Contrary to Rick and Haruka. This was the official couple in Ikran's F-Zero timeline. And this was a way for Ikran to cope with the stresses involving Haruka's treachery in the anime.

What started out as shyness at the Falcon House, Tinsel eventually warmed up to Rick after he was pursuing Samurai Goroh as he was rumored to steal medicine for terminally ill kids. She advised him to be careful and do his research next time he chases a criminal. Impressed with her skills and knowledge, Rick encouraged Tinsel to join the Elite Mobile Task Force, and soon she did. Since then, they became fast friends, and Tinsel has developed deep feelings for Rick, even relating to his tragedies.

She has saved his life numerous times, even when she restored his mind after being under Dark Million's thrall. Rodney encouraged her to show her feelings to him, and Haruka's kindred spirit convinced him the same as he was under anesthesia. Showing they truly developed a relationship, they each healed their scars, even when Rick used his thermal healing abilities for the first time after he trained her to use the lethal Booster Fire. They even loved being in Port Town as Tinsel shown him twice, and hoped to live there in the future. Then, their relationship became full-circle when she was kidnapped by Black Shadow, and by the time Miss Killer got involved in a scrimmage with her, she kept pleading him to remember Haruka's spirit's advice. Tinsel broke down she couldn't save her, but Rick forgave her since she was too far gone to begin with, and he remembered Haruka saying she's the one for him. Tinsel confessed her feelings for him, saying that she wasn't ready to open up to him since she felt he wasn't ready while suffering from Survivor's Guilt. Her words echoed in his mind even when he was trapped in a stasis tube, and when he reluctantly used his Full Power Booster Fire to destroy the Dark Reactor.

Soon, Rick proposed to Tinsel at Port Town's Queen League course on Valentine's Day, since he knew it was nostalgic to her. She accepted, then on October 9 (two years after they met), they made it their official wedding date at Mute City's Knight League circuit! Since then, they were officially known as Rick and Tinsel Steelus Wheeler!

They're also known as personifications as the Ryu Suzaku (Vermillion Dragon Bird) and the Genbu (Black Tortoise) respectively.

Rick was born on July 28, Tinsel was born on January 31. Rick is known to be hotheaded, impulsive, extroverted and has thermal healing abilities. While Tinsel can be coldhearted, introverted, sensitive, and her machine and ice gun can freeze enemies. Heck, her Booster Fire can create an illusion of a comet with ice particles, while Rick's inner rage can incinerate and destroy like he did to the Dark Star Reactor and escaping from his stasis tube. Opposites DO attract, after all, and as Jody said, they're the perfect match.

Heck, they each possess a Reactor Might in their vehicles; currently the Comet houses 1, while the Dragon Bird EX can house 2, even though sometimes he uses 1 in that vehicle while the Blue Falcon GT can be switched over for 1 Might. Speaking of which, they performed an exclusive simply called Fire and Ice where the Comet and EX perform a Boost Fire together creating the allusions of flames with ice and dust particles.

Their signature song, "I Got a Name."


I Got a Name - Jim Croce - Lyrics ☾☀


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