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"This isn't a rivalry, it's euthanasia. It's our time."
— Kirsten Geary: The Secret World

Here we have the rivals, the characters who are not archenemies but characters who have a particular rivalry and play off due to this. A Character usually has at most 3 main rivals. Unlike enemies, they are not incapable of respect and being able to work with their rival against larger threats. They can occasionally be friendly rivals too like Bubblegum and Marceline.


  • Eddy to Dib
  • Negaduck, The Red Squirrel and Wolf to Skipper
  • Wolf O'Donnell, The Robot Devil, Coyote, and Haytham Kenway  to Bender
  • Hannibal Bean and Terrance Lewis to both Bender and Skipper
  • HIM to Bubbles
  • Princess Bubblegum to Marceline (a friendly rivalry)
  • Mechuckles to Knuckles
  • Wario and Waluigi to Knuckles Riso and Rainbow Dash
  • Vega and Adon to Sagat
  • Chuckles to Lucius
  • Billy to King Julian
  • Jackal to Jack Bauer
  • Mandy and Hyena to Heloise
  • Dingo to Orion
  • Hunson Abadeer to Lizbeth
  • Shadowness to Donald
  • Ghetsis and Cyrus to Giovanni
  • Applejack and Rainbow Dash (a friendly rivalry)
  • Bowser Jr. to Spike (love rivals)
  • Mitch to both Phineas and Isabella
  • King of Sorrow to Klonoa
  • Mungar to Lectrac and Chaotora
  • Scourge to Alt. Doof
  • Goku to Vegeta
  • Whittany and Brittany Biskit to Blythe
  • Deacon Frost to both Hunson Abadeer and Kain
  • Discord to Hunson Abadeer and Sigma
  • Sigma to Discord and Hunson Abadeer
  • Ivan Vanko to Obodiah Stane
  • Cad Bane to Boba Fett
  • Simon Phoenix To Norman Stansfield
  • Mister Sinister to Magneto
  • Reala, Thrax and Luban to Riolu
  • Daegon to Liu Kang
  • Cera to Zorua
  • Woriz to Laval
  • Sektor to Frost and Zero
  • William Stryker Jr. to Courage the dog and Kratos
  • Shepherd to Makarov
  • Zubashi To Captain Morgan
  • Angry Video Game Nerd to Nostalgia Critic
  • Ares to Hunson Abadeer
  • Xiahou Dun and Guan Yu would be this but mostly they're arch enemies.
  • Mr. Gold and Regina Mills
  • White Star to Black Star
  • Haytham Kenway to Tsubaki
  • Charles Lee to Taki
  • Emperor Dalek to Chiro and E.T.
  • Mecha Mario to Mecha Sonic
  • Rin Tohsaka to Black Star
  • Tsumugu Kinagase to Kiritsugu Emiya
  • Gou Kurumada to Hayato Hayasugi
  • Sonic to Mario
  • Freddy Krueger to Jason Voorhees
  • Hoss Delgado to Grim
  • Donald Duck to Chip and Dale
  • Bugs Bunny to Daffy Duck
  • Godzilla to King Kong
  • Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm to Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build
  • Yuinshiel Asteria to Marika Kato
  • Daiji Igarashi to Nariaki Utsumi
  • Ikki Igarashi and Vice to Gentoku Himuro

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