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(Giovanni is seen with Mewtwo ready to fight the infected Zamazenta as the others watch)


Zamazenta: *Growls*

Giovanni: *Snaps fingers* Mewtwo! Aura Sphere!

(Mewtwo forms a blue ball in his hand and throws it at Zamazenta who dodges. Zamazenta charges trying to bite, but Mewtwo dodges)

Giovanni: Barrier!

(Zamazenta pounces but Mewtwo creates a barrier to stop it)

Giovanni: Now Ice Beam!

(Mewtwo fires a beam of ice at Zamazenta pushing it back. Zamazenta growls in anger as it stares down Mewtwo)

Electro: Man how these freaky animals get all these powers?

Deadshot: And how did Giovanni get one so powerful?

Frost: Whatever he did, it's commendable. He's holding up well against this thing.

Electro: No kidding.

(Zamezenta suddenly pounces at high speed over to Mewtwo, who puts his arms up. Zamazenta attacks in a cloud of smoke as several blows are heard before it backs off. Mewtwo still seems largely unharmed despite the amount attacks)

Giovanni: Psychic Attack.

(Zamzenta charges again, but Mewtwo holds up his arm, and Zamazenta glows as he's held up in the air)

Zamazenta: *Roar*


(Mewtwo slams Zamazenta down hard)

Zamazenta: *Pained shriek*

Gloria: *Gasps*

(Mewtwo repeatedly slams Zamazenta around the field before deliver yet another hard slam)

Zamzenta: *Cries of pain*

Gloria: NO! STOP!!

Giovanni: Its time to finish it. Mewtwo. Aura Sphere.

(Mewtwo forms another sphere in his hand)

Gloria: STOP!! DON'T DO IT!!

Electro: Don't listen to her, the fight's just getting entertaining!

Giovanni: You stay out of this child.

Gloria: You'll kill him!!

Giovanni: That would be a mercy compared to what it is now. Mewtwo!

(Mewtwo pulls back)

Gloria: NOOO!!!

(Mewtwo throws the sphere and a size able explosion appears. After a few moments, the smoke clears and Zamzenta is seen down. Completely unmoving)

Gloria: *Breaks free of Cinder's grip* ZAMAZENTA!!!

(Gloria rushes over to check on the fallen Pokemon)

Gloria: Zamazenta! Zamazenta!

(Gloria looks around)

Gloria: No...

Electro: WOO!!! That's what I call a fight!

Giovanni: Indeed. Well done Mewtwo. *Recalls him*

(Gloria falls to he knees look down at the floor)

Gloria: Zamazenta....

(Gloria covers her face and cries. All the while, a gem appears and floats over to Giovanni and takes)

Giovanni: Perfect. Looks like we are done here.

Deadshot: Good, I'm sick of this depressing place.

Giovanni: Let's return then. One of you get the girl.

(The villains start to leave, Frost turns to Cinder)

Frost: You get her, I'm holding on to her stuff.

(Frost walks off)

Cinder: Hm.

(Cinder goes up to Gloria)

Cinder; Come on kid, time to go. We got a gem to extort from your friends.


Cinder: Hey did you hear me were going?

(Cinder grabs Gloria's arm forces her up)

Gloria: No! Let go of me!

Cinder: You're coming right now!

Gloria I said let go!

(Gloria struggles against Cinder for a few moments, before Cinder decides she's had enough, and then lifts Gloria on her shoulder)

Gloria: AH! PUT ME DOWN!!

Cinder: Quit whining.

(Cinder begins walking off with Gloria)

Cinder: Now let's move.

Gloria: I SAID LET GO!!

(Gloria struggles instence, kicking her legs, failing her arms, even hitting Cinder's back, making her annoyed)


Gloria: NO!!

(Gloria then bites Cinder's shoulder)

Cinder: ! AH!!!

(Cinder drops Gloria who quickly gets up and backs away, Cinder summons her blades)

Cinder: That's it. Now you asked for this.

(The other villains notice)

Deadshot: Hey what the?!

(Gloria then pulls out her Poke Ball)

Cinder: What the?! Where did you-

Gloria: GO! *Throws the Ball*

(Out of the ball, comes a creature that looks very similar to Zamazenta, but this one is blue with some pink and is holding a large sword in its move)

Gloria: *Happy gasp* Zacian!

Zacian: *Howls*

Cinder: !

Electro: What!? How did she get that!?

Frost: There's no way! All her stuff is here!


(Gloria stands next to Zacian)

Gloria: We're in for a very hard fight Zacian. We gotta get our stuff back, get the rest of the Pokemon, and escape. Can I count on you?

Zacian: *Nods*

Gloria: Right. Then let's do!

(Gloria stand ready as hers and Zacian's fight begins...)