Chase Young
Chase Young


Chase Young


His Highness Chase Cortan (Royal name), Zhuīfēng Shānrén (Birth name, XS universe), Ape (By Dusk and Reccke), Asshole (By basically anyone he annoys, including Ikari, Dia, Ethan, Jade and Josh)


1,524 (Appears 24)


January 10th


Ikari Cortania-Wife, Kera Young-Daughter, Dia Fienox-Sister-in-law, Shen Young-Father(1st Universe), Mr and Mrs. Zhuīfēng-Parents (XS Universe), Zhuīfēng Shui-Sister (deceased)


Heylin Master, limitless in magic. Expert martial-artist. Dragon transformation,


Consort of Ikari, Co-Ruler of Cortania


Ikari, Heylin, Cortania, Cosmic Empire

"I may be weakened, but I am not helpless!" - Chase Young

Chase Young (reborn as Zhuīfēng Shānrén after the Great Cosmic War, changed "back" to Chase Young after becoming evil.) is Ikari's husband and father of Kera Young, as well as the co-ruler of Cortania. A master of the Heylin, Chase was once one of the most feared sorcerers in the world. However, his past relationship with Ikari and undying love proved to be his downfall, when he was killed defending Ikari from an attack by Serenity Wheeler in a Justice Force vs. Underworld brawl. Several months later, after Ikari left the Justice Force, Chase was revived and reunited with Ikari. They married and soon after had Kera. Now Chase must defend his family while coming to terms that he passed his own 'evil' powers to his daughter and struggling with the fact that he is not entirely 'good', despite fighting on its side. 

Life in the First Universe

In the first universe, Chase was born to Shen and Lian Young. Lian died of illness when Chase was about two years years old, leaving Shen; the general of the Cortanian army, to raise his son alone. While Shen was a strict father, constantly pushing Chase to his limits physically and academically, he loved his son deeply and tried his best to be both a mother and a father to his son, resulting them in having a strong relationship, even if they never expressed their closeness to each other verbally.

Chronicles of Great New Empire

Chase Young sacrificed himself to stop Hondao, thus allowing Hevenburg Force to finish them off. After the combined blow, both he and Hondao die together.