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(The heroes are seen sat in front of Puddie's desk)


Puddie: Wow, you really are fleshy! Nothing like us!

Shasta: Yeah, our planet isn't as slimy as yours. Well, it's not slimy at all actually.

Puddie: Not....Slimy? That's strange.

Cyra: To you maybe. But to us its strange you don't have a gender.

Puddie: Oh yes. Most races have genders. Males and females generally.

Cyra: Yeah, but you all look like your male and female.

Puddie: That's cause we're shapeshifters.

Shasta: How so?

Puddie: We can shape our bodies into any form we want. So we typically try to take on those sorts of looks to differentiate ourselves from each other, but truly we have no gender.

Brook: Oooh that's kinda neat!

Puddie: I know right? It's very useful!

Shasta: *smile*

Puddie: Can you do anything cool?

Sora: Well, we got this.

(The heroes show off their powers)

Puddie: *Gasp* WHOA!!!

Sora: Pretty cool huh?

Puddie: You have superpowers!! Do ALL humans do this?!

Sora: Not all, but most of us do.

Cyra: Hell yeah!

Puddie; Wow, that's incredible!

(Puddie notices Sora's animal features)

Puddie: Wait, but what about the animal features? You guys related to the Animal People?

Shasta: I am, Sora's not.

Sora: Yeah this is different.

Puddie: Oooh. Well still, you humans are so interesting!

Cyra: Thanks.

Puddie: I'd like to see more of you guys if that's all right. How long do you think will be staying?

Sora: Um I think we can stay a bit.

Shasta: Yeah! I'd love to look around here!

Puddie: Oh great! Please, stay and explore the town, and meet more of the people!

Brook: I guess this works out, since those 4 outside wanted to hang out.

Cyra: Don't know if they'll think you're fun to hang with.

Brook: Oh ha ha.


Sora: Well Puddie, if its all right, we are gonna go for now.

Puddie: Of course. Stop by if you need anything.

(Sora nods before the four go and leave the house)

Sora: Well, they were nice.

Cyra: Yeah they were, I like this place already!

(The 4 Jelites from earlier come up)

Gellie: How was meeting our leader?

Sora: Oh he wa- I mean, they were very nice.

Shasta: And the best part, now we can hang out!

Chuhu: Awesome!

Sapphire: You humans are gonna love it here!

Sora: Great, so where should we start?

Sapphire: Well I got this really cool place I wanna show Brook.

Brook: Oh? I'm interested.

Chuhu: And I bet Sora and Cyra wanna go somewhere nice together!

Sora: You know a place?

Chuhu: You bet!

Shasta: What about me?

Gellie: You can hang out with me and Gluey. We got fun places in mind too.

Shasta: Sweet!

Sora: See you all back here later?

Brook: Sounds like a plan.

Chuhu: Then let's go!

(The group splits up and leaves)