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Hibiki Tachibana
Hibiki Tachibana
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Arrival to Earth
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"We won't kill you, since we would only knock you down unconscious like your men…hopefully by then you will learn the meaning of true hope is…"
— Hibiki Tachibana

Hibiki Tachibana is the main heroine in Senki Zesshou Symphogear series. Hibiki is a schoolgirl who attends the same school as Tsubasa.

Her theme song


Hibiki has dark orange eyes with short cream colored hair fastened with two red clips on either side of her head. She is most often see wearing the uniform of Lydian Music Academy.

Hibiki has a scar on her chest in the shape of a 'forte' from when Kanade's Gungnir fragment pierced her chest on the day of the Zwei Wing Concert.


Hibiki is a kindhearted cheery person though a bit aloof sometimes. Her hobby is helping others and she has a liking to a lot of food.

Crossover War Heroes Series

Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors

Hibiki Tachibana made a debut as one of Yuinshiel Asteria's followers. Hibiki takes a responsibility to look after Symphogear Heroines and their friends to do a regular training. So that, she and the heroes must be prepared to fight against Gunther Prozen and his wicked men.

After the deaths of Kain and Thornheart, she and the Symphogear heroines' friends visited the people of Mars for the first time, believeing that they become friendly rivals.

During the meeting, she and the rest of Symphogear heroines' friends met Leo Conrad and Sally Land for the first time. She and the heroes decieded to talk with Leo and Sally that they can be prepared before the war started.  After the people of Tekkadan had left Mars, she and her friends were visited by Leo Conrad and Sally Land for the first time.  When Tekkadan met Transylvanian Business, she and the Symphogear heroines' friends started their training; while Leo Conrad and Sally Land decided to look after the first form Lion-themed Zoid, Wild Liger. When the training is finished, she and her friends started their first war to combat the Judgement 6. After a long warfare, she and her friends destroyed the Judgement 6 for good. Following the victory of our heroes, Hibiki and her friends reported to Yuinshiel Asteria and her followers that the heroic martial artists and many innocent heroes were recently saved. She and her friends had visited Rona Tsunomori for the first time. After that, she was greeted by Kuroto Dan and Knight Unryuji to have a happy Ketogenic Dinner time in the Dinning Hall.

In the next morning she and the Symphogear heroines attended the Speech ceremony done by Lady Yuinshiel Asteria. However, she has noticed that Luigi Latorre and his friends had gone abroad.

Allies, Neutral, and Enemies

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  • She's never had a boyfriend in her life.
  • She shares the same given name as Hibiki Hojo from a anime series called Suite Pretty Cure♪ which has the same theme as music. She is also the main character like Hibiki, but she is the youngest member of the group as Ako Shirabe.Her theme colour and Ako's theme is orange and both have orange eyes and orange hair in their human form.
  • She is a big fan of Kazanari Tsubasa and Amou Kanade.
  • She was born September 13 making her zodiac sign a Virgo.
  • In a flashback in the second season, it is revealed that she lived with her mother and grandmother.
  • In Hibiki's flashback in Season 2, Episode 2, her house is covered with messages possibly stuck on by the public/neighbours. The messages translates as death threats and orders to 'go away and never come back'. These threats are due to the fact that Hibiki was the sole survivor of the Noise attack during Tsubasa and Kanade's concert.
  • Hibiki could touch the Noise in human form just before she used Gungnir due to her being fused with the Relic.
  • To hold the relic Gungnir use causes a massive dissemination of the same fragments in the body of Hibiki.
  • Even in her berserk mode, Hibiki can be stopped by other users, as was shown in Season 2, Episode 6
  • Hibiki's transformation translates as "Desire to see fire beneath Ascended Gungnir". Interesting that in episode 6, Hibiki become faired when the Gungnir pieces came closer to her heart.
  • Hibiki's battle song genre is Celtic music.
  • In episode 11 of the second season, it was confirmed that Hibiki's age is 16. Also the season present is winter, the year being 2012. According to this, Hibiki was born in September 13, 1996.
  • Maria's Gungnir can respond to Hibiki's call.
  • Her going into a berserker state in the first and second seasons is similar to what happened to Naruto Uzumaki when he drew on too much of the Nine-Tailed Fox's power. If she felt stressed, she would start entering that state, and if it was allowed to progress too far, she became a threat to everyone around her.

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