Spike and Julia are the primary couple represented in Cowboy Bebop. However, it has entered a love triangle complicating matters such as her love for her former friend, Vicious. They've all worked in the Red Dragon Syndicate, and Spike and Vicious were its top assassins. When Spike was injured during a war against Titan, he wandered away from the battlefield and wound up beside Julia and her home. While she was tending him, they grew a deep, passionate attachment to each other, and Julia found Spike more kinder and promising than her former love interest. That was till Vicious found out from the crime organization of their relationship and vowed to search and kill them both. Spike then faked his death and became a runaway since before he met Jet and became a bounty hunter; while Julia remained in exile for so long. Their only chance is to meet within the Martian graveyard and the wilting rose in the puddle was a sign of their promise.

Since then, whenever Spike's past ctaches up to him, Vicious and Julia always seem to cloud his mind, including "Julia," which was used as a codename for a Red Eye deal in Calisto, before it went awry by Vicious and Lin.

By the time of the final episode, the syndicate collapsed as Vicious rose to power! Spike left the Bebop one last time to pursue Julia. After they'd reunited and rendezvoused in Anastasia's store, the Red Dragons found and destroyed it, including Annie herself and Julia! After Spike raided HQ, he remembered her last whisper...

"It's all a dream."

"Yeah, just a dream."

In Recessional of the Red Dragons, Trudy kept dreaming of glimpses of Julia, including a special music box; that was her main clue on restoring Spike's deeper memories and chances to revive Julia. Zero and Zoroark found her lifeless body at the hideout in Olympus Mons, then reminding him of Iris, the Maverick rescued her. Together, they escaped, even when the summit was collapsing, and he used Victoria's dying blood as a source. The procedure went well, and this was a way to end Spike's nightmares. After the war was won, Both Spike and Julia reunited! Then later on, Julia and Zero became new bounty hunters! Althogh sometimes things get shaky as Spike accuses Zero for taking Julia away from him, as a reminder of his lost love, Iris.

They also happen to be skilled pilots as well. While Spike pilots the Swordfish II, Julia (in Ikran's fics) pilots the Hearthstone; both made by Spike's old friend, Doohan.

Ikran was a huge supporter of them, instead of the contrary Spike x Faye.

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