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Margrave Juro was a human male Jedi who ruled the Outer Rim Territories planet Hy Izlan. Seeking to revive the Jedi Order after it had been absent for a long time, Juro sent out a message summoning masterless Jedi to Hy Izlan, where he hoped to supply them with lightsabers crafted by the legendary sabersmith Lah Zhima. However, Juro became aware that Sith were beginning to take out the Jedi he had contacted and come disguised in their place. Thus, he remained hidden inside of a droid suit until his enemies revealed themselves when Lah Zhima's daughter, Lah Kara, finally delivered the lightsabers. Together with Kara and Ethan, Juro dueled and slew five of the other six warriors, save for Homen, who he appealed to and allowed to come back to the light.

Crossover War Heroes Series

Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors

Juro appeared as one of Yuinshiel Asteria's allies. He first honored and befriended Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build and the gang with the help of Daiji Igarashi and the Fenix Scientists. He was having discussion and meeting with heroes that he is the grandfather of Mana Nagase and father of Kotaro Minami.

Allies and enemies


  • Juro's voice actor, Tetsuo Kanao, who previously played Evolt from the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • Juro was played by Tetsuo Kano in his second heroic role.