Although it was shown in one episode in the anime, it never came to pass. That was till Ikran's F-Zero timeline. The beta couple seems to become official during the gaidens in Ending it All , as Lucy finally went on a date with Leon while Beastman hunted Bio Rex. Later, everyone accepted it, even Chris himself; contrary to the anime since he wanted to find and kill Leon. He actually had feelings for Lucy when he worked as a busboy for the Falcon House, but he had a change of heart when he decided to assist Tinsel on finding the Task Force members, both for saving the kids and for knowing Lucy. His feelings were no longer restrained when he displayed his affection as he licked Lucy so many times after reuniting with her, fresh from the hospital after recovering from Dark Million's thrall.

After Leon became one of the new members in the Task Force, they never seemed to want to leave their side.

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