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(The heroes are seen hanging around the mansion. Amber is seen in another room doing sit-ups)

Amber: Three......Four...

(Erin walks past until she notices)

Erin: Hm? Amber?

Amber: Five, hey Erin....

(Erin walks in)

Erin: What're you doing?

Amber: Six, sit ups.... Seven....

Erin: Any reason?

Amber: Eight... have to stay in shape.... Nine.... My first official boxing match is coming up.... Ten....

Erin: Oh really?

Amber: Eleven, yep... Twelve....

Erin: Oh that's cool!

(Erin crouches down)

Erin: You need help?

Amber: Thirteen, wouldn't mind it.

(Erin holds Amber's legs to the floor as she continues)

Erin: So, you're finally moving up in your career huh?

Amber: Yep. Bayden inspired me to be a boxer, and by extension a hero, so I'm gonna become a champ.

Erin: Sounds sweet.

Amber: Sixteen, it sure is. Seventeen...

Erin: What does your boyfriend think about it?

Amber: Oh he's happy for me. Truly.

Erin: Where is he?

Amber: At home. Eighteen, he's not really the hero type so he likes to stay behind when we go on missions.

Erin: He must be worried when you go out to fight.

Amber: Oh its fine. After a couple of years, he knows I could beat any fool who crosses me.

Erin: Heh, you got that right.

Amber: *Smirk*

Erin: Who're you fighting?

Amber: Don't know yet.

Erin: Don't know?

Amber: Yeah, I'll find out soon. But there are tons of boxers in the league I'm going in. Almost all have super powers.

Erin: That so?

Amber: Yeah. Illusionists, spirit users, hell I heard there was an octopus boxer.

Erin: Seriously??

Amber: Yep.

Erin: Huh. That's actually kinda cool!

Amber: That's why I got into the show. That and seeing Bayden.

Erin: Isn't he a champ?

Amber: Yep. Got his title last year. He proved all those naysayers wrong like I thought he would!

Erin: I bet he did.

Amber: Heheh.

(Amber sits up)

Erin: Well, I say that if you keep it up, you'll be fit for the fight in no time.

Amber: You think?

Erin: Take it from the expert Amber.

(The two stand up)

Amber: No kidding. You look as young as ever thanks to those ice powers.

Erin: Hey, you're an Elemental Warrior too. Maybe you'll live longer too.

Amber: Heh, sweet!

(Erin smiles)

Erin: Well, I'm gonna go see Jack. You enjoy yourself!

Amber: Bye!

(Erin walks off)

Amber: Hehe. I got this.

(Diana and Kai then walk by)

Diana: Hi Amber!

Amber: Hello!

(The two walk past. The scene then cuts to Sandra and Luxa in the basement talking)

Sandra: And yeah, that's that. We fought evil versions of ourselves and won the day!

Luxa: ........

Sandra: Still silent huh?

Luxa: N-No I'm just.. trying to process everything you just told me..

Sandra: Yeah, it's a lot to take in I know.

Luxa: Definitely..

Sandra: So, that's enough about us, do you have any stories?

Luxa: N-Not really...

Sandra: Ah come on, you gotta have something!

Luxa: I really don't have much. Back home isn't exactly an interesting place...

Sandra: Oh nonsense! There's gotta be something!

Luxa: Well, there's really not much. I mean, I live as a Commander for Akhan, and not much else. Though, I was born to two parents, but....they didn't make it...

Sandra: How?

Luxa: The group suffered a famine a few years back. They starved to death...

Sandra: Oh...

Luxa: Since then, it's just been me and the others. We get by just fine now.

Sandra: Oh you must get along with the others well then.

Luxa:.... Not... Really.

Sandra: Hm?

Luxa: Kyo and Rokan don't really like me all that much... They call me weak and all that sort of stuff....

Sandra: What about Akhan?

Luxa: He....*Sigh* It's hard to say. He stands up for me, but I...don't think he's doing it out of compassion.

Sandra: Oh damn.

Luxa: Yeah....

Sandra:....Well, do you have any other friends?

Luxa: Not really...


(Sandra smirks)

Sandra: Well, let's go make some then.

(Sandra frees Luxa from her restraints)

Luxa: Huh??

Sandra: Come on, let's go make you some new friends!

Luxa: Seriously?

Sandra: Yep!

Luxa: You do realize that by letting me go you are taking a very big risk right? I can easily restrain you and take you hostage.

Sandra: True. But..

(Sandra summons a large group of ghost hands)

Sandra: I can do the same to you if you try.

(Luxa glares at Sandra who just smiles)

Luxa:..... Well played kid.

Sandra: *Giggle*

Luxa: Well, let's get this over with.

Sandra: Trust me, you'll love this!

(The two walk off upstairs)