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"Fear me!"
— Scarecrow

The Dreaded consist of villains who are very dangerous and greatly feared. This is their main tribute over power or brains. However, while villains are dreaded, anti-heroes can have this status too, and even some heroes can have it.


The Joker

The Joker is feared by MANY people, especially in Slade Strikes Back where EVERYONE but his archenemy feared him. Even with his death he is still very much feared in the Multi-Universe by his reputation.


Bender is feared by MANY of Vilgax`s allegiance, other villains and Even THE JOKER for many reasons. His unpredictably, his murder of Joker and other villains, How he had The Master killed, defeating Discord and the way he gives interrogations are some reasons. Also that he adheres to kill those who piss him off unlike most heroes who don't kill.

Jorgen von Strangle

Jorgen is feared by other fairies because he is so tough and strict.


Batman is feared by many criminals.


Because of his ability to strip powers, godhood and immortality from others, Logan is highly feared by heroes and villains alike.

Hunson Abadeer

Hunson Abadeer (I.E Marceline's dad) is feared by SO many people for his powers (especially his soul stealing ones), his utter calmness, his plans that account for nearly everything, his subtly (which he proved by taking over the Multi-Universe), his knowledge on heroes and what they do AND his tendency to act from within the shadows.

The B Team

The B Team as a whole is feared because some if not many members of the team are constantly using unpredictable plans and/or methods to achieve their goals, people who are more than willing to kill or banish those who cross the moral line such as The Joker, Lil Gideon, Red Skull and Anton Chigurh.


Discord is highly feared for many reasons. His love of Chaos and tormenting of other people, He is a cruel manipulator, highly treacherous when working with others and he knows A LOT about many of the heroes of the Multi-Universe.


Teronis is feared throughout the Omniverse for one thing: he is one of the most dangerous Shadows in Delanis's army. He entertains himself by torturing, killing and toying with his enemies in any way he can, such as slaughtering surrendered troops or even destroying entire villages with his Warriors for his entertainment.

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