Legends of the Multi Universe Wiki

Talion: I feel something?

Celebrimbor: I sense power.

(Talion toward sense power see portal)

Talion: what sorcery is this?

Celebrimbor: portal.

Talion: portal, from unknown location.

Orc #1: my lord we found different.

Sauron: tell me, what to you saw.

(Talion go into The Owl House)

Talion: I feel normal.

Celebrimbor: Indeed, I feel war is over.

(Talion go to Bonesborough)

witch male #1: why hello human.

Talion: what is this.

Witch #1: that is correct, welcome to bonesborough.

Celebrimbor: Bonesborough, that is feel strength.

(earnur and arnor arrive on Boiling Isle)

Earnur: halt, so this is location at.

Dunedain Soldier #1: I feel strength.

Earnur: let move.

(earnur and Dunedain Soldier toward)

(Mark Heathcliff arrive on Boiling Isles)

Mark Heathcliff: where am I?

Clone Troopers #1: halt.

Mark Heathcliff: oh fuck me.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: that's strange.

Clone Troopers #1: sir, I see one man.

(Obi-Wan Kenobi meet Mark Heathcliff)

Mark Heathcliff: please don't tell me you alternate.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: no I not.

Mark Heathcliff: oh thank god, you not alternate after all.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: who is alternate.

Mark Heathcliff: you know disguise, creepy eyes.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: ok, and what your name.

Mark Heathcliff: my name Mark Heathcliff.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Mark Heathcliff, that is your name.

Mark Heathcliff: yes, I suck in portal.

Obi-Wan Kenobi: I sense portal.

(fellowship of the ring arrive on Boiling Isle)

Frodo Baggins: we are safe, for now.

Samwise Gamgee: yes, I hope orc never found out

Gimli: yes only dwarf will survive.

Aragorn: hurry, we must journey.

Pippin: wait for me!

Merry: hurry Pippin.

Boromir: we must survive.

Legolas: Gandalf we here to unknown.

Gandalf: Indeed, I sense strength.

(Gandalf see Long Horse)

Long Horse: you saw me?

(Luz rescue Eda from Emperor Coven)

Luz Noceda: we must save Eda.

King: and defeat Emperor Belos.

Willow Park: hurry Gus.

Gus Porter: yes, we save Eda and Lu-

Gus Porter: (shock)

Willow Park: Gus?

(Gus point at Morgul Orc and Gothmog)

Gothmog: what are you doing here?

Willow Park: we here to free Eda.

Gothmog: are you servant of Sauron.

Gus Porter: no.

Willow Park: Gus!

Gothmog: so your traitor of Mordor, slay him.

(Talion see Gus, Willow, one morgul orc try to kill Gus and Willow, Talion kill one Morgul Orc and save Gus, Willow)

Morgul Orc #1: gravewalker.

Talion: you will never hurt people.

Aragorn: I will help you Gondor.

(Fellowship Of The Rings is here to help Talion)

Gothmog: Slay him all!

(many Morgul Orc attack Heroes, Heroes kill all Morgul Orc)

Pippin: Merry, over here!

Merry: Pippin, look out!

(Uruk-Hai, Sharku and Saruman ambush)

Lurtz: Bring me the halfling.

(Uruk-hai trying to capture hobbit, Long Horse save hobbit)

Aragorn: it's too many, we, can't fight.

Saruman: you fool, Sauron will rise.

Sharku: taste his blood.

(Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mark Heathcliff and Clone Troopers arrive)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Hello there.

Mark Heathcliff: oh shit we here go again.

(Obi-Wan Kenobi use Lightsaber, Mark Heathcliff use gun to kill Uruk-hai and Morgul Orc)

Gandalf: hurry we must survive.

Talion: let me try, SERVE ME.

(Morgul Orc 23 turn Bright Lord Orc)

Bright Lord Orc #1: we serve you bright lord, charge!

(bright lord army kill all morgul Orc)

Aragorn: you save us.

(Earnur see Boromir fight Uruk-hai)

Earnur: Arnor, let save Gondor!

(Lurtz see arnor arrive and Saruman, Sharku Lurtz fallback)

Dunedain Soldier #2: victory!

(Talion use shadow strike to Gothmog)

Talion: it's over Orc, you have lost, report to Sauron you got fail.

Gothmog: fine you win.

(gothmog and 20 morgul orc fallback)

Long Horse: we have new friend.

Amity Blight: what going on here, is that.

Gimli: yes, Orc and Uruk-hai.

Gus Porter: we save.

Celebrimbor: elves.

(Legolas hear and see Celebrimbor)

Celebrimbor: you see me?

Legolas: yes, I saw you.

Gus Porter: Willow and I have saw you.

Willow Park: what about save Eda?

(heroes shock and staring)

Bright Lord Orc #2: move maggot!

Mark Heathcliff: oh shit.

(heroes toward Emperor Castle)

Aragorn: Gimli hurry!

Gimli: wait for me!

(at dungeon Shelob walk toward Eda)

Shelob: Eda Clawthorne, I will help you from Emperor Belos.

Eda Clawthorne: what do want?

Shelob: Luz will save you, you must apology curse.

(at Orc camp)

Mouth Of Sauron: welcome, Gothmog.

(Isengard Orc cut all tree)

Gothmog: it's force of good, I will slay manki-

(Gothmog see alternate Gabriel and TV intruder)

Alternate Gabriel: you will be know me.

Tv alternate: you found us.

Gothmog: who that's.

Mouth Of Sauron: is name Alternate Gabriel, alternate use disguise, and no will found out.

Witch-King: indeed, Mouth of Sauron.

(Angmar arrive)

Rogash: today, hills-troll will rise!

Morgormir: we will bleed of mankind.

Karsh: all death will rest.

Hwaldar: we will take land.

Gothmog: what about blood.

(Mouth Of Sauron toward Emperor Belos)

Emperor Coven member #1: what do you want.

Mouth Of Sauron: take me to Emperor Belos.

(at throne room)

Kikimora: what sorcery is this?

Emperor Belos: now now Kikimora.

Mouth Of Sauron: I am Mouth Of Sauron from Mordor.

Emperor Belos: (remove mask) perfect, you see different.

Mouth Of Sauron: do you have blade?

Emperor Belos: indeed.

(Emperor Belos grab blade)

Mouth Of Sauron: do it your hand.

(Emperor Belos cut his palm)

Emperor Belos: we join you, Mouth of Sauron.

(back orc camp)

Saruman: witch was know us they know his blood, they must be heroes.

Dunlendings #1: heroes!

Saruman: destroy city and people, and kill heroes!

(Dunlending cheer and run off and they are running into Emperor Castle)

Saruman: no one stop us.

(Mouth of Sauron arrive at orc camp)

Mouth of Sauron: Emperor Coven join us.

Witch-King: good, Morgomir and Rogash.

Morgomir and Rogash: yes.

Witch-King: go to Kikimora, now.

(Morgomir and Rogash, two Alternate toward Kikimora)

Rogash: war is begun.

(heroes arrive Emperor Castle)

Earnur: we here.

Willow Park: Emperor Castle.

(two Arnor got catapult with Mark Heathcliff and two Bright Lord orc)

Aragorn: Gus tell dad, ok.

Gus Porter: ok human.

Talion: you three orc, disguise Emperor Coven member.

Gus Porter, Willow Park and three orc walk into Emperor Castle)

member #1: do you really think Eda deserves a petrification?

member #2: I don't know, this is all happening so fast.

Willow Park: if we know anything about Luz, she's going to be here trying to save Eda.

Gus Porter: don't worry we got three Orc.

Bright Lord Orc #3: yes, all right, let split up and find door.

(zoom out to see Lilith watching crowd from a window and Rogash and Morgomir, two alternate arrive)

Kikimora: and this is Lilith, they got one success an-

Warden Wrath: I'm sorry, I failed get human and I drew map.

Kikimora: what!

Rogash: so you failed capture human and you draw map, you're execute.

(Rogash kill Warden Wrath and Lilith Clawthorne was shock)

Rogash: do not Luz reach Eda, Morgomir use disguise emperor coven.

(Morgomir disguise emperor coven and two alternate transform emperor coven member)

Kikimora: impressive, if Rogash have success capture human.

(Lilith Clawthorne see Ratbag and Lilith toward Ratbag, Ratbag grab Lilith)

Ratbag: why are you follow me?

Lilith Clawthorne: stop hurt me.

(Ratbag release Lilith Clawthorne)

Az-Harto: (black speech language) you must be former emperor coven.

Ratbag: oh yes we saw different location, if you help Luz, I will help you.

Lilith Clawthorne: yes, I will help Luz and you.

Ratbag: it's deal, let save Eda!

(at dungeon Luz found Eda)

Luz Noceda: Eda, Eda!

Eda Clawthorne: Luz, you rescue me.

Luz Noceda: yes, I will rescue you, an-

Ratbag: found it!

(Ratbag, Az-Harto and Lilith Clawthorne finally reach Eda)

luz Noceda: Lilith, I know you capture Eda.

Ratbag: it's true, Lilith.

Lilith Clawthorne: I'm sorry Luz, we must save Eda from Rogash and Emperor belos, promise.

Luz Noceda: promise.

(a siren blares as a door in the ceiling opens)

Eda Clawthorne: save Me, LUZ!

Luz Noceda: Eda!

Rogash: I know it! you are one the traitor!

(Rogash got one messenger run into Belos)

Lilith Clawthorne: they know, for now, c'mon let save Eda.

(Luz and Ratbag, Az-Harto walk with Lilith and at Shelob lair)

Shelob: I must create glass memories.

(at heroes sneak in Emperor Castle)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: grab on my hand.

(Frodo Baggins and Earnur grab and reach Obi-Wan Kenobi hand)

Frodo Baggins: thank you.

Earnur: well done.

(Borormir and Pippin grab and reach hand)

Boromir: well, you good job.

Pippin: that was close one.

(2 orc help Obi-Wan Kenobi and everyone here)

Gandalf: alright we must save Eda before it's too late.

Aragorn: right here.

(heroes saw and an alarm sounds, and the cage with Eda in it rises onto towering platform in front of the crowed)

Perry Porter: well folks, Eda the owl lady has appeared on stage, which mean the petrification process is about to begin.

(Kikimora finishes rising with the cage, she walk forward and pushes a lever, making the three headed statue rise from the ground, Eda visibly looks nervous as the machine crackles to power, cut to inside of the conformatorium, where Lilith, Luz and king, Ratbag and Az-harto are passing by towering statues covered in what appear to be meaty tendril, they stop in front of a small platform.)

Lilith Clawthorne: you can take this up on stage where they're holding Edalyn.

Ratbag: you're good one Lilith.

Luz Noceda: that's good to hear [looks around] wait, why are there no guards around?

(a red tendril wrap itself around Ratbag and Lilith's legs, pulling her down)

Ratbag and Lilith Clawthorne: [scream]

Luz Noceda: Lilith! Ratbag!

Az-harto and King: [scream as he also gets taken by a tendril]

Luz Noceda King! Az-harto!

(Lilith, Ratbag and King, Az-harto are dragged up near the ceiling before supended on either side of the far wall, fires ignite below them, flanking a skull-like throne that Belos is sitting in, his staff in hand, Rogash arrive]

Rogash: it's him! he's the betray us!

Emperor Belos ah, Lilith. you chose the wrong side.

(Lilith, Ratbag and King, Az-harto are pulled upward, Luz stares in horror and tries to walks, but two arms grabs her legs)

Luz Noceda: NO!

Rogash: you fool mankind!

Emperor Belos: Rogash you have done well, and you human, like to have a word with you, human.

Luz Noceda: [glares at Belos and Rogash]

(cut to Lilith, Ratbag and King, Az-harto being forced Eda cage by two Emperor Coven member, but Ratbag punch two Emperor Coven member)

Lilith Clawthorne; what are you doing Ratbag!

Ratbag: my plan is great escape, le-

(Ratbag was hit by one Emperor coven and Az-harto get shock and angry)

Az-harto: you hurt my friend.

Lilith Clawthorne: they speak?

Az-harto: and now what, I AM OLOG-HAI!

(Az-harto break free from rope and knock out all Emperor coven member, at Shelob lair compelety glass memories)

Shelob: it's time.

(At emperor castle, Az-harto knockout 3 Emperor coven, Heroes arrive rescue Eda, Ratbag, King and Az-harto and Lilith, Gus Porter and Willow Park, three orc arrive)

Kikimora: What! how!

Bright lord orc #3: We know you hurt Eda, and we found door.

Kikimora: oh really, I am Kikimor-

(Kikimora was knock out by Bright lord orc #3)

Bright lord orc #3: what the bloody shrakh and that to easy!

(cut at Luz, Rogash and Belos)

Luz Noceda: let my friend go, or else!

Rogash: but first, fight me.

(Rogash fight Luz Noceda)

Luz Noceda: [dodge from Rogash] I give up.

Rogash: that right.

Luz Noceda: [summon portal door] here, it's yours.

Rogash: Emperor Belos was success.

(Luz walk door and pulling up)

Rogash: we have success.

Luz Noceda: no, I success.

Rogash: what?

(Rogash see fire gyphs ready to explode)

Rogash we got fail!

(Rogash throw Portal Door, portal door was explode)

Luz Noceda: don't worry Eda I will rescue.

(Luz and platform, Luz see all Emperor Coven member was knock out by heroes)

Luz Noceda: what just happened.

Gus Porter: Luz, your okay, well all Emperor coven member was knock out.

Ratbag: Ranger, you speak.

Az-harto: yes, and you call me ranger.

Ratbag: um, yes.

Az-harto: that my friends.

Eda Clawthorne: curse i'm sorry, but you still your, friend.

(Owl beast accept Eda lesson Eda become harpy, Az-harto hug Ratbag and Shelob walk and hold glass memories everyone saw)

Eda Clawthorne: I know you, you're one to taunt me.

Shelob: yes, and now, let me show you happened the truth.

(Shelob use glass memories, at Mordor, Sauron need more army)

Sauron: we need more orcs on Mordor.

Orc Commander #1: but my lord, we ne-

(Portal appears, Sauron walk and touch, walk into Owl house)

Emperor scout #1: halt, who are you.

(Sauron kill 2 Emperor coven scout, Sauron summon 2 orc, walk toward Belos)

Emperor Belos: so you know kill 2 Emperor scout.

Sauron: you create army, Philip.

(Everyone gasp, they know real name, revealed)

Emperor Belos: you know my real name, Sauron.

Sauron: our war is mine, and we make deal?

Emperor Belos: deal. [shake hand Sauron]

(Emperor Belos saw 100 Orcs, 100 Emperor coven member prepare attack)

Sauron: raise of you sword.

Emperor Belos: [raise sword] attack.

(100 Orc and 100 Emperor coven member cheers and run off, they are seen running into witch village with flaming torches)

Sauron: [voice over] no one escape of my army, war is mine of death.

(witch female #1 is seen sadding staff and beckons to her children 2 witch)

Witch female #1: Emperor coven betray us, hurry take two staff, hurry!

Witch girl #1: but mom, we can't if I got hurt.

(Witch female #1 take two staff to the children)

Witch female #1: hurry my son, you must alarm, do you understand me?

Witch boy #1: yes mama.

(Witch girl #1 start cry)

Witch girl #1: I don't want do leave, I don't want to go, mommy.

Witch female #1: my daughter, I will find you there.

(Witch female #1 glances at running witch people and see 100 orc and 100 Emperor coven member coming into the Witch village)

Witch Female #1: quickly! (two children use staff flying) go, child.

(as two children witch look back they see the village being burnt and the witch villagers being attack by orc and Emperor coven member, Sauron and Emperor Belos walk)

Sauron: today war will be mine.

(everyone gets shock)

Member #1: I can't believe it, Emperor coven lie to us.

member #2: Sauron knew real name.

Gus Porter: everyone found out truth.

Emperor Belos: so, you found out my real name.

(Emperor Belos and Rogash arrive)

Rogash: WHAT THE!

Lilith Clawthorne: in you, you the one deal Sauron.

Rogash: [laughing] you fool, I tell Morgomir on airship.

Eda: you what.

Morgomir: that right.

(Morgomir got one airship with two alternate and Mark Heathcliff, two orc and dunedain warrior see airship)

Mark Heathcliff: 3... 2... [get in catapult with two orc] 1... NOW!

(release their catapult, Morgomir hear Mark Heathcliff war cry)

Morgomir: what the?

(Mark and two orc attack Morgomir and two alternate and fall)

Mark Heathcliff: you want success? I'll give you success!

(Mark Heathcliff knock out Morgomir and two orc knockout two alternate, Obi-Wan Kenobi use force to save Mark Heathcliff and two orc, Morgomir landing orc)

Morgomir: [remove helmet emperor coven member] curse you manki-

(Morgomir see Mark Heathcliff)

Mark Heathcliff: you.

(Shelob use glass memories to see Mark Heathcliff see alternate)

alternate #1: [laugh]


(Mark Heathcliff shot alternate #1 head)

Mark Heathcliff: I survive, in you face bi-

(Morgomir stab back Mark Heathcliff back)

Mark Heathcliff: you not alternate?

Morgomir: no, I am Morgomir, welcome to your death.

(Mark Heathcliff die, Morgomir back to Lord of the ring after Morgomir stab Mark Heathcliff, Cesar Torres arrive at Cesar home)

Cesar Torres: Mark I'm home.

(Cesar Torres don't hear Mark say)

Cesar Torres [toward to Mark] Mark, it's not funn-

(Cesar Torres gets shock and see one alternate and Mark Heathcliff)

Cesar Torres: no, No, NO!

(Mark Heathcliff Remember)

Mark Heathcliff: I remember you son of the bitch!

Morgomir: Hah, now you remember me.

Mark Heathcliff: [use gun] yes! you kill me and stab me!

Morgomir: one more thing.

Mark Heathcliff: one more thing what?

Morgomir; Isengard army, Angmar army and Morgul army, alternate is here.

(Isengard army, Angmar army and Morgul army, alternate arrive)

Saruman: hello, Emperor Belos the deal with Sauron.

Witch-king: ah, Earnur the king of Gondor.

Earnur: Witch-king!

Gothmog: I know you, Talion the ranger from black gate.

Talion: Gothmog, what about you failure?

Gothmog: no, I got more army.

Mark Heathcliff: ah shit! not you alternate!

Alternate Gabriel: ah, Mark Heathcliff, I know you back from dead.

Mark Heathcliff: [shock] what, am I back from dead?

Talion: yes, I sense you get revenge.

(Hunter appeared)

Emperor Belos: ah golden guard, join us.

Hunter: [see orc and Emperor coven kill villagers witch, walk join heroes]

Emperor Belos: you pick wrong side.

Hunter: no, I join heroes!

(Hunters off cloak and mask)

Ratbag: they join our side.

Hunter: I'm not golden guard, I am hunter.

Talion: we have remember, friend! family! revenge.

(Celebrimbor walk and everyone saw Celebrimbor reveal)

Talion and Celebrimbor: Charge!

(Heroes charge at evil army)

Emperor Belos: [remove mask] Attack!

(Evil army charge at heroes, war has begun, they fight, blood, and death)

Mark Heathcliff: [shot 2 orc, one alternate] holy shit! war is everywhere!

(Mark Heathcliff hear hills-troll and Olog-hai and see 4 Hills-troll and 4 Olog-hai)

Mark Heathcliff: oh fuck me! we need archer!

Talion: archer!

(Bright lord orc archer 40 take aim at 4 hills-troll and 4 Olog-hai and they kill 4 Hills-troll and 4 Olog-hai)

Aragorn: Orc join our side?

Talion: yes, we use dominate orc.

Gimli: [hear Dunlendings and see running reach Emperor Castle] oh no not my watch.

(Dunendings was ambush by bright lord orc and Gimli)

Boromir: [kill morgul orc 4] we must survive!

(Meanwhile… deep in the ocean, near the Boiling Isles, a portal appears, and out of it comes something… massive. It causes a splash large enough to be a tsunami. Now below the ocean, the thing opens it’s 6 yellow eyes, 3 on each side. It eventually begins to swim, it’s reflection showing it’s gargantuan size. It is now circling the isles.)

Crimson: Roars

(at Emperor castle heroes and good army fight evil army, everywhere dead body)

Mark Heathcliff: [shot 2 alternate 1 uruk-hai] die you piece of shit!

(Lilith Clawthorne fighting is on battlefield, hears a roar, Rogash is there and it attacks Lilith Clawthorne, Lilith fight Rogash, Lilith Clawthorne was knock out)

Eda Clawthorne: sister!

(Crimson let’s out another roar, and while everyone was fighting, he reaches for ships of both the good and bad army and even boats that aren’t involved, completely consuming them.)

Rogash: you must die traitor!

(Aragorn save Lilith from Rogash)

Lilith Clawthorne: you save me?

Aragorn: yes, I save all.

(Aragorn fight Rogash, Mark Heathcliff see Alternate Gabriel)

Mark Heathcliff: I'm so tired of you!

Alternate Gabriel: you fool human, your get revenge Mor-

Mark Heathcliff: shut the fuck up!

alternate Gabriel: you will never kill me.

(Mark Heathcliff use gun try to kill Alternate Gabriel, but he dodge, shot airship Emperor coven)

Mark Heathcliff: oh my GOOOOD!

(Luz Noceda fight Morgomir, Luz Noceda was knock out)

Morgomir: you will never kill me human.

Luz Noceda: I am Luz!

Morgomir: you will die!

(Luz was shock, Boromir kill 5 orc, 8 Emperor Coven member)

Lurtz: die.

(Lurtz try shoot Boromir but bright lord orc #3 save Boromir)

Bright Lord orc #3: good luck Gus.

(bright lord orc #3 has been killed)

Gus Porter: [point at airship emperor coven] look!

(Airship emperor coven at into orc camp, everywhere more dead body, Ratbag and Az-Harto kill 4 Uruk-hai)

Ratbag: hey! who drive this thing?

Willow Park: [grab rock] I got idea, hey!

(Morgomir turn around at Willow Park with rock, Willow Park throw rock at Morgomir and Morgomir was hit and fall, airship Emperor coven crash landing at orc camp and all orc has been fire death, everyone saw orc camp has been destroy, heroes have won, 500 orc and 400 Emperor coven has been fall back)

Morgul orc #2: fall back you fool!

Morgul orc #3: hurry into the boat, hurry!

Gothmog: what are you doing coward!

Emperor Belos: they have fall back.

(portal appears, villains go to lord of the ring, 500 orc and 400 Emperor Coven toward boat)

Mark Heathcliff: let see to downward?

(cut to Heroes walk into downward)

Luz Noceda: so are you save Eda right?

Aragorn: yes, but war is coming.

Eda: Thanks sister, your ri-

Mark Heathcliff: WHAT THE FUCK!

(heroes see 70 bright lord orc and 60 dead body Dunlendings, Gimli and 40 bright lord orc survive)

Gimli: ah Heroes welcome back, I saw Dunlendings try to attack.

Isengard orc #1: I know Dunlending, Dunlendings serve Saruman.

(Isengard orc #1 appear)

Luz Noceda: wait how do you know?

Isengard orc #1: I saw Dunlending toward Emperor castle, but they fall back and they got survive 50.

(cut to 500 Orc and 400 Emperor Coven members reach boat and cut rope, sailing)

Morgul Orc #2: we got fail, but we got army.

(a loud thumping sound resonates throughtout the ship)

Morgul Orc #3: the bloody shrakh just happened?

(Morgul Orc #2 hear Crimson roar and see)

Morgul Orc #2: sea monster!

(500 orc and 400 emperor coven member begin attack Crimson but Crimson got strong body)

Crimson: Roars

(Crimson destroy boat 500 orc and 400 emperor coven has been killed and drowned, Crimson pull back, Witch male #1 saw, cut to Obi-Wan Kenobi use force healing to Amity Blight leg)

Obi-Wan Kenobi: how do you feel?

Amity Blight: I feel good.

Mark Heathcliff: so Morgomir was knows me right?

Talion: yes, I feel different, who-

Witch Male #1: guys! I saw Monster destroy boat!

Luz Noceda and Amity Blight: what!

Gandalf: yes, I sense Monster kill 500 orc and 400 Emperor coven member.

(cut to Akainu feel different, portal appears)

Akainu: you four.

Marine 4: yes sir.

(4 Marine toward portal and see)

Marine #1: that strange, I feel different-

(Zog use stealth kill 2 marine, Marine #1 see marine 2 was bleeding and die)

Marine #1: someone kill him.

(Marine 2 was killed by Zog)

Zog: so mankind found out, no one see different again.

(portal shut, cut to Mordor villains gather round at Sauron throne room, villains bows Sauron)

Mouth of Sauron: we have fail, Lord Sauron.

Sauron: no, war is more coming, to obey war.

To Be Continued.....