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(The heroes are seen with the Gixut aiming at them)


Sora: Gonna put those guns down?


(Suddenly Purple drones come up and open fire on the blue ones killing them)

Niko: Whoa.

Sora: Well I guess that takes care of-

(Suddenly the purple ones start shooting at them)


(The heroes attack the purple drones)

Sora: HAA!!

(Sora kicks one drone down)

Drone #1: GNN!!

Cyra: You asked for this!

(Cyra throws a series of fast fiery punches on several of them, before punching one through a wall)

Cyra: Man what did the blue guys do to piss off the purple guys?

(Shasta grabs and pins one down)

Drone #2: NN!!

Shasta: Hey you mind explaining why you're all fighting each other? Please?

Drone #2: *Hisses*

Shasta: Aww come on we're friendly we-

(Another drone fires at Shasta forcing her to let go and duck for cover)

Shasta: EEP!!

(Niko knocks the Drone unconscious)

Niko: Says you for shooting at my sister!

Shasta: T-Thanks bro!

Niko: I'm here for ya sis!

(After a bit of fighting, the purple drones are down)

Sora: That takes care of them.

Abe: Man these guys hate us as much as the blue guys.

Terra: Yeah I wonder why?

Aerwyna: Maybe this room can tell us?

(Aerwyna is seen looking in the room which Cyra knocks one Purple GIxut. It shows to be part of the lab with research tables, tubes, and terminals)

Abe: Hey there are some terminals. Maybe the logs will tell us what's up.

Sora: Good idea.

Niko: Let's see what we got.

(The heroes look around. Abe approaches a terminal, he presses some buttons and a log suddenly plays. The moniter shows a purple stag beetle)

???: Day one: Beginning of project.

Brook: *Comes up* Oh you got something?

???: Commander Ino has order all military personal to stand ready should Exdenians discover us. He wants all things protected, as he believes this project will win him favor of Queen Azhar.

Abe: Commander Ino huh?

???: This project is meant to bolster the numbers of our forces quickly, without waiting for fresh eggs to hatch and grew. But I find there might be something more we can do.

(Terminal says End of Log)

Brook: Is there more?

Abe: Hang on.

(Abe presses a few more buttons. Another one plays)

???: Day 17: The first batch is ready. New freshly grown drones, all armed with the most basic of knowledge. Just like Ino wanted. The drones are strong and healthy. And yet.... They are useless.

Brook: Hm?

???: A few group of mindless cannon fodder will not return us to our rightful glory. Yet Ino and Queen Azhar are too blinded by they're own ordeals to see that. But I... I am not so blind.

(Terminal says End of Log)

Shasta: Whoa...

Abe: Gixut...clones?

Akito: Vat-grown soldiers is more like it.

(Abe presses more buttons, and another log)

???: Day 27: I've made some discoveries with the latest batch. And I believe I can get what our people need to return to our rightful glory. Something Ino and our blind queen would not want to see.

Brook: Uh oh..

???: It'll take time, trial and error, and resource. But it can be done. It WILL be done.

Akito: Hm?

(Message says end of log)

Sora: The hell was this guy on about?

Abe: There's one more log.

???: Day 50: Ino is growing impatient. He wants his little army for his fool queen, and he wants it now. I cannot stall him for much longer. If I'm to escape with my perfect soldier, I'll need aid.

Brook: Perfect soldier?

???: Well, as the old saying goes: The enemy of my enemy. I'm sure the Exdenians will send those humans the queen is so obsessed with here, once they know the location of this lab. Which I can send to them.

Kylie: W-Wait huh??

???: And if Ino wants his little army while I wait. He can have it. As it turns against him.

(Alarms goes off in the log)

???: Throls, head of research. Signing off.

(The log ends)


Sora: Wha-...What?

Azuki: W-Wait. That guy sent the Exdenians the location of the lab??

Cyra: Hold up, Throls? Isn't that the guy who is making these tank soldiers in the first place??

Akito: Seems this guy started a mini rebellion, cause he doesn't like how his commander or the queen are doing things.

Sora: Seems that way. Cothan's definitely gonna wanna hear this.

Akito: Let's explore the lab some more. Maybe we'll find that Throls guy somewhere.

Azuki: Good idea. Maybe he can tell us why he's doing this.

Shasta: Yeah!

Akito: Let's move then.

(The heroes head up the lab. Through the exploration of the lab, the heroes encounter pockets of Gixut forces, and many of the purple drones, all of which the heroes are forced to fight they're way through. They see many of tech throughout the lab, some impressed wit hti, others woried what other things they have in store. After much exploring they reach the top floor standing in front of a door)

Sora: We've searched the whole place. This has to be it.

Azuki; Right.

(Azuki freezes the door)

Azuki: Breaking in. Get ready.


(Azuki kicks the door, breaking it as it shatters in ice. The heroes all enter. They look and spot a lone beetle Gixut on a monitor, with a tank, having another beetle Gixut inside it, is seen. The heroes approach)

Sora: Hey! You Throls?

Throls: *Looks over* Ah. So the Exdenian's champions finally arrive. As I knew you would.

Akito: Expecting us huh?

Throls: Of course. After all, the Exdenians would not have found the lab had I not send them the location.

Sora: You really sent it?

Throls: I did. It was the only way to get you here.

Azuki: Why did you want us here?

Throls: You saw my logs. You should know why.

Abe: We saw the logs, but maybe you can explain in greater detail.

Throls: Very well.

(Throls turns to the others)

Throls: As you are aware, my people were once a mighty race, we were everywhere in the galaxy, until our war with the Exdenians. Before then, we were feared, respected, and mighty. But now our empire is shattered, and unfocused, in a quest for vengeance, instead of regaining that which is rightfully ours.

(Throls looks out a window)

Throls: Queen Azhar might be the reason our people live, but her leadership is lacking. SHe is too focused on revenge, and has this strange obsession with your kind.

Sora: Yeah, we're kinda new to her.

Cyra: Tried to fucking molest us last we saw her.

Throls: Ha. However you put it, this obsession with you and your kind is nothing more then a distraction.

(Throls turns back to the heroes)

Throls: And the commander of this base, Ino. His obsession with pleasing the queen is just as bad. He wants nothing more then to please her, they are both fools. They are missing sight of our TRUE goal.

Abe: What's that?

Throls: To return our empire to its former glory. To have our people spread our through the galaxy, and gain what we had lost.

Brook: Really?

Akito: Sounds like you want your people on top and to dominate all other races.

Throls: Maybe. But regardless of how you view my goals, none will be gained while Azhar still lives.

(Throls turns to a tank)

Throls: The commander of this base, Inos, he wanted to make her an army, one to dominate the Exdenians. I gave him the soldiers he wanted, but found a way to get what I seek.

(The heroes look at the tank)

Brook: A big dumb beetle guy?

Throls: This perfect soldier is the future of my people. No other Gixut can match him. The ultimate soldier.

Akito: So a super soldier...

Throls: This creation took far too much time and effort to create. You must take me and him with you off planet.

Sora: And just why would we wanna help you?

Azuki: Yeah why should we?

Throls: Think of this: You may not trust me, but can the things I offer you and your Exdenian allies be worth passing up?

Sora: Hmmm...


Sora: Well, alright. But you better not pull any shit on us.

(Throls nods as suddenly loud speakers go off)

Male voice: This is commander Ino! I have found the source of the release! Our own researcher, Throls! He has betrayed us!

(Throls walks to another window, seeing a Gold Gixut drone surrounded by tanks)

Ino: I'm restarting this project! Vent poison gas into the lab, kill the humans! Flash all tanks!

(Suddenly pipes start to release steam, one pipe is over Throls' tanks)

Throls: That damn coward! He'll kill my perfection with a value! You all! Stop him! Head down there and kill him!

Akito: What's the big deal? CAn't you just start over?

Throl: This took far too much trial and error, starting over will not repeat the process. Get down and stop him. I... Will stay and do what must be done to save him.

Sora: Right.

(The heroes all leave as Throls begins work...)