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(The villains are seen walking through the infected city)

Electro: *Whistle*

Deadshot: What a wreck.

(As they move a tentacle tries to grab Cinder, but Cinder slices it before it can touch her)

Cinder Place is indeed heavily infected.

(As they move, another tentacle goes up and grabs Gloria's ankle)

Gloria: AHH! *Falls down*

(Gloria looks at the tentacle)

Gloria: C-Crap!

(Frost stabs the tentacle, causing it to let go and retreat)

Frost: Disgusting creature.

(Gloria stands back up)

Gloria: You know I could protect myself if I had-

Frost: Don't finish that. You're not getting them back.


(The group arrives at the tower)

Giovanni: My my, I never saw this in Viridian.

Gloria: This is the Hammerlock Gym. It's connected to an Energy Plant

Giovanni: Fascinating.

(The group hears the strange distorted roar/cry again)

Electro: What the hell is that??

Gloria: *Thinking* That cry... It almost sounds like...

Cinder: It's coming from the top of the tower.

(The group looks up)

Giovanni: Hmmm.

Electro: Well, this'll be fun.

(The heroes enter the building and soon arrive at the energy plant)


(After a few moments of walking, they are met by more Amalgamates)

Deadshot: Well this should be interesting.

(Electro charges up lightning)

Electro: Shall I do the honors?

(Gloria looks behind to see more coming)

Gloria: B-BEHIND US!!

Frost: You take the front, I'll take the back!

Electro: Right!

(Electro shoots electricity at the Amalgamates infront of him, while Frost fires a blast of ice at the group behind)

Frost: Face death monsters!

(As they fight, some Amalgamates appear near Frost's Cyber Ninja, the two suddenly get overpowered by them as they drop Gloria's Poke Balls and bag)

Gloria: *gasp* My stuff.

(Gloria look carefully then makes a run her stuff)

Gloria: Just gotta grab-

(A tentacle then wraps around Gloria)

Gloria: ! AAH!!!

(The tentacle pulls Gloria and holds up in the air as she struggles)

Gloria: Hnn! Can't get free!

(Gloria struggles more before Deadshot fires a bullet through the tentacle, making it drop her)

Gloria: OOF!!

(Gloria looks at Deadshot)

Deadshot: Best watch your back there. *Returns to shooting Amalgamates*

Gloria: *Annoyed sigh* Missed my chance...

(Electro blasts more Amalgamates down)

Electro: Come you ugly freaks! I can do this all damn day!

(Cinder is seen flying through several, before she switches to fire burning several more Amalgamates)

Cinder: How pathetic.

(A tentacle Amalgamate tries to grab her, but she slices the tentacles before they get her)

Amalgamate: *Screech in pain*

Cinder: Hmph.

(A cloaking Amalgamate then rushes out before Frost freezes it behind Cinder)

Frost: Gotcha.

Cinder: Hmph. I could have handled it.

Frost: Whatever you say.

(Giovanni is seen watching this)

Giovanni: I think its time I put an end to this. *Pulls out a ball and throws*

(Giovanni sends out a Nidoking)

Nidoking: *Roars*

Giovanni: Nidoking, Aqua Tail.

(Nidoking's swings his tail which becomes liquid and swings it hard on several Amalgamates)

Electro: Whoa!

Giovanni: Hmph, good job.

(The Amalgamates die as the path clears)

Electro: Okay, it's safe!

(The villains regroup)

Deadshot: tHat takes care of them.

Giovanni: Indeed.

(As the villains talk, Gloria's slowly and quietly heading for her stuff)

Gloria: *Whisper* Just gotta quietly and quickly....

(Gloria manages to pick up one Poke Ball)

Gloria; *Whisper* Haha! Alright, now-

Electro: *Voice* HEY!!

(Gloria quickly turns, hiding the ball behind her back)

Electro: Nice try! Step away now!

Gloria:.... *Slowly moves to the side*

Electro: That's right. NO touching that!

(Frost goes up and grabs her bag and the rest of Poke Balls)

Frost: You even THINK about trying to get your stuff again, I'll freeze your hands and crush them. That understood?

Gloria: Y-Yeah, you got it.

Frost: Good. Now come on.

(Frost and the others walk on ahead)

Gloria: *Whisper* Phew...

Frost: *Voice* Come on kid!

(Gloira starts to follow while taking a quick glance at the ball, which shows to be purple)

Gloria: *Thinking* Okay... I either got Zacian or Calyrex. Hopefully either one of them will be enough to help me get my stuff back and escape.

(Gloria and the villains board an elevator that starts going up)




Electro: Soooo, we having fun?

(No reply)

Electro:.... Pffh. Whatever.

Gloria: Hey. After this trial, what are you gonna do with me?

Electro: Pfft, I don't know. Either we'll ransom you off, or maybe we'll just toss you off the roof and let the Amalgamates take ya.


Frost: I like the ransom idea more. Maybe we can trade you over to the heroes for all the gems they've collected.

Cinder: I'm sure they've collected a few already haven't they?


Cinder: Well, have they?

Electro: Better speak up kid. Or you're getting a shocking surprise.

Gloria:...O-Only one.

Frost: Only one huh?

Gloria: The one me and Sub-Zero got...

Frost: I see.

Cinder: So they have it right now?

Gloria: Yes.

Electro: Ha! Perfect then! Ransom it is!

(The elevator reaches the roof)

Electro: Oh, and we're here!

(The group steps off the elevator and they step to the highest point. They come up seeing more Amalgamate growths spreading.)

Giovanni: This feels like the spot.

Gloria: *Looks around* .... *looks ahead and gasps*

(The villains all look where Gloria's looking and there standing before them a large four legged dog like Pokemon stands before them, his head, almost has a shield shape around it. But the shocking thing is, he is seen with Amalgamate infection all over it)

Gloria: Oh...my....gosh.

Giovanni: What...is that?

(On the Pokemon, it seems a second head in the form of an Amalgamate's head is seen partially growing on the Pokemon's neck)

???: *Gurgled roar*

Gloria: Z-Zamazenta....

Giovanni: Who?

Gloria: He's... He's a Legendary Pokemon in Galar... ANd one of the heroes of the region... He's... He's been infected....

Zamazenta: *Distorted roar*

Giovanni: A legendary Pokemon? Heh. Well then...

(Giovanni steps up hold a purple ball)

Giovanni: Then this might be the perfect choice for you.

(Giovanni tosses the ball. And out comes Mewtwo)

Mewtwo: *Cries out*

Gloria: !!

Giovanni: Mewtwo. Destroyed this infected abomination.

Gloria: NO! YOU CAN'T!

(Gloria tries to run up, but Cinder grabs her pulls her over and holds on to her)

Cinder: No no no, stay out of the way kid.

Gloria: B-But you can't! He's too important!

Electro: Kid this is the Nexus, it's probably just a copy! Guess the Wishmaster wasn't expecting it to become infected.

(Gloria can't help but stand there and watch as Mewtwo and Zamazenta prepare to fight as the trial begins...)