(The heroes are seen on the path toward Koaria)

Anya: *Whistling*

Nick: So uhh, how long will this take?

Chauncy: About a day or so.

Nick: Right.

Anya: Guess that means we get to camp out again!

Allen: Great.


Nick: Heh.

Arlina: It is getting rather late.

Chauncy: Yeah let's settle in for a night.

(Scene cuts to later as the heroes are all seen in camp. David and Jeanne are seen with Alex and Jessica by the fire, Omega and his family are seen having dinner, while Blue and Anne are seen talking)

Anne: Shame what happened to those orcs.

Blue: Yeah I was really looking forward to fighting them.

Anne: Same.

Blue: It would have been fun.

Anne: I bet I would have taken out more then you.

Blue: Heh. No you won't.

Anne: Excuse me?

Blue: Anne we know I'm the tougher one.

Anne: Oh don't think just because you're made of slime and all bouncy means you're invincible sweetie.

Blue: Its not just cause I'm made of slime. I just am stronger. I can hold you down.

Anne: Oh man what kind of dream world are you living in? I've kicked your butt tons of times.

Blue: Oh now who's living in a dream world?

Anne: You wanna go right now?

Blue: You really making that challenge?

Anne: We've fought before many times sweetie, I know all your weaknesses and strengths.

Blue: And I know yours.

Anne and Blue...………

(Anne pounces on Blue. Slimer Batty and Erin are see watching)

Slimer: And there they go.

Erin: Hard to believe this is the same kid who liked to wrap himself around my waist.

Batty: Heh, yeah.

Slimer: Now they're practically one in the same. It's so cute!

Erin: Heh. Yeah. I admit though. *Pats her stomach* I kind of missed the bonding.

Slimer: Aww need a belly rub Erin?

Erin: You still do that after all these years?

Slimer: It's in my nature.

Erin: *Smirks and rolls eyes*

(Nick and Erika walks over)

Nick: Uhh, what're Anne and Blue doing?

Erin: Flirting.

Erika:... That's flirting?

Slimer: Yep. That's my boy. Ever since he and Anne started dating he's become a little warrior.

Erika: I see.

Nick: Weird.

Anne: I'm gonna beat you this time Blue!

Blue: Oh no you won't!

(Blue wraps himself around Anne)

Blue: HAHA! I got ya!

Anne: *Tries to push her arms free* NOT! DONE YET!

Nick: Do this often?

Erin: I guess you didn't see these two flirting as often growing up in the mansion.

Nick: G-Guess not.

Erika: I have.

Erin: *Smile*

Blue: Hey!

(Anne is seen free of Blue's grasp holding some of his slime)

Blue: Anne put that down!

Anne: Admit defeat or else!

Blue: Anne!

Anne: Say it!

Blue: *Groans* Fine fine you win!

Anne: Heh!

(Anne gives the slime back)

Anne: Another tally on my victory count!

Blue: I'll get you next time.

Anne: Heh, we'll see!

Blue: *Smile*

(Anne and Blue walk over)

Erin: Did you have fun guys?

Anne: Heh. You bet. I have was able to prove why I'm alpha.

Blue: You got lucky.

Anne: Still won.

Blue: Hmph!

Erin: *Giggle*

Blue: Erin!

Erin: Aww come on Blue its okay. I still love ya buddy.

Blue: *Sigh* I know.

Nick: Seems you two had fun.

Anne: Yeah that's how we have fun. Right baby?

Blue: Heh. Yeah.

Erika: Man I never saw people flirt like you two.

Anne: Maybe cause not everyone fights to flirt.

Blue: Hehe yeah.

Nick: Well uhh, at least you had fun.

Anne: That we do!

(As they talk, Jayla is seen hanging out near a tree watching)


Anya: *Voice* Hey Jayla!

(Jayla looks down at Anya)

Anya: What's up?

Jayla: Oh... N-Nothing…

Anya: It don't like nothing.

Jayla: J-Just... Just watching is all...


(Anya climbs up the tree)

Anya: Alright what's wrong?

Jayla:.... *Sighs* … I'm lonely.

Anya: Lonely?

Jayla: Yeah...

Anya: What do you mean?

Jayla: I... I mean in a... How to describe it...?

Anya: *Smile* You want a boyfriend huh?

Jayla: Y-Yes that.

Anya: Ooooo.

Jayla: *Blushes*

Anya: Well who do you have sights on?


Anya: Well?


Anya: Wait for real? Still??

Jayla: I know, I know you and him are together and I don't plan to get in the way of that but-

Anya: Girl don't. There's an easy way to solve your problem.

Jayla: There is?

Anya: Yeah! We just gotta find you a boyfriend!


Anya: Easy right?

Jayla: But... How am I gonna find someone like that? Only boys I know are the ones in this group and none of them interest me...

Anya: I think I know one you could get to know.

Jayla: Who?

(Anya grabs Jayla's face and turns her head)

Anya: Look at him.

(Jayla lays eyes on David)

Jayla: David?

Anya: YEah. He needs a girlfriend.


Anya: Trust me, we've all been friends for awhile now. He's a really nice kid once you get to know him!

Jayla: Y-You sure about this?

Anya: Trust me.

Jayla: I-I don't know...

Anya: Hey Jayla, trust your bestie. I bet if you and him hang out, you and him might end up having some cute harpy babies. Like you've always wanted.

Jayla: *Blush*....O-Okay.

Anya: That's my feathery girl!

Jayla: Well.... I guess I'll see if David and me can be a thing.

(Jayla flies off)

Anya: *Smile*


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