Rika)

Kylie: There ya go!

Rika: Thanks! That was sweet!

Kylie: I appreciate the compliment Rika!

Rika: *Smile*

Sora: Heh, well this isn't so bad.

Cyra: You can say that again.

(Sora smiles before the scene cuts to outside. The scene shows a few black cars sitting nearby in the neighborhood)