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Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire



Deusu Ekusu Makina Indasutorī




Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott


Genocidal Dark Empire; Totalitarian Imperial Corporation; Mega Private Military Conglomerate; Iron Fist Fascists; Malevolent Dictatorship; Corrupt Dictatorship; Omnicidal Warmongering Empire; Psychotic Dictatorship; Slaver Racist Empire


Deus Ex Valkyrion Vectron; 5th Multi-Universe

Welcome to Deus Ex Valkyrie Vectron. Kill and this world loves you. Be fair and be fair alone. The Sun is gone and all hope is lost. War is peace. Slavery is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Guns speak for us. Fascism is business. Business is death. Welcome to Deus.Ex.Machina Empire. Obey & LIVE!

So much has changed. While I was gone, they set the universe on fire. It wasn't a war anymore; it was a remaking. Some losses are inevitable. Some... unthinkable. Now they've built a new world. Armies of steel and thunder. They're rewriting history. The Multi-Universe was forced into submission. They took our freedom for 4 million of years. Tore down what took centuries to build like trash. Destroyed countless civilizations. They terrorized the universe with their power. Destroyed trillions of galaxies and universes for what they call "justice". Slayed centillions. Killed billions of races for racism. Enslaved our people and our history. They destroyed our past, culture and homes. They're stealing our future and freedom. Flauting their might. They think this war is over, and victory is what awaits them.

Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire (DEM for short), also known as God From a MachineD.E.M Industries, Swastika Faction, The Most Evil Dark Empire, Terran Republic (Earth in Latin), The Imperium, Fascism Reincarnate, Fascist Empire, Isaac's New Universal Order, New Order, Omnicidal Empire,,DEM Industry or DEM Empire (but is more famous as Multi-Universe Final Monsters by all heroes), is a extremely powerful, tyrannical, and corrupt "Totalitarian Multiuniversal conglomerate Empire" established by Isaac Ray Peram Westcott to replace the Asgard Electronics

The DEM Empire is a Dark Empire and is one of the 3 Dark Empires on Balam Alliance, alongside the Sith Empire and Triggers Hell. They are the only company in the whole Multi-Universe that is able to create the Realizers and are the largest company in the Lynenta Omniverse. They serve as the true main antagonistic faction of the entire LOTM: Sword of Kings story and is the main antagonistic force in LOTM: A Draw of Kings storyline. The D.E.M Industries is a imperial company that is doing business universally with headquarters in 11th Multi-Universe and in 500,000,000 realities. The army employs and enslaves powerful races, such as the ExKriegs, to take over suitable planets. They also are the most recurring organization of the storyline, 70% of all bad events on the storyline happened because of them, and they are final villains that all villains and heroes must fight to save the Multi-Universe from being destroyed from existence. In other words, they are the final public villains all heroes and villains will face to save all the realities of existence, making them the true villains of all realities and Multi-Universes.

They invade planets to kill the population, extract all planetary resources, enslave men and children, sell the most beautiful women in the "black-market", sell all animals on black market, sell young girls as sex-slavers, use men as slavers in death camps, wipe out the livings beings from that planet so that they can be sold the planet to the highest bidders. After they conquested all galaxies, they destroy all galaxies and planets they conquested then and finally destroy the entire reality by causing a SuperNova when they are "finished" in conquesting that reality.


Balam Alliance System; Multiuniverses taken by the Dark Empires

The DEM Empire was firstly a Earth government established by Ike Westcott in 1945 after WWII and the defeat Nazi Germany in 2nd Alternative Reality. After they had conquered their own world, they unified all realities in existence using the Realizer of Yggdrassil to transform all universes in just one universe so they overthrow the laws of reality and make Isaac Westcott becomes the new Dark God of apocalyptic universe. Only members of high-ranking of DEM army know Isaac's true goals. Billions of other mere officers are intended to be used and then discarded. The DEM Empire's territory at its peak consisted of some one and a half billion member and conquered worlds, as well as sixty-nine triillion colonies, protectorates and puppet states spread throughout the entire Multi-Universe, stretching from the borders of the Deep Core to at least Wild Space. 


Wolfenstein The New Order Gameplay Trailer (E3 2013)

Wolfenstein The New Order Gameplay Trailer (E3 2013)

One of the evil largest corporations in the world, it is based out of England having originated out of a defense industry and it is the only known industry that is able to manufacture Realizer Units. The Realizer units equipped by the DEM's military forces, and especially the AST are all made by DEM Industries. They are economic rivals with New Conglomerate, the company that supports Ratatoskr and the Multiuniverse Forces with operatives who are able to utilize CR Units with experience exceeding that of special forces groups from different countries.

Balam Alliance

Balam Alliance system; DEM Empire at left

The "DEM" within their name stands for Deus Ex Machina, that means God from a Machine in latin.

They are marginally inferior to New Conglomerate  in the development of aspects related to Realizer units due to advancing in various fields and oppose their policy of protecting and sheltering the Spirits, as according to them the only way to deal with the Spirits is by destroying them. Although, from their actions in various novels it seems that they consider their ends justify any and all means no matter the cost, sacrifice, or collateral damage. Whether its brainwashing and overcharging their wizards to openly attacking an event with billions of people just to send a slap to their opponents' faces. As long as their goals are realized, killing billions or zillions of people in the process is an acceptable loss and not worth losing sleep over.

Nazi Germany Origin

Nazi Germany
(German: Nazi-Deutschland), also called the Third Reich (German: Drittes Reich), refers to Germany when it was controlled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Under Nazi rule, Germany was a fascist totalitarian state. Racism and Aryanism were central features of the Nazi regime. Nazi Germany, in the alternate timeline of Earth (in an parallel Earth): lost the war Second World War and became the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire in the shadows hid from the world by dropping an atom bomb in their own country (by Isaac Westcott's orders) By 1960, in the parallel Earth, the DEM Empire born, and in just 5 years, they won the World War III and conquested the world (killing 1 billion of people in the process). The DEM Empire is a world spanning empire, which includes nations such as Poland, Russia, France, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, Italy, and the United States. Japan, in the meanwhile, was turned into a vassal state for the Nazis. The Republic of China was victorious over the Japanese in 1946, however, the Nazis invaded China and very likely included it to the Nazi territory. South Africa is still independent as of 1960 but this is generally considred to be a temporary state of affairs.

The Earth was ruled by the DEM Empire for 300 years, however, the DEM Empire managed to travel between realities and started to invade planets and entire universes, and galaxies. The Earth died after after countless tests with chemical weapons. The humanity and all living beings on Earth died, and then the DEM Empire left the Earth and started to conquest and invade entire Multi-Universes. And so, the DEM Empire become a Dark Empire.


With the advancement of Multi-Universe Forces, in which trillions of armies of different nations of countless planets scattered throughout the universes and all the 13 Multi-Universes, the DEM Empire as a whole, was almost totally dependent on interplanetary imports. In an attempt to resolve the persistent shortage, DEM launched Fall Blau (Case Blue), an offensive against the New Conglomerate to defeat the core of the corporation in order to use their technology against the Alliance. The MDS launched a counter-offensive and encircled the Noxus Azis forces, who were trapped in 13rd Multi-Universe. 

During the Battle of Metraton, Isaac Westcott put his plans into action while the forces of the Multi-Universe advanced. Isaac ordered all droids and robotic troops of DEM Empire to kill all humans in the Empire, resulting in the death of 500 trillion people, including soldiers, women and children. Over the months, all human civilians were once part of the DEM Empire were killed without even knowing why. The reason behind the genocide mass of their own people was that Isaac was ready to execute his dream to destroy the universe, so all human and people who were on his command were killed, even his most loyal officers. With the death of all human members in DEM, only machines and Abyssal were active as soldiers.

Isaac then traveled to the Core of the Multi-Universe with a crystal of the Spirits to turn himself as the new God of existence. Isaac placed the crystal in his chest as the Fallen Legion protected Isaac Westcott from the forces of good and of all living heroes. 

A great battle between Abyssal and the forces of good happened, resulting in the death of many brave men and heroes. The Abyssals refused to be killed by the hands of the people they called depraved then they all commited suicide if they lost a fight. After the defeat of all Abyssal, the billions of droids faced the heroes as a last line of defense, and as predicted by Isaac, the forces of good greatly diminished. The forces of droids were defeated but the troops of the Multi-Universes Forces were exterminated completely, leaving only the Ratatoskr to face Isaac. During the final battle that would decide the future of existence, Isaac tried to destroy the Core of the Multi-Universe to destroy all existence and reality, however, the few heroes who survived the fight against Isaac prevented it. After hours of bloody battle and many painful deaths, Isaac was defeated by Katarina Couteau, who avenged the deaths of people killed Isaac for thousands of years. The few Abyssals who survived the fighting committed suicide. 

On 4–8 May most of the remaining DEM robotic armed forces across the dimensions continued fighting in thousands of realities, increasing the number of dead. After Isaac's death, 900 trillions of droids were active, however, Vision and Tech Corporation destroyed the Prime Signal that kept all Droids active throughout existence. Once the signal was destroyed, all droid units of the DEM Empire were deactivated for good. That was the first war on the entire universe without any surrender negotiations. Even Triggers Hell and the survivors of the Sith Empire surrendered.

The DEM Empire was completely destroyed in 8 May without leaving any civilian, soldier, droid or human alive to tell the story, marking the end of the The Cataclysmatic War, the Balam Alliance and the end of the Deus.Ex.Machina Empire forever.

Only 5 people from DEM survived:

  • Eve Fullbuster; now redeemed but is still being chased for war crimes.
  • Eckidina KnightWalker; because of the power of the Abyss that Isaac Westcott gave to Eckidina, her personality was split into two; good personality (something that do not exist in Eckidina) and the Abyssal personality that was evil and cruel (something that has always existed in Eckidina). This was because Eckidina was pure evil, so the Abyssal power divided her body and mind between good and evil. When Eckidina was killed again by Katarina, she was sent to hell again, where she would suffer for all eternity. However, Eckidina's good personality remained alive and was wandering the universe for billions of years.
  • Prime Reaper-AI 78: became a bounty hunter again and was chased for war crimes just like Eve.
  • North Ocean Princess: Still alive since she is a child and was brainwashed by Fallen to make her commite suicide for Fallen.
  • Bismarck Bodewig: Left the DEM Empire and helped the MSD to take down the Fallen Legion. She is being chased by the NC for war crimes but is now travelling across the Multi-Universe to redeem herself by helping entire planets that DEM destroyed.

Ironically, the defeat of the DEM Empire happened on the same day that Nazi Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces in Second World War 3 million years ago prior the foundation of the DEM Empire.


Nazi ideology and the actions taken by the regime are almost universally regarded as gravely immoral. Isaac, Nazism, and the Holocaust II have become symbols of evil in the modern universe. Elliot Woodman remarks that the era "exerts an almost universal appeal because its murderous racism stands as a warning to the whole of universe".

Many civilians followed the war closely, mainly through the HoloNet and propaganda. Throughout the entire conflict, citizens were overwhelmingly loyal, and dissent was nearly unheard of. This was due in part to simple patriotism but more a product of the pressure to show support. Therefore, any attempts to question Elliot's laws were harshly frowned upon by the majority, as there was a significant fear that without Elliot and the Ratatoskr leading the Multi-Universe Forces to fight the Balam Alliance, it would have no chance against the Dark Empires. The Multi-universe was going to be destroyed, without doubt, without Ratatoskr.

On the other hand, the DEM Empire and their devilish swastika was the symbol of the enemy. Along with the adventures of the Alliance, news reports related the atrocities committed at the hands of the wicked genocidal nazis. Conversely to the famous Ratatoskr, wherever the DEM Forces went, the Multi-Universal Forces were sure to be defeated, sowing fear across all universes and making more citizens put their faith in Elliot Woodman. They believed the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries to be unstoppable. Indeed, the DEM Empire was.

For 3 million years, DEM Empire destroyed countless planets, killed and enslaved countless races and destroyed many universes. The number of killed by DEM is completely insane and is something that is impossible to tell. An estimated 900 Centillion (57% of the 13 Multi-Universes' population) people died because of DEM Empire, and their genocidal insanity is legendary to this day. Even 5 billions years after their defeat, billions of people around the universe keep dark memories when they were slaves of the DEM. These memories tormented them every night.  

A heartless tyrant group combining a complete lack of empathy, xenophobia and twisted ideas of genocide and extermination of all life with omnicidal tendencies, the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire stands as a unique faction in the entire universe and 5 billions years after their defeat, their name, and their logo had become a curse to the life itself. The DEM Empire caused the largest universal-wide conflict ever during its day, still had consequences that lasted through the ages. It resulted in a distrust of droids and humans by many, in the devastation of many planets, the extintion of many races, led many people to insanity, in the destruction of billions of realities.

But one thing was promised after the end of that war. The DEM Empire was destroyed for good for all eternity.


  • The DEM propoganda machine was very successful. DEM's not only bashed and demonized supers, Spirits, the handicapped, mentally retarded, and other races, they gave the country alot of national pride to be part of the 'Great Human Race'. 
  • Fear - In the beginning, those few who did speak out against the DEM's were quickly silenced or dicredited. Once the DEM's had successfully gained control of Europe, they punished dissenters very openly to serve as a lesson to others. 
  • Idea of superiority - Teach people that they are better than everyone else around them, and superior in every way, and train them to be better, faster, stronger, and able to adapt to many situations. 

DEM Empire's Planet Language Voice - Abyssal Language

Native voice of DEM planet and the serves as the true voice of the Abyssals

Destiny The Voice Of Skolas Kell of Kell 39 s


This section has its own page.



Wizards in battle

The DEM Military was the military arm of the DEM Empire. Consisting of predominantly the DEM Army and the DEM Navy, it was responsible for carrying out military operations throughout the Earth and other realities next, as well as maintaining order on DEM member worlds, governorships, colonies, and protectorates. Since the DEM's New Order was based on fear of force, the DEM Military formed a very important part of the DEM government.
Tech Wizard

Tech Wizard

Even so, the fleet would prove somewhat insubordinate, and a tension between the America government and the fleet admirals existed throughout this period, creating the need for the DEM Security Bureau to install political officers throughout the military as minders. Most of the DEM Wizards are mercenaries.

During the early years of the DEM Empire, most Wizards were clones from the Nazis from WWII who were brainwashed and received eternal youth to have their bodies fitted to a Realizer. However, later recruited Humans from several countries joined their ranks. Those Humans recruited would be trained mainly at London and were subject to the most rigorous training that the DEM could offer. 


10346513 679625072072528 7729366043893513999 n

Bandersnatch army about to attack Tenguu city

The Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Droid Army or also know as D.E.M Industries Droid Army is the largest army of robots in human history that was created and used by the armed military forces of Deus.Ex.Machina Industries, in an effort to ensure the DEM military power around the globe.

The army consists of various types of battle droids created by the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries and other corporations who sided with the DEM Empire in Europe and other countries around the world. In a moment in story, it was said that the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries possess quintillion of Droids 

Bandersnatchs Army

Bandersnatch in air battle

The first and greatest army of droids of the history was created 1990. Soon after the Spacequakes across the planet have finished, a small fragment of "magic" was found on the impact of The First Spacequake caused in 1870. When this fragment was collected, scientists around the world have studied and experimented this fragment, the result was "Technological-Magic" created by
BattledroidJedi Slasher 2 by mech7 (80)

CIS droids in DEM army

scientists from the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries. The person who created this was Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Isaac Westcott is the only person in the whole world that is able to create Technological-Magic. Years later, Isaac Westcott gave the name to his invention, the name was <Realizer>, he gave this name because this fragment makes things that are normally impossible, possible. 

With this fragment, Isaac Westcott created weak robots in lethal war-machines. The droids that he create have a great capacity for intelligence and physical strength. These droids were used only in the army of the Deus.Ex.Machina Industries and they also serve as a private army of D.E.M Industries. Other allied corporation to DEM also created billions of war robots (for being on death threat).


The Abyssals are bio-engineered humans similar to vampires and a special military unit on DEM Empire that seems to be made up entirely of Waffen SS volunteers transformed into abyssals. Being both highly-trained soldiers and surgically-enhanced abyssals, they are a proficient, versatile, and dangerous fighting force. They gain powers that control the death and blood by drinking human blood. There are 3 types of Abyssal, it's almost like a hierarchy:

Sc36782032 p0

A Prime Abyssal final form

1 .Prime Abyssal: the most strongest of all. They tends to be the 10 supreme leaders of DEM Empire. These abyssal don't need human blood to gain power. They feed from the evil, war, death, chaos, pain, suffering and death as a source of power and don't need to train because their skills already comes quite qualified. They controls pure dark energy, this energy is connected to darkness in their souls, so they have boundless energy and are almost semi-immortal. They have abnormal speeds and superhuman strength. The strongest of them, Isaac Westcott, has the power to annihilate an entire planet but he doesn't destroy planets because the destruction of planets don't available the suffering, only the complete destruction; and only destruction don't provides power for them. They're in the levels of various superheroes and supervillains from Dragon Ball. The DEM Empire itself is secretly commanded by Abyssals while Humans and Androids are mere pawns until they reach their plans.

2. Subjugator Abyssal: the second strongest, but are extremely weak compared to the Primes. They're in the higher ranges of the Abyss army in DEM. They are usually the leaders of the Abyssals battalions. They use energy pure darkness but theirs are limited power (but with a lot of energy) and have enough energy to eradicate an area of 90 square kilometers with only one attack of a Beam Blaster (a common ability of mass destruction between Abyssal). They also have impressive physical skills.

3. Lesser Abyssal: the most lower of all but still a great dangerous to humanity themselves. They are the
weakest among the Abyssals but are in greater numbers compared to the Primes and Subjugtors. They only gain physical power, such as: super-speed (90 kilometers per hour) and a superhuman strength that can tear a person like a paper. They doesn't control energy or powers, only impressive physical skills. They drink human blood to maintain their physical abilities but not gain any powers. And also, they need to train hard to achieve physical skills more agile.

Races enslaved and Involved

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of races enslaved in the organization, most notably the ExKriegs, now extinct. These races are employed in different ways depending on their strength. Groups like the ExKriegs, who are shown to have great fighting abilities, are given many freedoms for showing their worth by conquering and destroying planets. All three leaders are shown to have their select armies, workers, and technicians. Many powerful and high ranking members such as Ellen Mira Mathers, who accompany Isaac Westcott at all times, ais known to be loyal followers who are shown mercy and named right-hand men in return. They, like many Isaac, enjoy their work of pillaging and murdering with no remorse. Many other members of some races are hired for combat, such as the Ginyu Force, Planet Trade Organization, Umbrella Corp, Helghast, Cooler's Armored Squadron or the brother duo of Abo and Kado. The leaders are also shown creating super elite groups to do dirty work, such as the group of warriors that killed the Resistance or Cooler's Armored Squadron.

During the Battle on Planet Coruscant, it is implied that should Frieza come across a warrior with a high power level or strong fighting ability, Frieza, a high member of DEM Empire may offer them a job in his organization or on DEM, such as his desire to have Namekian Warrior Nail join his organization due to his high power level and even offered Goku a chance to join his organization after he had proved himself to be stronger than Captain Ginyu, though of course Goku refused.

Races Allied or enslaved

  • Abyssals
  • Humans
  • ExKriegs
  • Teigus
  • Meta Dark Digimons
  • Gizumons
  • Meta Dark Pokemons
  • Droids
  • Kriptonians
  • Frieza's race
  • Saiyan
  • Saibamen
  • Aka's race
  • Ankoku-seijin
  • Arlians
  • Arcosians
  • Appule's race
  • Bas
  • Beppa
  • Big Gete Star
  • Androids
  • Brench-seijin
  • Burter's race
  • Cabira's race
  • Cui's race
  • Dodoria's race
  • Fishmen
  • Frieza Soldier race
  • Frog-Face's race
  • Ginyu's race
  • Iru's race
  • Jigglers
  • Kanassans
  • Kettle-seijins
  • Ledgic's race
  • Litts
  • Makyans
  • Malaka's race
  • Plants
  • Pot-seijins
  • Recoome's race
  • Rejin-seijins
  • Shisami's race
  • Slug Soldier race
  • Sorbet's race
  • Sūi's race
  • Tagoma's race
  • Toaster-seijins
  • Tech-Tech alien
  • Toobi's race
  • Yardratians
  • Seijins
  • Zarbon's race
  • Asari
  • Drell
  • Elcor
  • Hanar
  • Keepers
  • Salarians
  • Turians
  • Collectors
  • Volus
  • Geth
  • Batarians
  • Krogan
  • Neimodians
  • Quarrians
  • Raloi
  • Irregular
  • Spirits
  • Vorcha
  • Cybetronians
  • Yahg
  • Sith 
  • Protheans
  • Hutts
  • Thousands of soldiers from vast unknown races



The Empire &amp; their victims

DEM torturers torturing civilains as punishment for their actions against DEM Empire

The DEM Empire utilized slavery for several weapon projects, including the creation of the Arbatel superweapons. In addition, any enemies of the Empire that had been defeated, particularly the females and children, were often sent to Germany to be processed into the slave market, especially if they served no purpose to the Empire otherwise.



DEM controlled propaganda

Following the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Hitler established a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels. The Ministry's aim was to ensure that the Nazi message was successfully communicated through art, music, theater, films, books, radio, educational materials, and the press. DEM global propaganda was inspired in Nazi Germany. British were reminded of the struggle against foreign enemies and Jewish subversion. During periods preceding legislation or executive measures against Spirits, propaganda campaigns created an atmosphere tolerant of violence against Spirits, particularly in 2007. Propaganda
also encouraged passivity and acceptance of the impending measures against Spirits and many other religions, as these appeared to depict the DEM government as stepping in and “restoring order. DEM propaganda was in TV, radio, internet, posters and cellphones.


Under the DEM Empire, Anti-Heroism and Anti-Lightism is a government policy, which meant that people were discouraged to believe in the heroes and in Abyssal Punishers. But it was not just the Heroes that suffered. All Abyssal-sensitives were targeted. Despite the established anti-lightism of the New Order, many in the Imperial government were aware that Isaac and other Supreme Leader were Abyssal users, but only a few knew that they were Abyssal Lords. This sentiment also led to an attempted coup on Isaac and Ellen, with the official reason being their Abyssal-sensitive nature. Besides Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mathers, there were some Imperial officers, such as Colonel Dyer who were at the very least Abyssal-attuned, and even some, such as Grand Admiral Nial Declann, were secretly trained in harnessing the Abyssal Force for a specific purpose for Isaac.

Status of the Empire


Death Status

Civil Rights and Freedom



  1. Wipe out the Spirits
  2. Wipe out Ratatoskr 
  3. Wipe out all Anti Heroes and Anti Villains of all 12 Multi-Universes
  4. Destroy the Resistance
  5. Destroy the Multiuniverse Forces
  6. Kill all ExKriegs
  7. Conquest the 10th Multiuniverse
  8. To destroy all heroic organizations on existance
  9. Destroy all villainous organizations on existance
  10. Destroy all realities
  11. Sell all planets and galaxies of all 12 multi-universes
  12. Enslave all races on existance
  13. Create the Universal War I
  14. Kill all heroes and villains on existance (Non-affiliated villains)
  15. To break up Balam Alliance and destroy Sith Empire and Triggers Hell
  16. To destroy Reality Council (Triggers Hell completed that)
  17. To destroy the barriers of realities, so they can gather all realities in just one
  18. Destroy the Sith Empire
  19. Destroy Triggers Hell
  20. ​Kill all villains, heroes and living beings who oppose them
  21. To capture Tohka Yatogami and make her go Inverse, so they can make Isaac Westcott a Inverse Spirit
  22. To make Isaac Westcott a Inverse Spirit to become a Dark God
  23. Kill God
  24. Destroy the laws of the existence
  25. And finally to plunge all realities, universes and existences in eternal state of chaos, death, destruction, suffering and fear
  26. Find the Prime Earth
  27. Destroy the Prime Earth to make the whole multi-universe disappear from the existence


There are countless officers so for the sake of the page they got their own page. See Deus.Ex.Machina Industries Empire Members.

It should be noted that some major members of DEM Empire are based on the most infamous real-life Nazi officials and leaders.

Troops and Army

Battle Droids & Killer Drones

Organic Infantry


The DEM Empire's territory at its peak consisted of some one and a 150 zillion member and conquered worlds, as well as sixty-nine sixtillions colonies, protectorates and puppet states spread throughout the entire multiuniverse, stretching from the borders of the Multiuniverse 1st to at 12nd Multiuniverse. 

Quotes about DEM

  • The truth is that DEM thinks men are tired of liberty. 
  • The DEM Citizen have just one rule: Obey and live. 
  • Fascism is the religion of DEM. The twentieth century will be known in history as the century of Fascism.
  • In the great and glorious days of the DEM Empire, life was wild, rich and largely tax free. Mighty starships plied their way between exotic suns, seeking adventure and reward among the furthest reaches of Galactic space. In those days spirits were brave, the stakes were high, men were real men, women were real women and small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri were real small furry creatures from Alpha Centauri. And all dared to brave unknown terrors, to do mighty deeds, to boldly split infinitives that no man had split before--and thus was the Empire forged....In these enlightened days, of course, no one believes a word of it. And no one believes a word of it today. 
  • You don't always get what you wish for. Especially in DEM Empire.
  • The DEM have swastika. A cross crying on the sides.
  • The worm gave birth. Six millions little ones..... one of them are the DEM itself
  • They born on DEM. They die on DEM.
  • Some may question your right to destroy ten billion people. Those who understand realise that you have no right to let them live!


Ground Vehicles

Ships & Starfighters

Factions Allied - Enslaved factions

See Balam Alliance to see the system of the factions enslaved by the 3 Dark Empires

Enemies Factions