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Crossover War Heroes
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late 2010's, 2020s, and Reiwa Period

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Crossover War Heroes is a main storyline for LOTM series directly focused with the heroes: Luigi Latorre, Sento Kiryu, Milinda Brantini, Futaba Ichinose, Chitose Karasuma, and Norimichi Shimada. This series features the newest entry from the Zoids franchise, Zoids: Wild. It is created by Luigi777.

It is likely based on Star Wars franchise and Super Robot Wars franchise.


In the end of the Heisei Period and the beginning of Reiwa Period, humans and countless species have colonized the multi-universe. So that, they can live in happiness, love, etc.

The heroes, Sento Kiryu and Milinda Brantini, are newly trained to visit the army of heroes led by Lady Yuinshiel Asteria. Teamed up, the heroes are ready to save multiverse from sinister threats. Luigi Latorre and Terence Tamiel had joined forces with Tokusatsu Warriors, Magical Girl Warriors, Mecha Warriors, Muscial Idols, Popular Mascots, and many heroes to combat the main villains' reign of terror in the beginning of Reiwa Wars.


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Conceptual Reference

Based on the Ideas of Deal with the Devil, Seven Deadly Sins, and 72 Goetic demons, these pilots generals can have their respective vehicles:

  • Negataros = Death Rex/Omega Rex: Pride
  • Shinichi Kudo = Gilraptor: Deception
  • Regiel = Gabrigator: Envy
  • Zuoth = Knuckle Kong: Sloth
  • Sutorius = Stegosage: Sadness
  • Jun Shibaura/Kamen Rider Gai =  Cannon Bull: Greed
  • Abigail (Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka) = Burning Liger: Lust
  • Ran Mouri = Bazootle: Lying
  • Horobi/Kamen Rider Horobi = Genospino: Sorcery
  • Jin/Kamen Rider Jin = Sniptera: Assasination
  • Naki/Kamen Rider Naki = Drei Panther: Death/Demise
  • Ikazuchi/Kamen Rider Ikazuchi = Stylaser: Gluttony

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  • This Storyline Series is the only Project that involves Tokusatsu Characters, Magical Girl Characters, Villainous Characters, and Mecha Pilots.
  • This Storyline takes place in the Reiwa Period.
  • This long-running series is based on Super Robot Wars franchise and Star Wars franchise.
  • Kenji Yamauchi becomes the narrator of this story.