Ikran wasn't sure who should Ryan love, either he'll love Kaitlin, or JB. When she wrote We Are VR Troopers, she had her answer. Since Kaitlin was usually onscreen with JB, even with fight scenes in virtual reality, she figured it's best they stay together while Ryan has someone else, her OC, Ling Yu.

Near the end of the story, Ryan succumbs to his injuries and traumas fighting agaisnst Grimlord and inheriting sins from his father, Tyler. Ling took him in to her own Buddhist Temple in Cross World City when he escaped thru a reality barrier. Ryan eventually came to and, according to the General, they'd developed a bond as well as the Florence Nightenga;le Effect.

Ryan was at first nervous on explaining it to Kaitlin and JB, but they accepted it immediately as they would want to start dating now the war's over. And if things don't work out between them, they;ll always have his back. Even Tyler and Tao were supportive of his decision and advised him to always follow his heart.

15 years later, they're officially a couple and are parents to two kids, Taylor and Suri, as well as new owners of Tao's (now expanded) Dojo! Even still owning a dog, Jeb Jr. Taylor was glad to take on their dad's mantle as the new VR Trooper.

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