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A Tomboy is a girl, usually a young one who has tastes and behaviors that boys tend to have.

Tomboys are often seen as a great way to appeal to both sexes with the same characters. They may have some girlish interests like love interests but they still don't get into atypical girlish things. They are usually immature but there are some exceptions such as Lizbeth and Heloise. Sometime's Tomboys hate wearing feminine clothing such as skirts or high heel's

Some girls might just enjoy doing boyish things because it's more fun. Sometimes it has to with being the only girl and having a good relationship with them.

Action Heroines tend to be Tomboys, but sometimes feminine ones can be this too.

Tomboys also like to gush over cute creatures. Who could really blame them?

Also they don't have to hate all girly things they can have some girly interests.

Eg: Heloise loves Jimmy, reads books with a romance topic and is crazy about Jimmy

Eg 2: Lizbeth has an affinity to pink sometimes, enjoyed a unicron movie , and has no qualms about showing off how attractive she is as a teenager.

Eg 3: Flame Princess has the sweetness and semi-gentleness of a girly girl, she also likes flowers and sweet smells

Eg 4: Misty tends to dream about going on romantic vacations such as the beach, a cruise or even Paris.

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