Part 1

(The heroes are seen fighting against the Ice Guards)

Alex: Keep it up! We gotta reach the castle!

Ruby: Easier said than done!

Nick: Not if we work together!


(The heroes keep up the fight)

Ghira: Come on guys, I can do this all day!

(Blake's ears pin up as she hears something)

Blake: Wait.

(Footsteps are heard before Suji jumps from a rooftop with a group of Ice Ninjas)

Blake: !!

Suji: RAAAAH!!!!

(Suji attacks as Blake blocks it. He then lands on the ground)


Nick: ! Crap! It's Suji!

Erika: And more Ice Ninjas!

Suji: First you ruin my fun with the freaks, now you enter our territory! You Purebloods just beg for death!

Alex: You assholes took a friend of ours! Give her back and leave this world!

Suji: Now ordering me around? You die first!

(Suji fires ice at Alex who blocks it)

Suji: Men!

(The Ninjas arm themselves)

Suji: Korera no orokamono o koroshi nasai! (Kill these fools!)

(The Ninjas charge in)

Nick: Here they come!

(The heroes engage the ninjas and guards together)


Yang: Incoming!

(Two ninjas attack Yang and Shade before jumping back)

Ninja #1: Let's finish this quick brother. These Purebloods had their chance, so don't hold back.

Ninja #2: Never in my wildest dreams would I ever do that.

Ninja #1: Hmph.

Yang: Two ninjas huh? Bring it!

Shade: Hey news flash! Pirates beat ninjas!

Ninja #1: We'll see how that statement holds up!

(The two rush in and attack as it cuts to Alex fighting against Suji)

Alex: Tch!

Suji: Should've stayed home kid!

(Alex clashes with Suji)

Alex: You know us heroes can't do that!

Suji: Hero!? Ha! Don't make me laugh!

(Suji headbutts Alex)

Alex: NN!!!

Suji: You're no heroes!

Alex: We're more heroes then YOU!!

(Alex pushes Suji back with a powerful psy blasts)

Suji: Nn maybe not to you. But to our people...

(Suji knocks Alex down with an ice blast)

Suji: We're the heroes they deserve!

(Suji goes and slices Alex's leg)

Alex: GNN!!

Suji: And we'll do what we can to keep them safe in a world of foul Purebloods!

(Suji goes to finish Alex off)

Alex: !!

Suji: DIE!!!

(Suddenly Suji is blasted by ice beams from Erin, Rose and Grey in Dragon Armor)


Rose: Yeah!

Suji: *Growls*

Erin: Stand down or suffer the consequences!

Suji: Hmph, fine then. You wanna play that game?

(Suji activates his own ice armor, taking the form of a samurai)

Suji: I'll play.

Erin: You're going down you wanna be ninja/samurai!

Suji: Bring it!

Grey: Let's go!

(The four stand ready to fight)

Part 2

(Erin, Rose and Grey are seen ready to fight Suji)


Erin: Rose, you and Grey ready?

Rose: Yeah.

Grey: Let's do this.

Erin: Hmph.

Suji: You really think you can beat me? I've had years to train with this armor.

Erin: So have we!

Rose: And the 3 of us together are an unstoppable family!

Grey: That's right!

Suji: Well then, let's see how well your family bond holds up!

(Suji flies up)

Erin: With pleasure! Come on guys!

Rose: Woo hoo!

(The three fly after Suji. The heroes watch below)

Erika: Look!

Nick: Mom Rose and Grey! They're flying!

Alex: *Holding leg* I remember when I fought my sis up in the air. Hell of a time.

Ruby: Looks like they're going after Suji!

Nick: If they don't kick his ass, no one will!

Erika: Except us!

David: Well why don't you two armor up and get up there!?

Jeanne: Yeah! 5 ice users should beat that guy!

Nick: Hm, good idea!

Erika: Let's do it!

(The two soon activate their Ice Armor)

Nick: Let's go sis!

(The two fly up to the group)

Alex: Go get 'em kids!

Jack: Yeah! Go for it!

Suji: Hm?

(Suji sees the two flying up)

Suji: Well well, look at this!

Erin: *Gasp* Kids!

(Nick and Erika join the others)

Erika: Are we late to the fun?

Erin: Nope, it's actually just about to start.

Nick: Great.

Suji: So, a five on one huh?

Nick: Yeah.

Erika: You're going down Suji!

(Suji creates a samurai sword)

Suji: You will fall first.

Erin: I think not.

Suji: Hmph. Well, you may still have the numbers, but you don't have the speed!

(Suji appears to blur before the five heroes are hit with an invisible barrage of attacks and knocked back)

Erin: GAH!!!

Nick: Nn what the?!

Rose: Anyone else see what just happened!?

Suji: Haha! This is gonna be EASY!!!

(Suji charges forward)

Suji: Now die cowards!

(Suji strikes down as Erin blocks the attack)

Suji: Nn!

Erin: Kids hit him now!

(Erika, Nick, Rose and Grey all hit Suji with one major ice blast)

Suji: GAH!!!

(Suji is flung back a bit)

Suji: Nn shit! You're gonna pay for that!

(Suji begins charging up an attack)

Erin: That's not good!

Suji: Feel the stinging chill of DEATH!!!

(Suji fires an ice blast as the group blocks it)

Rose: Hnng!

Grey: Crap, that's strong!

Nick: M-Mom!?

(Ice is seen spreading on the heroes' bodies)

Erin: Crap w-we gotta move! I-It's freezing us!

Erika: Way ahead of you!

(Erika moves out of the way and attacks Suji)

Erika: TAKE THIS!!!

Suji: !

(Suji stops his ice blast and blocks Erika's attack)

Suji: Big mistake fighting alone!

Erika: !

(Suji hits Erika with the hilt of his blade, dazing her)

Erika: NN!!!

(Erika sees Suji getting ready to attack and blocks with her arms. Suji swings but the blade bounces off Erika's armor and slices her arm)

Erika: GAAH!!!

Erin: !! ERIKA!!!

(Erika grabs her bleeding arm before Suji raises his arms up and curls his fists)

Suji: FALL!!!

(Suji punches Erika, sending her flying into the ground hard and knocking her out)

Nick: SIS!!!

Rose: NO!!!

Jack: !! ERIKA!!! *runs to Erika*


Suji: Hmph. Pathetic.

(Suji's blade glows)

Suji: Now to end this little game.

Erin:.......I agree.

Suji: Hm?

Erin: I'm gonna make you PAY for that!

(Erin charges toward Suji)

Nick: Mom?!

Suji: What the-

(Erin rams into Suji, slamming him into a building)

Suji: HNNG!!!

Erin: *Charges up ice beam* GET READY TO FEEL SOME REAL POWER!!!

Suji: Shit, I gotta blo-

(Erin fires a thin ice beam at Suji)

Suji: !!

(The beam pierces through Suji's armor and through his chest)

Suji: GAAAH!!!

(Erin then goes and kicks Suji down, causing him to hit the ground hard)

Erin: How's that for ending a game asshole!?


Nick: Whoa.

Grey: That was awesome!

Suji: *Coughs up blood* D-Damn you!

(The four land back down on the ground)

Nick: It's over Suji.

Rose: You lost.

Suji:....*Coughs* Not....yet...


Suji: The still in our control... Elias.....Kirik...won't let you have it.

Erin: I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Nick: We'll beat him too.


(Suji bleeds out and dies)


Erika: *Groans*

Nick: Sis!

(Erin and the others run over as Erika sits up)

Erika: What the hell hit me...?

Nick: Are you okay?

Erika: Yeah, as far as I can tell.

Nick: *Sigh of relief* Thank god.

Erika: *Smile*

Erin: Well, that's him dealt with.

Alex: Now we just gotta get in there and save Jonett.

Izuku: Right.

Nick: Let's go then!

Arlina: Come on!

(The heroes move deeper into the city toward the castle)


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