An immortal snowman who is somehow immune to fire. He speaks with a British accent, though he is not from Earth.

There are many stories about how Freezaro came to be. Some think he was cursed by an enchantress. Others believe he used to be Frosty the Snowman. But I guess the only one who really knows is Freezaro himself.

When Eclipse Chaos turned Phantom Fienox against everyone, Freezaro and Cobra King joined him. During the Great Cosmic War, Freezaro was one of the most fierce adversaries anyone had ever faced, surprising even the Cosmic Heart. When the war finally ended, he was banished to a planet of ice.

While there, he was able to fully learn all the secrets of Ice Magic. He created a spell that allowed him to create a spaceship out of pure ice and used it to escape his icy prison.

When Eclipse Chaos was imprisoned by Ariana, he fled and is now hiding with his old friend Cobra King at the mysterious Outpost X.