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Gunther Prozen
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Gunther Prozen
Dark Kaiser, Dead Head, White Elepant
Personal Information
Hair Color
Light Gray
Eye Color
Elena (sister)
Spreading evil throughout the multi-universe.
Professional Status
Minister of Guylos Empire
Supreme Leader of Knights of Gjallarhorn
Knights of Gjallarhorn, G-man minions
Rustal Elion, Iok Kujan, Carta Issue, Iznario Fareed, Gallus Bauduin, Nemo Baklazan, Elek Falk, Thaddeus Valentine, Hajime Busuzima, Thornheart (deceased), Sloan, Dr. Ellie Staple, G-Man
Death Saurer
Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors
Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors Episode 1
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Gunther Prozen ("Proitzen" in the Japanese version) is a fictional character from Zoids: Chaotic Century and Zoids: Guardian Force. He is one of the main antagonists in both series.

In Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors, he is the ruler of the Knights of Gjallarhorn and main antagonist of the series.


Zenebas had two known children. The first, Elena, would later end up hiding her past and running the Republic as Louise Elena Camford, likely because neither the Republic or Guylos lot would have trusted an open Zenebas heir in charge. The younger, Gunther Prozen, was Elena's half-brother, and born some time before ZAC 2050 to a high-ranking member of the Guylos court. He never knew his father, being raised by his mother and given a no doubt heavily idealized version of his visions for the Zenebas Empire. At a young age, he was witness to Zenebas' funeral, swearing on that day that he would rebuild his father's nation.

Prozen also kept his father a secret, instead relying on his mother's position to become influential within the Guylos court. When the current Emperor died in ZAC 2094, leaving his grandson Rudolph as his only heir, Prozen was appointed as his regent. He used his new position to take de facto control of the nation, beginning a massive rearmament program. Unbeknownst to the Guylos leaders, he also formed his own units of loyalists and Zenebas nationals, who would later make up the Eisen Dragoons and Prozen Knights (known for their pinkish-red Iron Kongs and wasp insignia).

In ZAC 2099, Prozen launched an invasion via the Western Continent, starting a new war between the Empire and the Republic. The goal of this war wasn't conquest, however, but to allow the two nations to batter each other and deplete their forces. To this end, he unleashed weapons such as the recreated Death Saurer and the dangerously uncontrollable Death Stinger, seemingly caring little for the danger and destruction—or the deaths on both sides, in the latter's case.

When the Helic army invaded the Dark Continent of Nyx in ZAC 2101, Prozen saw his chance. The Eisen Dragoons and the Prozen Knights launched a proper coup, taking control of the Imperial capital, Valhalla, from the remaining Guylos forces. However, the Guylos and Helic forces teamed up, launching a counteroffensive and nearly defeating Prozen's forces. As a last-ditch effort, Prozen activated his own Zoid, the Bloody Death Saurer, to use on the combined forces.

Before he could use the Death Saurer, however, the Zoid was attacked by prince Rudolph in a Sabre Tiger, as well as Karl Schwarz in an Iron Kong. While the Tiger was easily defeated, the Iron Kong managed to severely damage the Death Saurer, mortally wounding Prozen in the process. Not willing to be defeated, Prozen deliberately overloaded the Death Saurer, destroying the capital and the two armies to ensure the greater victory of his plan's success: in the aftermath and chaos that followed, his son Wolff Muroa, formed the Neo Zenebas Empire, the Eisen Dragoons he'd led forming the core of its new army.

Crossover War Heroes Series

Crossover War Heroes: Iron-Blooded Kid Warriors

Gunther Prozen was once mentioned only by Futaba Ichinose that he is the darkest inspiration of the Sith Lords from Star Wars Universe, including the late Emperor Sheev Palpatine.

Gunther Prozen made a debut as the villain in the next episode. He is the Supreme Leader of Knights of Gjallarhorn. He summons The Seven Stars themselves: Rustal ElionCarta IssueIok KujanGallus BauduinElek FalkIznario Fareed, and Nemo Baklazan.

After Thornheart's demise against the hands of Milinda Brantini, Gunther Prozen continued the stages of his plan. Suddnely, he was newly greeted by the arrivals of the Time Jackers. When Rustal and his friends were bested by them. During the meeting, he and his minions made the deal with the Time Jackers. So that, they can work together.

When Transylvanian Business has joined forces with Tekkadan, he and the Time Jackers had instructed Mikie Okamine in order to capture Futaba Ichinose and Chitose Karasuma with help of his minions. However, their attempts failed again a second time.

After the Bruters were defeated, he and the rest of many villains attended the speech ceremony. He and the villains can be prepared to kill Yuinshiel Asteria and her heroic followers. So that, they'll be prepared to spread evil throughout the multi-universe. He and the villains were attack by the mysterious black woman named Ranko Kanzaki. He, the Time Jackers, Celestial Sphere, and the Seven Stars tried their bests to defeat her, but only to be backfired. He and the villains can realize the mistakes. So that, they can try again to be trained.

After the deaths of Leo Conrad and Sally Land, Gunther Prozen was happy and pleased that Touma Kamiyama and his fellow Kamen Riders had turned evil with the help

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