Hinako Shiizaki (椎崎 雛子, Hinako Shiizaki?) is a crew member of <Fraxinus>, a ship located 15,000 meters above Tenguu City. She holds the title “Nail Knocker”. As a member of the Fraxinus crew, Shiizaki helps vote for the decisions that Shido makes when he confronts a Spirit. According to Kotori, she is a person who brings misfortune to her love rivals. Besides Reine, Shiizaki is usually the person who informs Kotori with updates about miscellaneous things like contact with headquarters.

Shiizaki has long black hair that reaches beyond her shoulders. Her frontal bangs also cover the majority of her forehead and eyes. While onboard <Fraxinus>, Shiizaki dresses in formal attire. She usually keeps a straw voodoo doll on her person at all times. Despite her seemingly rather creepy appearance, Shiizaki is actually quite nice. Often politely greeting people and she even told Shido to stay healthy after he had to undergo various medical checkups after the events in Volume 12. Despite being a member of <Fraxinus> crew, even she has her limits towards the perverted antics of the male members of the crew. She tells Minowa that they should examine all male crew members after their commentary during the Yamai sisters’ date with Shido.