Garrus vakarian 02 by johntesh

Garrus with his mantis sniper rifle.


Former member of C-Sec after having some issues with the illegal activity even after the reaper threat, Garrus went to Omega to work his life as a vigilante to kill off the illegal criminals there and was on his own because of Sidonis's betrayal. Hewas rescued by Shepard from the three gangs, The Eclipse, The Bloodpack, and The Bluesuns then went after Sidonis for his cowardly act of leading him and his comrades into a trap. Commander Shepard forced Garrus to let it go as killing him won't bring his friends back, yet Sidonis is showing regret for his actions promising Garrus that he will live a better life, even attempted to turn himself into the government and was turned down as Omega had no government there due to it being lawless, thus no legal action was taken. Garrus participated along with any of other Shepards remaining squad mates that were not busy with their kinds own issues to bring the final fight to the reapers. The war was over and Garrus returned to his homeworld after a long journey on The Normandy 2.

Garrus is voiced by Brandon Keener.

His theme

Meister of War

Garrus Vakarian was sent by Commander Shepard to go join The Odyssey Elite group under his Archangel vigilante alias name, helping them out to take out members of The Criminal empire, The Murderisitc League, and The Beelzeboss League that dare wish to make the heroes save for the military ones worse than they already have been in, due to some presidential lie about the heroes being worse than the villains are.

Tech Powers

Concussive Shot: fires a powerful energy blast that brings down the enemy with large bonecrushing force.

Overload: Sends a disruptive energy attack that effectively brings down energy shields and damage the circuitry of machine opponents.