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(The scene opens to Sora and Cyra lying beside each other on the sand)

Cyra: Oh hey!

Sora: What?

Cyra: Comments are coming in!

(The two stand up and look at the phone at the comments coming in)

Cyra: All right let's see here. ....... Wooooooooow.

Sora: "Cyra in a bathing suit!? Did I die and go to heaven??". "I think I got a nose bleed.". "Its official: Cyra's my waifu!".

Cyra: Heh, you weren't lying about the rabid part.

Sora: Seems they love you just as much as I do.

Cyra: I would hope not. Plus, I think your love is different from their love.

Sora: Heh. Fair.

Cyra: Aww okay there's a nice comment. "Wow Cyra, you and Sora are just soooo cute together! I hope I find someone who makes me happy like that!".

Sora: Awww!

Cyra: Heheh, this is nice.

Sora: See what I'd tell ya? THere might be a few.... Dozen... Or so weirdos out there, but we clearly have people who look up to us and even inspire them.

Cyra: Yeah. I'd say the weirdos are a small price to pay for the good we do.

Sora: Agreed.

(Cyra smiles as the two lie down)

Sora: You know, I really am happy we're together.

Cyra: Same here. It's been so much fun.

Sora: Sure has.

Cyra: Plus I get to have this cute little kitty cat all to myself.

Sora: Same goes for you Hothead.

(Sora puts a hand on Cyra's stomach)

Sora: Wouldn't change it for the world.

Cyra: Ooh, your hand is cold.

Sora: Can't handle the cold Hothead?

Cyra: Better question, you sure you won't melt touching me Snowy?

Sora: Not in a million years.

Cyra: Heheh, aww.

(Cyra smiles and pets Sora's ears)

Sora: *Happy purring*

Cyra: Hehe.

(While Cyra pets Sora's ears, scene goes to Abe and Leon)

Abe: Aaaaand....Finished!

(Abe is seen having constructed a sand castle with his powers)

Abe: How's this look Leon?

Leon: Hm, not bad.

Abe: Psychic powers makes this way easier!

Leon: Sure does. Though I think mine's better.

Abe: What do you-

(Abe sees that Leon has made a slightly bigger, but more detailed castle of his own)

Abe: !

Leon: Read it and weep Abe.

Abe: Aw man!

Leon: Heheh.


(Abe sees Arata walking toward them)

Abe: Oh hey, it's Arata!

Arata: Hi guys!

Leon: Hey little buddy!

Arata: Wooow cool castle!

Leon: Yeah I know.

Abe: *Groan*

Leon: Heh.

Arata: How's it going?

Leon: Pretty good. How about you?

Arata: I'm having fun! Beaches are so cool!

Abe: Yeah they are.

Arata: Hey you know where Archie and Risa went?

Abe: Last I saw, they were burying my sister in the sand.

Arata: Oh okay, maybe I'll go check and-

(Shasta then walks over with Risa)

Shasta: Oh hey here he is Risa!

Risa: *Happy coo*

Arata: Oh hey Risa!

Shasta: Hi Arata! What have you been up to?

Arata: Exploring! Going on an adventure!

Shasta: Really?

Arata: Yeah! This place is awesome!

Shasta: Risa agrees! Right Risa?

Risa: *Giggling*

Arata: Man I can't believe you guys got to go on a space adventure, and brought me back two playmates!

Shasta: Yep, and they're such great kids too!

Risa: *Coo*

Arata: *Smile*

Abe: Wait, if Risa's here, what ever happened with Brook?

Shasta: She was still buried in the sand when I left. BUt... Yeah where is she?

(The group looks around as teh scene cuts to a view of underwater, with a large coral reef. Swimming by are Aerwyna and Brook, both as mermaids)

Brook: Ah man. Maybe I should have been born a mermaid, cause this... This just feels right. You know what I mean?

Aerwyna: Heheh yeah, this feels natural to me.

Brook: Well you're part mermaid by default.

Aerwyna: And I'm proud to be too!

Brook: I see why. Might be my Water Goddess Gift talking, but living in the water is awesome!

Aerwyna: You said it!

(The 2 girls then see some fish swim by)

Aerwyna: Aww look at them.

Brook: Yeah its great.

Aerwyna: Come on more to see!

Brook: Right behind ya- ?? Huh?

(Brook looks behind her to see something grabbing the edge of her tail)

Brook: Hey what the-

(Brook is then pulled away)

Brook: AH!!

Aerwyna: ? *Looks behind her* Brook? Brook?

(Aerwyna looks around)

Aerwyna: Brook! Brook where are you??

Brook: *Voice* GET OFF!! LET GO!!

Aerwyna: ! Brook! Brook where are you!?

Araluen: *Voice* Um, Aerwyna?

Aerwyna: What?

(Araluen's arm emerges and points)

Aerwyna: *Looks*...Oh.

(Brook is seen having been grabbed by an octopus)

Brook: Let me go!

Aerwyna: Octopus. Perfect.

Araluen: *Voice* Those things are always grabby.

Aerwyna: Yeah.

Brook: A-Aerwyna! A little help please!?

Araluen: *Voice* Careful Areluen, don't get grabbed too.

Aerwyna: Right.

(Aerwyna approaches slowly toward the octopus)

Aerwyna: Heeey big guy.

Brook: *Struggles*

Aerwyna: You uh, you seem to have my friend in your....tentacles.

Brook: And she doesn't like randomly being grabbed!

Aerwyna: Brook, I got this calm down.


Aerwyna: So, let's trade. You let my friend go, and umm...

(Aerwyna picks up a starfish)

Aerwyna: I'll give you food!

(Octopus just tightens his grip on Brook)


Aerwyna: ! O-Okay calm down! Please just tell me what's wrong?

(Aerwyna then looks over and spots in the coral is a nest)

Aerwyna: *Gasp* Oooh I see. Brook we must have swam to close to the nest.

Brook: R-Really?! Talk about Deja Vu!

Aerwyna: Heh. Well listen, she didn't mean to approach your nest. Trust me, she'd never hurt your kids.

Brook: N-No I wouldn't! I'm kind of a mother myself!

Aerwyna: Yeah. So please let her go and we'll leave, I swear.

Brook: P-Please?!

(The octopus looks at Brook before it lets her go)

Brook: Phew...Thank you.

(Brook swims over to Aerwyna)

Aerwyna: Thank you very much. We'll leave. *Tosses starfish* And there's some food as a thank you gift.

(The two girls swim away)

Brook: Jeez Octopi, weather they are normal, or giant size, are always super strong.

Aerwyna: And smart.

Brook: Heh, no kidding.

Aerwyna: YOu know, this is something we should practice on. Learning what areas belong to what creatures, that way we won't get chased or grabbed.

Brook: Agreed. But for now, think I had my fill of being a mermaid.

Aerwyna: Totally understand. Let's get back to the beach and I'll turn you to normal.

Brook: Right.

Aerwyna: Come on.

(The two swim off to the surface)