The Elder God is one of the main villains from the Legacy of Kain series. He is a giant squid-like creature with god-like powers who feeds on the souls of the dead. He is a partner of Mechuckles and runs his own group known as Elders of the Realm which helps Mechuckles' robot empire

Main Allies: Robert Hirano (His new friend and servant/apprentice)

Main Enemies: Raziel, Dennis Hirano,

Enemies: The Miracle Elite

Former Allies: His Elders of the Realm, Mechuckles and his robotic empire (All no longer loyal to him)

Voiced by: Tony Jay

The P Team/Miracle Elite Storyline

The Rise of Mechuckles: Beware of the Sith Stalker

Elder God debuts as one of the main villains alongside his partner,Mechuckles, Prince Phobos, the Sith Stalker, and Ares. Elder God is defeated and sealed away by Lizbeth, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Linkara, and Knuckles.

Post Journey Through The Mist

Elder God was spotted by his former pawn's son, Robby Hirano. He has been discovered the child's true nature. In secret, Robby stopped idolizing The Miracle Elite and hated them for rejecting his request. Elder God made a promise to teach him to use his true powers. Elder God prepares himself to take revenge on Raziel and tells Robby that only his hatred can be used for power. And with that Robby falls to the dark side and becomes his apprentice.

Post Yellow Submrine

After the downfall of Inferno Clan, Robby kneels in a ring of fire. He speaks to the wall, "The first task is complete....master. The message has been sent. The inscriptions are in place. They knew what they must do. The prophecy will be fulfilled". The evil voice from earlier echoes from it in a reply, "And the world of mortals shall soon be ended".

A Christmas Bizarro: Revenge Again

Elder God is the True main antagonists of this story, as he is the master of Robert Hirano. All Robby wants for christmas is Dennis Hirano to be dead and to make his family pay for what he did.

Trouble in London

Elder God joins up with Dorian Gray through Sheriff Vaisey at some point in the story and serves as of Elder beings. He also joined forces with Karkull and Cthulhu to take revenge on thier same foe as well.


Robert Hirano/New Anti-Christ

Elder God was approached by the child between Duskmon's downfall and Black Lantern Corps rises. The child's identity has turned out to be Raziel's son. Robby explained to Elder God about trying to have Tuxedo's fortune, which Terra reject it. Elder God tells Robby his plans for offering him reward and Robby saw that they both share the same goals such as take vengeance on Raziel. He made Robby his new apprentice. Robby stopped idolizing The Miracle Elite (Including his parents) and hated them for rejecting him. They created a bond between new father and son.


(30)LoK- Defiance - Raziel returns to the Elder God

(30)LoK- Defiance - Raziel returns to the Elder God

Raziel is Elder God's pawn and main arch enemy in Legacy of Kain universe.

Arriving 500 years before Kain took his decision at the pillars, Raziel is greeted by Moebius, who tries to manipulate Raziel into killing Kain. After Raziel have a discussion with Kain at the Pillars, he finds the Elder God in a subterranean chamber down the Pillars. He was waiting for Raziel, but Raziel wasn't so happy with this meeting. Raziel starts distrusting the Elder, as he wanted to find his destiny by himself.

The Elder God tries to reason with Raziel, telling him to not be deceived by Kain or the murals that he find in his journey. As Raziel progresses in his journey, the Elder God slowly loses the control he had over him, getting displeased when Raziel calls him a squid and a parasite, but especially when Raziel argues if the Elder really had any part in his rebirth or if he was just conveniently at the right place and right time when he reached the bottom of the abyss. When Raziel is saved by Kain from being absorbed into the Reaver after killing his human self, he is left weakened, thus returning to the spectral realm, where the Elder God traps him.

The Miracle Elite

However, His new main enemy becomes the The Miracle Elite when he discovered Raziel is a member of the team. After Elder God decided that the The Miracle Elite were a bigger threat than the Raziel, he attempted to eliminate them all from the Multi-Universe.


He used to be friends with Mechukles and shared plans to each other to face their enemies. He was defeated by Lizbeth, V, Alucard, Zero, Ciel, Linkara, and Knuckles. He replace Mechuckles with Robby Hirano. He then declares it as the Beginning of the End before letting him once again suffer consequence. Whichmeans, he betrayed Mechuckles because he stated he's nothing to him.

Elders of the Realm

They used to serve Elder God as his minions during Mechukles rampage with the P team. It turns out they are all Elder God's pawns all along. Whichmeans, he betrayed the organization because he stated they're nothing to him.
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