Indiana Jones

Name: Indiana Jones

Race: Human

Group: Children of the Autobots

Likes: Adventure and archaeology

Dislikes: Being called "Junior"

Biggest strength: A tie for courage, knowledge, and cleverness

Biggest weakness: He can be just a little too trusting at one time or another. He also really really does not like snakes.

Occupation: Keeper of the historical archives of the Children of the Autobots; head historian of the Children of the Autobots

Quote: "X never marks the spot."

Played by: Harrison Ford

A dashing, ruggedly handsome professor of archaeology, Indy is renowned for his daring feats that involved finding the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, rescuing children from a terrible cult, and defeating Nazis. Being named after his father, his real name is Henry Jones Junior. But address Indy as "Junior", and you're likely to just piss him off.

Indy never goes anywhere without his whip, which has served him well as a both a tool and a weapon. With his knowledge of history and geography, he just might know of some things that could really come in handy for defeating the threat to the Multi-Universe.


  • Sharp Strike - Indy deals a sharp blow from his whip to an enemy
  • Sharp Strike Multiple - Indy deals many sharp blows from his whip to an enemy
  • Pistol - Indy uses a pistol to shoot an enemy