Emily Grey - S12E9

A medic that actually saves people according to Donut.

"Remember: you're no good to me dead! Although, I suppose I could run some experiments on your body." - Dr. Emily Grey.

Doctor Emily Grey is a character from Red vs Blue .

She is voiced by Arryn Zech.

Dr. Grey is a medical surgeon for the Federal Army of Chorus and one of the major characters in Red vs. Blue Season 12.

Grey's personality is energetic, cheerful, optimistic, and oddly eccentric.

Like Doc, Grey carries a Med Scanner (Plasma Pistol in the Halo Series), and wears armor with the color purple on it. Unlike Doc, she knows more on medical expertese and even archeology.

Fire Rebellion Storyline

Order of the Just and Canterlot Royal Guard

Grey is a member of both the Order of the Just and the Canterlot Royal Guard, but primarily the latter. She operates as the Order and Royal Guard's surgeon for human or humanoid members.

She's currently learning from Joe Kido about caring for digimon as well as what she already knows.

The B Team Storyline

Future Warfare

Dr. Grey will be the B Team's medic and surgeon for its members. She, along with Bender and Skipper, are the only remaining members of the Royal Guard of Canterlot.

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