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LOTM: Cosmic Remembrance is a story made by 22kingdomheartsfan


Set in a far away galaxy, the Rebellion has dominate roughly 80% of the galaxy, and the Federation Systems is on its last legs as it defends its remaining worlds. In an effort to try and defeat the Rebellion, the Federation sends in they're agent, Miranda Byrne, to spy on the Rebellion. After 3 years, Miranda had gained valuable info to turn the tide, but on her way to deliver the information, she was found out and her ship was attack. She was believed dead, but Miranda still lives, but has lost all memory of her life.

With help from a mysterious blind man with ties to the Rebellions, and various people across the galaxy, Miranda must escape the Rebellion as they hunt her down, regain her lost memory, and save the Federation, or the galaxy is doomed....


  • Miranda Byrne - An agent of the Federation Systems, having spied on the Rebellion for 3 years, her ship was attacked when found out, resulting in her memory loss. Now she wanders the galaxy trying to evade capture from the Rebellion.
  • Wushi Shuilong - A mysterious blind old man, and traveling companion of Miranda. The two meet early on, and soon work together to escape the Rebellion. using a sword in combat, and has mysterious telepathic powers, he aids Miranda in her quest. He has an unknown connection to the Rebellion.
  • Blaze Anderson - A man with some shady background, and a traveling companion of Miranda. Helping him escape a jail cell, Blake joins Miranda in her escaping the Rebellion, using his skill with a blaster, as well as knowledge of the criminal underworld. Though he may have a debt or two to pay off.
  • CC-19 - A round maintenance robot. CC joins Miranda and her team earlier on, assisting Miranda however it can. The robot loves to help out, be useful, and does maintenance around the ship. Despite being a maintenance robot, he posses a small number of offensive weapons to aid Miranda.
  • Nebula - An alien known as a Seduia, Nebula is one of Miranda's companions. Nebula joins Miranda believing she'd have fun and adventure. While her journey proves more intense then she originally believe, she quickly bonds with the crew and is glad to help them out, weather its using her charms to get what they want, or even going so far as distracting enemies by herself, as she knows, the galaxy loves the Seduian's.
  • Subject 10/Jade- A member of the Rebellion, and one of they're experimented soldiers. Jade's in charge of leading squads to hunt down, capture or kill Miranda. The result of her experiments gave her electric powers.


  • The Federation Systems - The Federation Systems are the official government of the galaxy. They kept things running in the galaxy, and its military protects the people and the worlds. That is until the Rebellion came, now the Federation has lost almost all its power, and struggles to defend the last of his turf against the seemingly endless numbers of the Rebellion
  • The Rebellion
  • Dragontooth


  • Novis Station - Location on the moon of Novis, the Novis Station is an independant fueling stations, providing fuel for all passing ships, regardless of who they support. While located in rebellion space, they allow them to operate as they please, though some don't exactly like the Rebellion. But with the arrival of an out cold Federation Agent, and things start to mysteriously malfunction, things take a turn for the worse for the employees...
  • Ubos - The homeworld of the Federation HQ. Ubos is a city with megatropolis cities, but still managed to maintain some of its rain forest. It is here the Federation makes its last stand against the Rebellion, should they launch an attack.
  • Rinzilles - A planet recently dominated by the Rebellion. A place with a few cities, humans and aliens come to do buiness, but now find themselves under the fearful rule of the Rebellion.
  • Voyager Colony - The Voyager Colony, located in the Voyager system, is a space colony home to a verity of people and creatures. Humans and aliens live in the station, going about they're lives, working jobs, going to the entertainment districts for fun and games or drinking. Crime exists on the station, but the Voyager Security Force handles crimes.