General Xaviax in his Karsh alien form.


General Xaviax in his preferred human form.

General Xaviax is an alien who defeated the Kamen Riders to conquer Ventara before turning his attention to conquer Earth with his monsters gathering humans to set up his master plan of abducting all humans on Earth to be his slaves in rebuilding his home world and the main antagonist of the TV show Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.                      


Xaviax is what can be expected from a charismatic, genius, and manipulative mastermind. While he treated his foot soldiers and their monster commanders as expendable pawns and was not faltered by their loss due to their numbers, his Earth Rider pawns seemed to be very important pawns for him due to their abilities that exceeded his best monster commanders. He is adept in means to recruit and manipulate his pawns through things they cared about (such as loved ones and career for example) or anything they wished, but is not above blackmailing if such a tactic is deemed necessary.


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