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Henry Stickmin is the titular main protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series. A kleptomaniac, Henry started out as an insignificant thief out to make some quick cash. After his escape from West Mesa Penitentiary, Henry's life quickly changes, and he becomes somewhat of a well-known criminal after his successful theft of the Tunisian Diamond. He is then approached by General Hubert Galeforce and pilot Charles Calvin of The Government, who offer to drop all charges against Henry if he helps them take down the notorious Toppat Clan.

Sometime later, Henry is imprisoned in The Wall complex until he manages to escape/flee, either by himself, with a fellow prisoner, Ellie Rose or with assistance from either the Toppat Clan or Charles. After escaping from The Wall, Henry is tasked with a new objective; to defeat or help (depends on his choices) the Toppat Clan, who plan to taking themselves and their gems on a space station by rocket, and never be found, free to invade any place on Earth with ease without worry of governments trying to bring them down.


Henry Stickmin was an individual who struggled with extensive debt problems and led a difficult life. To solve his financial problems, Henry turned to committing crimes.


Henry is a majorly lucky, yet equally unlucky person. He frequently makes silly and outright mindless decisions, which is usually what leads to his many incarcerations. He sees himself to be legendary and commonly acts in a grandiose manner, but this cocky behaviour is usually what causes whatever mission he is on to result in often humorous failures. He is remarkably greedy, constantly in pursuit of valuable items such as various large gemstones, miscellaneous precious items stolen by the Toppats, or simply just cold-hard cash - which causes him to get in trouble more often than not. His combat techniques reflect his reckless nature.

Depending on the path chosen by the player, Henry can also be seen selflessly helping others out. Henry can choose to free Dave Panpa from the Toppats' captivity, a guard who is, ironically, guilty of his prison outbreak. He can assist his cellmate, Ellie Rose, in their escape from the Wall. He can also agree to Charles Calvin's dangerous mission proposal in order to take down the Toppats for good, despite not having anything to directly gain from it. These scenarios make for solid evidence showing that as arrogant as Henry may be, he does genuinely care about other people and/or his friends and isn't entirely out for himself.

Henry is a mostly silent protagonist, often letting his actions speak for him. On several occasions, he lets out a word or two (such as the grenade belt in Escaping the Prison, and the branch fail in Stealing the Diamond). In Completing the Mission, Henry is considerably more vocal than in previous instillments. He can be heard detailing a plan to Charles, asking a Toppat security guard to raise a barrier, and reacting to misplacing the Leafmöde in a fail, as well as speaking nearly a full sentence to Ellie during a fail scenario.

Henry's primary trait is his selfish greed. He is first seen attempting to rob a bank in the first game. His persistence was rewarded with a jail sentence, yet it becomes very obvious too that being jailed for the failed robbery did not make any difference and he immediately chases after a nearby bank truck in the Lawyered Up ending of Escaping the Prison once acquitted.

Even after being arrested and having to escape, it is clear he learned little, with his eyes turning into dollar signs upon seeing the Tunisian Diamond on the news and immediately preparing to steal it. In spite of this, he knew where to draw the line in his greed, since he willingly abandons the diamond in order to save himself. He is also completely willing to commit murder to further his agenda, as he willingly drops the diamond on a guard's head with no hesitation.

He is even offered a full pardon by the Federal Government if he fulfilled their request, yet his lack of self-control over his greed proves to be too great. Upon seeing the Toppat Clan's gigantic Romanian Ruby they stole, he promptly abandons his mission and steals the ruby. Power-hungry and quite opportunistic, he has the option to betray the feds and take over the Toppat Clan when he catches Reginald Copperbottom, who surrenders the airship to him after Henry defeated the Right Hand Man.

Captured once again at The Wall complex, he sets out to escape once again. He has the option of escaping with a fellow convict named Ellie Rose and for the seemingly first time, having a true friend that helps him all the way. That being said, in order to escape, he ends up freeing every prisoner and uses the riot to escape, not caring about what consequences those actions warrant. He also has the option to simply abandon Ellie and go on his own, perfectly illustrating his willingness to use or expend anyone should it benefit him.

Henry, despite everything, does care about other people if they are on his side. This is best seen when he breaks down after Charles sacrifices himself to save Henry.