Secretly Jin Kisaragi the brother of Ragna The Bloodedge from an alternate timeline. Hakumen was the leader of the six heroes that fought The Black Beast and won by sealing it when the monster was weakened. He helps when he feels hes only needed to.

Hakumen is voiced by David Vincent.

Meister of War

He was brought forth from his timeline again by the deities that fight in the favor of the forces of good to join the Meister of War.  In the war, Hakumen sends his own version of justice to the evildoers that refuse to surrender under his mercy. He will show up to help Brock Samson and his Bodyguard Unit defeat evil, while keeping an eye on Ragna The Bloodedge in case The Black Beast takes him over, he would have no choice but to end him. Hakumen is also curious about why The Odyssey Elite would let someone who has the black beast inside on their team? Are they foolish enough not to know if they let Ragna live long enough, he could end all life in the Multi-Universe as he knows it? He'll have to deal with his brother if he can't tame the beast inside of him completely.

LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Brock and his allies all meet up with Dr.Strange and join forces with him as they helped get Sky to them and tell the team about Lord of Darkness’s Disco Ball.Hakumen explains that Brock has been looking into what powers the Disco Ball and he found that it is on Star Road. But they need to unlock the way there which requires them to go through whoever we’re getting as enemies here. However he doesn’t think it will be this easy in that Blackgurumon may see this coming.Sunil, Sky, Zoe, Serena and Static arrive with The Bodyguard Unit to Star Road and the former three  go after Puck while the latter two deal with Ebon.  Brock and his allies stop the first disco ball by unlocking the five keys to stopping it and getting the others to Ebon and Puck.

Hakumen and the BodyGuard Unit take a spying on a look out and find the train Jesse is in using the Sinsters of Evil to achieve and they go back to tell Strange. Hakumen and his friends begin their attack on THE S.E.V.O.S.E.C.T Squad as the others attack Sinster. Hakuemen heads with the others to the Paradise Lost Kingdom where he meets with the doopleganger who's ruling the kingdom Lady Anastastia and Henry the grandson (great) of Peter Pan who they help defend the kindom from Loki and Dukat. Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining.Hakumen and the reisitance land on theri next island which resembles Zim Universe and they all work to stop Blackgurumon and Loki/Wesker's plans with the mutagen and Sentox. James and Jessie find the Sentox with the use of their pokemon before doing the job, Stange and the guys as well as Batigirl stop Blackgurumon's men form doing doing so only to get a beating from Nililus and then getting kidnapped by Crowley.

Brock and the others go into  a cavern  where the instructions are all in braille, a hard to read language and they have to use translation to find what they are told to do and after some thinking they do sort it out. They turn out to have do a lap around the cavern. Hakumen assists in stopping the villains and he directly faces and kills Vice Principal Stern being picked by his team mates.

I am the white void

I am the white void

Hakumen's justice speech.