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(The Imperial is seen landing on a jungle planet inside a large rainforest)

Pascal: *Voice* Okay, we're here!

Brook: So the lab is somewhere here?

Pascal: *Voice* According to the sensors.

Sora: Right, find the lab, find whatever they are planning, and stop it.

Cyra: Hey Pascal, is Siri good to watch over the kids while we are gone?

Pascal: *Voice* I'm sure she can handle it.

Cyra: Right.

Pascal: *Voice* Be careful out there. This is a rather dense jungle after all, so they could ambush you from anywhere.

(The heroes all depart)

Terra: *Breaths in* Hmmm this is nice.

Aerwyna: Feeling the call of nature Terra?

Terra: Yep. And..... *Points* The lab is this way. The trees are telling me.

Sora: Lead the way then.

Terra: With pleasure.

(The heroes follow Terra into the jungle)


Brook: Did the trees mention any ambushes?

Terra: No. They say... "The visitors are all in their glass fortress. Problems are occurring there".

Sora: Problems?

Leon: Hm. Sounds like whatever they are experimenting might be backing firing.

Terra: Maybe. Shouldn't be far though.

Sora: Right.

(The heroes move forward some move. After moving a bit they meet an interesting sight)

Zach: What the??

(Around the area, several dead Gixuts. Most are the blue ant drones, but a couple are purple ant drones)

Niko: What happened here?

Akito: It was a fire fight. They killed each other.

Shasta: Killed...each other?

Sora: Why the hell would they do that?

Cyra: Hey check out this one.

(Cyra is seen looking at one of the purple ones)

Cyra: This one is purple.

Brook: So?

Cyra: These drone guys, we've only seen them in blue or gold. Purple is new.

Sora: Hmm.

Shasta: But...why kill each other?

Leon: It must have something to do with what's going on at that lab. We go there, we might get some answers.

Sora: Right. STay on guard everyone.

(The heroes all move and follow Terra for a little longer. Suddenly they all hear it)

Azuki: ! Gun fire.

Terra: This way!

(The heroes all move forward. They reach the edge of the forest, and they see a large building. In front of it, several blue ant drones are seen shooting at something that is behind cover)

Sora: Whoa!

Cyra: Looks like they're in a fight!

Shasta: ! Hey guys look!

(Shasta points and they spot a purple ant drone in cover shooting at the Gixuts on the catwalks)

Cyra: Whoa we got a civil war going on!

Brook: This is unexpected.

Cyra: Well it's nothing we can't handle! We gotta deal with this lab!

Sora: But who's side do we take?

Niko: WHy not take them all?

Shasta: WHat? BUt we don't know the full story, maybe the purple one is friendly.

Akito: I doubt that very much.

Cyra: Well even so... *Runs forward*

Sora: CYRA!

(Cyra makes a fire ball)


(Cyra chucks the fire ball. THe blue Gixut's see this)

Blue Gixut: !! *Points and screeches*

(The fire ball hits the blue Gixuts in the catwalks, killing them all)

Cyra: WOOO!!

Sora: Nice sweetie!

Cyra: Thanks!

(The heroes gather up. THey look at the purple GIxut who looks at them)

Gixut:....... *Slowly walks forward*




(The Gixut goes up to Sora and Cyra)

Gixut:.... You... Are different. Seven days of life and I've only felt the desire to kill. But... You... Something about you. Makes me speak.

Sora: Huh?

Cyra: Seven days?

Gixut: Yes...

Leon: Wait... HE's only 7 days old???

Zach: We may not know Gixut's that well, but I'm pretty sure they don't grow to THIS size in just 7 days!

Gixut: Gixut? That word. I heard is many times inside glass mother.

Shasta: ? Glass mother?

Abe: IS there a queen made of glass?

Gixut: Queen? No. "Queen" does not exist here. Only glass mother. And others who look like me.

Akito: No queen... Glass mother..... ! Oh my god.

Brook: What is it Akito?

Akito: The lab!

(The heroes look at the lab)

Akito: He was...made in here!

Terra: Huh???

Aerwyna: What does that mean??

Akito: This guy was genetically grown! They are making full sized Gixut drones bred to kill!

Sora: ! Holy shit!

Gixut: Bred? To kill? No. I kill because my mind tells me to do so. To destroy enemies. But the voice said I was not perfect. I wasn't what it was looking for.

(The heroes all look confused)

Sora: Who made you exactly?

Gixut: A name. Throls. His voice spoke to me in glass mother. I call the voice, "father". It liked that. But it said I wasn't perfect. And I was expelled from mother.

Sora: *Turns to the others* Someone named Throls is making these guys. But he said he's not perfect. What does that mean?

Abe: He looks all right to me.

GIxut: I do not know why I was rejected. But I am not perfect.

Akito: Hmm... Maybe he wants something different. Something bigger, or stronger, or faster. Maybe he wants a super soldier or something.

Brook: A super soldier sounds nice, but an army that he can grow in a couple of days I think sounds better.

Abe: Yeah for sure.

Shasta: Maybe we should check it out.

Sora: Right. *Turns to the Gixut* HEy do you know where that Throls is?

Gixut: The... Tank Mother. She is up. Past the broken parts and many of the things like me. I will show you.

(The Gixut walks open to a lab door. He pulls on the door and it opens. The heroes all gather around, looking inside)

Gixut: You flesh creatures are strange.

Azuki: Hm.

Cyra: CAn you show us more inside?

Gixut: No.

Akito: Why not?

Gixut: I was told to wait. To fight should they come. I will not run. But I will not listen to the voice. I'm not perfect, but I have purpose.

(The Gixut starts to walk off)

Gixut: I must wait until called. Released.


Sora: Sooooo do we head inside?

Brook: I guess so.

(The heroes head inside the lab. After a bit of movement, they hear more gun fire)

Akito: ! More fighting!

(At that moment, a couple of blue drones are seen running, but then stop and yell in fear as they spot the heroes. They point guns)


(The heroes arm themselves)

Cyra: Put those guns down if you know what's good for you!

(The Gixut glare as the heroes prepare to fight)