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Kim Possible is the protagonist of Disney's 2002-2007 animated television program of the same name. Kim is a high school student and freelance troubleshooter. She is unusual in this field in that she has no secret identity.


Kim is a confident, brave, and sharp teenager whose awareness of her own abilities is reflected well by her motto, "I can do anything". Her typical state of mind is to be bright, positive, and cheerful and she has a kind and caring heart that compels her to help others and to put their well-being above her own, although she can be arrogant at times, and can be jealous when people appear to do things better than she herself can.

Her competitive nature and drive for perfection, as well as some of her insecurities, are consistent with a Type A personality. They also lead her to set high standards for herself, and sometimes give her a tendency to be bossy and to set standards for others that are too high - as was evident when she attempted to coach her brothers' soccer team - or to try and do things herself in order to save others from potential failure or harm.

Despite being a freelance hero, she is still a teenage girl and is susceptible to most normal teenage insecurities and growing pains. She gets embarrassed by her parents, is pouty when she doesn't get her way and has a strong desire to fit in with society, the latter trait of which is often one of her biggest weaknesses. Kim's personality traits were most clearly demonstrated when her school was hit by a fictional personality guide fad known as animology, under which she is classified as being a blue fox: a born leader who can't resist a challenge, is driven to excel, and who is a perfectionist. This is never more clear than during the career fair at her school, when Kim was drawn toward international diplomacy: a job she knew was a demanding, extroverted field.

Kim has a tendency to be worried about - and be frequently fooled by - appearances. As such, she is often overly concerned about her image and the way in which others see her, sometimes even going so far as to extend these anxieties to others (primarily Ron Stoppable ) even though they do not necessarily feel the same way. Owing to this element of her personality, Kim has a tendency to succumb to peer pressure, something she never really manages to overcome until the very end of the third season and she is often unable to see beyond first appearances and impressions or deeper than other peoples' defense mechanisms. Her inability to see the bigger picture in this field has led to several setbacks.

This is the element of her personality which appears to form the foundations of much of Kim's rivalry with Bonnie, who is similarly competitive and concerned about appearances, and it is often through this rivalry that we see the less-desirable elements of Kim's competitive nature in play, including incidents when she has engaged in tit-for-tat revenge or one-upmanship and when she has competed purely because she doesn't want Bonnie to succeed.

Due to her Type A personality, she also has a strong tendency to become frustrated, impatient or insecure when faced with a field in which she does not instantly excel. This tendency has been displayed several times throughout the franchise, usually in conjunction with an episode subplot or McGuffin revolving around her social life and is often made more notable by the fact that these fields are ones in which either the often-inept Ron or the immature Tweebs excel. Examples of such fields such as cooking, video games, car mechanics and the duties required of her when she worked at Bueno Nacho during Season 1.

In addition to the recurring problems caused by her competitive personality and her weakness in the face of peer pressure, Kim has also demonstrated many of the weaknesses that have become cliché to teen high school comedy and drama, most of which have been highlighted in individual episodes, but aren't evident across the franchise as a whole. Such clichés include trapping herself in a position in which she tells an escalating series of lies in order to cover up a much smaller lie, attempting to sabotage an opponent's campaign during a school election, and allowing herself to be baited into angry or unwise courses of action by a rival.

In the pilot episode "Crush", Kim was rendered incapable of coherent speech in the presence of Josh Mankey, her first confirmed love interest. Although a take-charge person as she is in the other areas of her life, when faced with asking Josh on a date, Kim was at a complete loss for what to do.

Kim lives to please, as she confirmed herself in the episode "Queen Bebe". When Ron asks her why she doesn't "just say no" to a request for help, she replies that she's "just not programmed that way." This accounts for why she finds herself unable to refuse a date with Brick Flagg in "All the News" since she agrees to do it so that Brick won't be so depressed that he'll blow the football game.

Although Kim is generally reasonably mature in the usual give-and-take with her parents over what she can and can't do (how late she can stay out, even if it is on a mission saving the world, if she can get a loan to buy new clothes or must instead get an after-school job, etc.), if she really, really wants something it looks like she won't be able to get, she has a "puppy-dog pout" that has been seen several times during the show. It becomes a running gag and the pout has even been used against her by others at times.

Physical appearance

Kim is tall, slender, and very strong. She has large green eyes and long thick fiery red hair which came down to her shoulders, and when seen from behind is shaped as a heart. She wore her hair in pigtails when she was in Pre-K, and as a preteen, she wore it in one long ponytail and had braces on her teeth. She is most iconic in her short black top which exposes her stomach, her midriff to her belly button and jeans.

The Ratchet and Kim Possible Chronicles

In a fanfic crossover written by Fanfictiondreamer , Kim Possible was called in by her dad to retrieve a space station that he was secretly working on. The space station had been stolen by her archenemies, Dr. Drakken and Shego, so she made it her priority to go up into space to return it from them. She and Ron left in the same space shuttle she used to retrieve Ron when he was launched into space. Much to their surprise, the shuttle, as well as the space station, was able to arrive within another galaxy, much less within 2 hours. Upon their arrival, Drakken attempted to obliterate them. When they were about to be destroyed by one of his deathtraps, Ratchet, who had been watching the space station since its arrival in his galaxy, flew in and saved the duo. He then led them towards the cruiser that he and his friend, Clank, were bunking in.

As they came face to face with Ratchet, they discovered that he had been watching them and the space station for several hours. From there, Kim told Ratchet everything that had happened and what they know. After a brief introduction, Ratchet decided to help her retrieve her dad's space station. During the work, Kim and Ratchet became close with each other and started developing feelings for one another for different reasons. After Drakken and Shego made an attempt to throw a monkey wrench into Kim's mission by stealing her dad's space shuttle, Kim and Ratchet decided to help each other out with their missions.

During their time together, Kim and Ratchet got to know each other and became closer to one another, from helping each other out with their missions to just helping each other out for their own personal reasons. Although they did clearly care about each other, both of them were oblivious to the fact that they had feelings for each other until Ron and Clank reminded them. From there, Kim and Ratchet realized that they did have feelings for each other and even shared their first kissed.

Continuing on after the First Mission

After their first mission, Kim and Ratchet remained in touch with each other and talked with one another a lot but never reunited in person for an entire year. However, during that one year period, they both developed a fear of their relationship causing other humans to ridicule and snub Kim for being in love with an alien, or even someone who isn't the same species as her so they decided to end their intimate relationship and remained friends. A little afterwards, Kim began dating her best friend, Ron, much to his joy, but deep down, he held in some sadness for Kim ending her relationship with Ratchet. Upon Kim announcing to Ratchet that she and Ron are dating, Ratchet tried to remain overjoyed from this, but Clank knew that he was hiding his sadness behind his fake jubilance.

When Ratchet was sent out to save the Solana Galaxy from Dr. Nefarious , Kim jumped in to help him out as a way of repaying him for what he did for her during their previous mission. Throughout the entire adventure, Kim supported Ratchet through and through, whether it was facing off against Nefarious' forces with him or just helping out with some other issues. Several times, Kim would even go as far and to berate, call off or even lash out at anyone who has mistreated or belittled Ratchet, such as Qwark , which was a clear indication that she really does care about him.

At one point, Ron tried to convince Kim to not be afraid of having feelings for Ratchet, but Kim remained certain that she had to close off those feelings and even went as far as to pretend that Ratchet was over her, but she was wrong.

The Polaris Trek

After she and Ron graduated from high school, Kim became a bit overwhelmed when Ron was acting childish. As a way to get away from that annoyance for a bit, Kim spent some time with Ratchet and Clank. During that time, they were attacked by a mysteries new enemy known as Tachyon, a Cragmite who, for some reason, knew about Ratchet's race, the Lombaxes. When he attempted to kill Ratchet, Kim stayed by her friend and fought Tachyon's forces alongside Ratchet and Clank. Before Tachyon got the chance to kill Ratchet, Kim escaped from Tachyon with Ratchet and Clank and the trio ended up in the Polaris Galaxy, which their new enemy had ruled over for many years.

Along their journey, they discovered that there could have been a weapon that the Lombaxes, Ratchet's race, built that wiped out the Cragmites, Tachyon's race. During this journey, they met a young woman named Talwyn and her robot friends, Cronk and Zephyr. Talwyn then revealed that her father, an explorer named Max Apogee, had also been searching for and trying to find out what this supposed weapon, the Lombax Secret, could be. They decided to work with Talwyn, Cronk and Zephyr to find this weapon. Kim and Ratchet continued supporting each other as well as display some feelings of compassion and sympathy for what they were going through. Kim promised to always support him and help him out through his epidemic no matter what. They showed that they still loved each other and almost kissed but then broke that off and continued their journey.

During the trek within Polaris, they discovered that the Lombax secret is a helmet-like device known as the Dimensionator, which the Lombaxes used to somehow defeat the Cragmites and end the bitter war that they had with the vicious race. So they set out to find it, to which they found out that it was not a weapon but a device that opened rifts between dimensions and the Lombaxes used it to banish the Cragmites into another dimension.

When they discovered that there was a possibility that Ratchet could be able to reunite with his race, Kim saw a change in him that caused him to berate his friends and lash out at them if they were to so much as convince him to reconsider. At one point, Clank mentioned to them about the Zoni , strange creatures that only he could see, warning them that the device could be dangerous. Kim took Clank's claims into consideration, including the belief that the Zoni are real, but Ratchet didn't and even went as far as to call off these claims as wild speculations that he didn't want to believe. They were able to find the Dimensionator but it eventually fell into the hands of Tachyon, which he then used it to bring back his race. After the pandemic, Ratchet lamented about his previous behavior and went on to apologize to his friends for how he was towards them.

Kim continued to help Ratchet fight off the Cragmites. Upon reaching Tachyon, after he mentioned to the group that he was disgusted with the Lombaxes for what they did to his race despite the fact that they raised him, Kim berated him and called him off for his actions and his belligerent behavior, which called him to lash out at her.

They then took the fight to Tachyon where he gave Ratchet the chance to reunite with his race; something that he had always wanted to do for a long time. However, Ratchet declined the offer and chose to stay with his friends, much to their joy. Ratchet then fought alongside his friends against Tachyon and managed to defeat him. After overthrowing the Cragmite tyrant, they celebrated their victory, but the celebration was cut short when Clank was taken by mysterious creatures known as the Zoni. Shortly afterwards, Kim went over to Ratchet to comfort him.

The Start of the Breegus Journey

More than a year later, Kim and Ron began suffering some unusual physical conditions. Kim suffered from on and off headaches and dizzy spells and Ron suffered from ongoing stomach pains. With some help from Wade, they were able to find out that the headaches and stomachaches were somehow connected to unusual time anomalies that have been taking place within the Polaris Galaxy. Wade traced the source of those anomalies to somewhere within the Breegus System of the Polaris Galaxy. So, they set off to that system of the galaxy to investigate.

Along the way, Kim ran into Ratchet and Qwark on the planet Quantos after they crash landed due to a shockwave caused by an unusual anomaly. Ratchet was still looking for Clank and Qwark tagged along for...reasons. Afterwards, the she decided to stay with them as she continued on their way through the jungles.

Along the way, they had some time to chat and catch up, however, they found some parts of the area being affected by blue auras that made these different areas seem as though they were frozen in time. When Kim got close to it, she suffered an unusual dizzy spell, which Ratchet obviously became concerned for. She then explained to Ratchet, along with Wade, about what has been happening to her and Ron and why she was out on another mission despite her headaches and dizzy spells. She seemed more worried about Ron as he hadn't eaten anything in days, then there was something else important that she wanted to say, but then brushed it aside and told Ratchet to forget about it, which also concerned him.

When Ratchet, Kim and Qwark encountered a Fongoid family in distress, Ratchet and Kim rushed out to help them. Along the way, Kim got near another of these blue auras, to which she underwent another dizzy spell, but was helped out of it by Ratchet. The Fongoid family then led the trio into their village where their chief, Alpheus, led them to a temple where a mysterious artifact known as the Zoni vessel was contained. Ratchet went in by himself to retrieve a vessel that will enable him to collect lost Zoni. While he was inside the temple, Kim inexplicably collapsed, causing Ratchet to rush out to help her after retrieving the vessel. As he tended to her, Kim blurted out the phrase "Tempus Simia" for unknown reasons. After she came to, everyone left the temple.

Immediately after exiting, they spotted a massive warship to which the Fongoids mentioned belonged to an alien entity named Flint Vorselon. He immediately introduced himself to the group in the person, calling Kim a "little girl" as a means of belittling her. He also reveals that he had been working with Dr. Nefarious, someone that they had not seen in years, and was looking for some kind of clock. He then captured Qwark and almost all of the villagers with Kim, Ratchet and Alpheus being the only ones to have escaped. They returned to where Aphelion was and had the Zoni repair the ship. Kim and Ratchet boarded their ship and took off to chase after Vorselon.

The duo was able to break into Vorselon's ship and free Qwark and the Fongoids. However, along the way, they found that Vorselon, for some reason, kept mistaking Ratchet for a rebel named Alister Azimuth. This prompted Kim to suspect that Azimuth could be a Lombax. Vorselon's bioscan was able to confirm this as he kept mistaking Ratchet for Azimuth. They faced off against Vorselon and escaped his ship. They then called Wade to inform him about Azimuth and the fact that he's a Lombax. Wade's scanners were able to cement this fact even more and found that he is on a planet named Torren IV within the Vela Sector.

They arrived within the Vela Sector where they made their way towards Torren IV. Shortly after they landed, they got near another anomaly where Kim suffered a massive headache. Ratchet contacted Wade and briefly conversed with each other before Ratchet mentioned that Kim blurted out "Tempus Simia" when they were back at the temple. When Kim recovered from her headache, the the duo continued on their way with Ratchet promising that he would continue to look after Kim.

They were informed by someone from an alien race known as the Vullard to find a place known as Volgram Pass where an exile named Alister Azimuth was to be found. They soon received a transmission from Qwark that the Fongoids plan to send him out to see the Agorians, an aggressive race, as they may have some intel regarding Nefarious. Both Kim and Ratchet knew that this was a bad idea bust suspected that the Fongoids just wanted to get rid of Qwark.

Finding Alister Azimuth

They made their way through a place known as the Hollow and eventually found themselves in Volgram Pass. They were able to find Azimuth who, at first, thought that they were a pair of assassins sent to kill him. After Azimuth got a closer look at Ratchet, he let his guard down and became more docile towards them. Although, he was much less friendly towards Kim as he looked down at her for being a human. He went on to tell them that he believes Clank's in the Great Clock, a powerful device that he believed could turn back time. He witnessed a few other incidences involving Kim, such as her receiving another headache from the time anomalies, watching her talk to Wade, to which she introduced him to Azimuth, watching Wade install the Hover Boots function into her Centurian Armor then watch her practice them along with Ratchet and witnessing as she collapsed from another massive headache while Ratchet tended to her. When Kim collapsed again, Ratchet conversed with Wade, who informed Ratchet that the Tempus Simia had something to do with time. Kim then abruptly shouted "Time Monkey" after instantaneously waking up.

Despite not being in good terms with Azimuth for belittling her constantly, Kim was willing to work with him as a way of helping Ratchet out with finding Clank. She and Ratchet first worked with him on the planet Terachnos, where they broke into a facility known as Pollyx Industries, a company that sold their services to Dr. Nefarious in helping him with seeking out Zoni technology. Within the facility, they found the location of a powerful telescope known as the Obsidian Eye, to which Ratchet found on when he was on Merdegraw. The Obsidian Eye that they were able to locate was in a place known as Krell Canyon on the planet Lumos. They soon met with Dr. Nefarious via transmitter who sent out a massive robot known as the VX-99 to destroy the group. They were able to destroy the massive robot, but not before Kim fainted from another massive headache. Ratchet placed Kim into the ship with him and they left for their next destination within the Korthos sector.

When Ratchet was talking to Wade about the possibility that Kim and Ron traveled through time, Kim blurted something about Drakken and Shego, to which Ratchet suspected that they had something to do with Kim and Ron's bizarre trip through time. As soon as the duo arrived within the Korthos sector, they were ambushed by fierce robot fighter pilots known as the Valkyries who were sent by Dr. Nefarious to annihilate them. Kim came to just in time for her to help out Ratchet against them. They managed to destroy one of the leaders, Libra, and made their way to the planet.

Upon landing, they immediately met with Azimuth, to which he made a few mean jokes to Kim. One such joke involved the Tetramites, hundreds of tiny bugs that can eat anything, to which he asked Kim to give out a "brief demonstration" of that, which was something that Kim and Ratchet didn't find funny. Another involved Azimuth asking Ratchet to shoot some of the Breegus Worm root nectar at Kim, which is a sugary nectar that the Tetramites couldn't resist, with Kim throwing the joke back at him by saying that "he needed the nectar more than she does". When Kim marveled at the Obsidian Eye while saying that she had never seen a telescope so advance, Azimuth proceeded to comment on humans being "too primitive" to understand such advanced technology, to which Kim took as a personal insult.

The constant insults and belittlement is pretty much their whole dynamic as he really doesn't like Kim very much and always looks down on her just for being a human. He even displays some distastefulness towards her relationship with Ratchet, almost to the point where he finds it revolting. Sometimes, he would blame her for whenever things go bad or don't always go his way, even at times when it clearly wasn't. Ratchet always seemed very uneasy and displeased on how Azimuth treats her, sometimes to the point where he would side with Kim, even defend her or talk back at him for what he to her or about her. Although very rarely does he express any praise towards her, but even when he does, he brushes it off and goes back to putting her down. He would even claim that she just hold back him and Ratchet during their quest to find the clock, even though she's just as capable of keeping up with them and so much more.

However, despite Azimuth's constant insults and belittlement towards Kim, she is willing to work with him and she does care very much about him, mainly because he means a great deal to Ratchet as he is another Lombax. She even displays anger towards anyone who would hurt or threaten him just as much as Ratchet does. When Azimuth was held prisoner on Vorselon's ship and mentioned in a horrible way that he planned to kill him, she called Vorselon off as being despicable. She also unanimously agreed with Ratchet to head over to his ship to rescue Azimuth despite his pleading to them to just leave him. Although at the very end, when Azimuth tried to kill her and Ratchet, she vividly displayed some anger towards him and beat him down, with this being her breaking point with him.

When Azimuth told the duo about his shameful past after being pressured by Kim and Ratchet to do so, they found out that Azimuth wanted to find the clock to go back in time and fix his mistake. Kim tried to tell him that using the clock to travel back in time may be risky, Azimuth lashed out at her, claiming that she's just holding them back and he never want her anywhere near Ratchet if she "continued" to do so, to which Kim agreed to help them reach the clock and possibly travel through time if it's doable but then tell him to promise not to attempt it if it really is too dangerous, with Azimuth sort of agreeing. Ratchet, however, agreed with Kim over the possibility that what Azimuth wanted to do was dangerous and told her that he had been talking about this with Wade.

They were eventually able to come in contact with Clank and also found Rufus with him, much to their relief. Clank then told them that they need to head for Nefarious' base on the planet Zanifar, to which Nefarious had not been to in 2 years. From there, Clank proceeded to open a time portal for them so that they can go back 2 years in the past and rescue Orvus . Kim and Ratchet left the planet after splitting from Azimuth. As they flew through space, Azimuth told them that there's a possibility that their current present will be erased after they used the clock, which could also mean that Ratchet would have never met Clank or Kim. Ratchet seemed uncertain, but was willing to accept if he can or can't use the clock to fix the past.

Occurrences of the Past and Present

They came in contact with Wade again. When he last spoke with Ratchet, Ron was screaming from his stomach pains intensifying. He then revealed to them that he been throwing up a lot which was very unusual because Ron hadn't eaten anything in days. From what Ratchet discussed with Wade, he seemed to have understood how it was possible. He was about to explain it to Kim but then they received another transmission from Qwark, calling them for help after a little white lie led him into some trouble with the Agorians. The duo made their way to his location to try bailing him out of another mess.

They arrived at the Agorian Battleplex and were surprised to meet with Lilo and Stitch for the first time in a while. They then made their way into the arena to fight through one challenge after another until found Qwark. They fought in a 4-man tag team with him and Stitch all the way to the War Grok where Qwark decided to spare the War Grok after the group fought and subdued it almost completely. His courage touched the Agorians and they decided to allow the War Grok to live. Despite being weirded out by what happened, Kim, Ratchet and Stitch were impressed by Qwark's rare feat of courage.

They returned to the lobby where Lilo was waiting for them and Kim and Ratchet left the Battleplex to make their way towards Zanifar. Along the way, Wade transmitted to them. They also had the chance to see to speak with Ron for the first time during the mission. He looked very ill and was feeling much worse but then cheered up a bit after they told him that they managed to find Rufus. They also spoke with Dr. Possible and his wife but then left when Wade told them that he needed to chat with Ratchet and Kim in private. Ron was heard throwing up a few times. Wade informed the duo that he found traces of ingredients within what Ron threw up that were similar to Meat Cakes. From there, Ratchet proceeded to tell Kim that he and Wade believes that she and Ron traveled through time at one point. They were interrupted by Azimuth who told them that Vorselon had just entered the sector and that he will keep him busy while the duo continue on towards Zanifar.

Upon their arrival, Kim was disturbed towards the area around them. They made their way through the frozen landscape and the horrible base. In the middle of the entire area, they noticed several Fongoids encased in a ranch-like area. One of them informed them of the security control within the security tower would shut off the area's defenses, so they made their way towards that tower as fast as they could. Kim was more and more upset about how the area looked, prompting her to want to fight through and save the Fongoids, but also noticed that something about the place didn't seem at all right.

They were able to make it to the security tower and shut down the functions, setting the Fongoids free as well as revealing the time portal that Clank opened up for them. They made their way in after Wade informed them that they might not be able to communicate with him as soon as they traveled to the past. Soon after they stepped through the time portal, Kim received another dizzy spell. After it dissipated, she told Ratchet that she felt as through she caught a brief glimpse of seeing her younger self as though she was right there with her. From there, Kim truly believed that she did travel through time.

When they arrived within the past, they found that the area was significantly different than what it will appear within the next 2 years. They also found that it was already starting to be controlled by Nefarious as he brainwashed the Fongoids into expressing praise as well as building his base. When they found that Orvus was in the main tower with Nefarious, they knew that they had to act fast, so they utilized what they could do in both the past and the present to reach them. When they did, they already found Nefarious interrogating Orvus about The Chamber, but when Orvus refused to talk, Nefarious tormented him until he disappeared. However, they found an image of Clank within his memory banks. Ratchet's response blew their cover and the duo was forced to retreat while changing one tiny detail about the past by damaging Nefarious' face with a hand bomb, thereby causing the image to appear on his face.

Returning to the present, Ratchet lamented on the thought of never being able to bring his parents back. Kim seemed concerned about it and attempted to tend to him, but he abruptly mentioned that he's willing to accept whether or not he could and mentioned that he was glad that she would never fade out of his life, which she seemed happy to hear.

Finding Clank and Stopping Nefarious

After she and Ratchet rescued Azimuth from Vorselon, they made their way to the Bernilius Sector where they caught wind of Clank being on a planet known as Vapedia, the homeworld of the Valkyries. They headed towards the planet and fought against Carina before they were able to land. Upon landing on one of the floating islands, they fought their way through the Valkyries and a few of their death traps to get to where Cassiopeia, the leader of the Valkyries, was holding Clank and planned to kill all 3 of them. They were able to defeat her and Ratchet had his long awaited reunion with Clank for the first time in an entire year, to which Kim was also able to reunite with Clank.

A little afterwards, they met back at where they landed their ships along with Azimuth where they made their plan to ensure that Nefarious will not misuse the clock to which Azimuth mentions that the Lombax Praetorian Guard will keep it share as soon as he makes the past "right again", with Kim being annoyed about him mentioning it. Clank then went on to tell him that the clock can't be used how Azimuth intended to, with Kim agreeing with Clank. Azimuth became annoyed by the 2 but then Kim reminded him that he made a promise, to which he clearly never intended on keeping. Ratchet, however, agreed with his friends and planned to go after Nefarious. Azimuth left after blaming the humans for Ratchet being the way his is. Ratchet seemed dismayed by Azimuth departure but Kim felt that it was better for him to leave them.

As they were flying through space, Kim and Ratchet spoke with Ron and Wade again with Clank being able to speak to them for the first time more than an entire year. Ron was overjoyed to see Clank and greatly overjoyed to see Rufus. Kim, Ratch and Wade went on to tell Ron, Clank and Rufus about what they found out involving Kim's headaches and Ron's stomachaches. They told them about the time anomalies being the cause of each other their conditions because they have traveled through time before. Kim lamented on how she had some very sad memories of what occurred during that epidemic with Ron talking about what he used to eat and being angry about something happening to Bueno Nacho. Clank then realized that the Great Clock being damaged and caused the strange time anomalies were what caused Kim and Ron to have their conditions, to which he seemed very apologetic towards. Kim, however, didn't believe that Clank caused their conditions. Both Wade and Ron ended their conversation with Ron reminding Kim that she knew what she had to do now that she's with Ratchet. Kim was about to do that, but Ratchet held her back from mentioning anything about it as they needed to focus on stopping Nefarious.

They received a call from Qwark, telling them that he was able to find a way into Nefarious' lair and to meet him on an asteroid just outside his base.

As soon as they arrived, they started looking for Qwark. They eventually found him in his nurse's disguise, which was disturbing to look at but she has seen Mr. Barken wear something worse. Qwark was able inform them of his "brilliant" plan as they weren't very impressed by it and were still put off by his nurse disguise.

Surprisingly, they were able to break into the space station and things didn't exactly go as planned, which wasn't much of a surprise to Kim. They ended up fighting through the base all the way to the vent where Clank was able to scan Nefarious. With that, Clank scanned Nefarious for the holo-guise. However, it wasn't working, however, Wade was able to form a very realistic image of Nefarious, from which Qwark thought was the real one.

The group made their way to the control room with the use of the hologram. From there, they trashed the entire control room. The group was encased in the room but with Wade's help, they were able to escape. However, they were cornered by Nefarious and his henchmen. He revealed to them his plan to use the Great Clock to turn back time and create a new reality where the villains always win. Both Kim and Ratchet believed his plan to be a terrible one and intended to stop him. They tried to escape but due to Qwark's stupidity, it didn't work out. Kim was cuffed beside Qwark and witnessed in terror as Ratchet and Clank were strapped to an asteroid and flung out of the base.