Fearow is a large bird Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Spearow. Fearow is large in size and can be quite powerful. Still, it's not one of the strongest Pokemon. Its large size, however, can serve as a great carrier for Pokemon trainers, enabling it to utilize the HM move Fly, which enables it to fly trainers to different towns that they have previously visited.

Its name is a combination of fear and sparrow. It may also come from feather and arrow.

The ReBoot Multiverse

Hawx evolved from a Spearow and was proven to be one of Akari's favorite flyers. It was no threat to be reckoned with, whether it'd be against other Pokémon, Trainers, or even Games as one of them featured the nefarious Fun House. Heck, Hawx couldn't get enough of ripping the scary clown User to shreds.

Ultimate Story

Captain Falcon owns a Fearow. He used it in his Gym Battles as a Gym Leader Representative of Saffron City.

Falco also went on to own a Fearow. He also owns a Spearow.

Ikran's Lost OoT/Pokémon crossover

Fearow resides at Lon Lon Ranch after seven years, yet he was constantly abused by Mr. Ingo. Because of Link's valiance, he finally gathered and unleashed his fury, reducing the marauder into a permanent cripple. Malon took charge after that, and he decided to look over it.


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