(The heroes are seen in Andrion's throne room)

Andrion: She WHAT!?

Nick: They took her Andrion.

Erika: We're sorry...

Andrion: My... My daughter.... W-What are they gonna do to her....?

Alex: We don't know...

Jack: We'll save her Andrion. We promise.

Andrion:.... Jonett….


Jack: I know it's a stretch, but do you have any idea where they could've taken her?


Jack: Andrion? Andrion!


Foxtrot: Your majesty. Please. We need an idea where to look to save her.

Andrion:.....*Sigh* You could try heading to Koaria.

Erika: Koaria? Why there?

Andrion: Well, knowing how much damage these Warriors are capable of, they could be hiding out there somewhere.

Alex: Hmm...

Andrion: Please, just find my daughter for me.

Foxtrot: We will sir. We promise.

(The heroes all leave)

Nick: Koaria…. Could that be it?

Arlina: It is suppose to like one of the largest human kingdoms.

Chauncy: Heh. Wouldn't surprise me if that pain in the ass prince invited them.

Diana: Yeah.

Erika: Well, it's worth a shot I guess.

Jayla: Koaria is a few days travel though.

Nick: Yeah. We should get some supplies and a carriage.

Alex: Good idea Nick.

Nick: *Smile*

Anya: Alright, another great journey!

David: Let's get to work!

(The heroes all split up. Meanwhile... The castle of Koaria is shown, as it is seen covered in ice)


(Jonett is seen being led into the city with by two Ice Warriors with her hands bound with ice handcuffs)

Jonett: Oh man....What have they done?

(Jonett sees much of the city covered in ice, she sees some soldiers frozen in ice, but she notices a few people not frozen and hiding in they're homes)


Warrior #1: Hey, eyes forward.

(Jonett looks ahead as they continue to move forward. They then enter the castle)

???: *Voice* W-Well well well!

(Jonett sees Elias sitting in the throne)

Elias: Lookie here! T-The Princess of M-Midvek! How honored I a-am to meet you.


Elias: I-I hope you you're all right. T-The trip wasn't to b-bad or anything.

Jonett: What have you done?

Elias: O-Oh ho, this wasn't MY doing P-Princess.

(Elias smirks before he grabs his head in pain. His eyes open to reveal them to be glowing blue, signaling Kirik's control)

Kirik: It was me.


Kirik: This little primitive world of yours is my personal little playground.

Jonett: What....What are-

Kirik: What am I? I'm Elias's friend? The voice in his head that tells him to do every little thing he does in life. I. Am Kirik.


Kirik: And right now, you're in my domain.

Jonett: Then, where's the king and the prince?

Kirik: Them?

Jonett: Yeah, what did you do with them?

(Kirik points over to the king and prince frozen in blocks of ice)

Jonett: *Gasp*

Kirik: Don't worry, they're alive. Unfortunately.

Jonett: W-Why would you do this?!

Kirik: We needed a place to serve as our base. Perfect choice given its size.


Kirik: Granted my little fortress in that village was okay, but this? This is a place for kings!

Jonett: You are no king.

Kirik: Excuse me girl?

Jonett: What kind of king does stuff like this?! You've got no right to this kingdom!

(Kirik grabs Jonett's neck)

Jonett: *Choking*

Kirik: A Pureblood. Like you. Has no right to speak to me that way.

(Kirik throws Jonett onto the ground hard)

Jonett: NN!!!

Kirik: Lock her in the dungeon.

Warrior #1: Yes sir.

(The Warrior picks Jonett up)

Warrior #1: Come on kid.

Jonett: You- *Coughs* You won't get away this! N-Nick and the others will come and beat you!

Kirik: I'd really love to see them try.


(Kirik smirks)


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