Not Link and the Princess, but the Pokémon Trainer!

Those two have gone a long way since they first met in the Kokiri Forest. Even though she's roughly a couple years older, he seems ahead of her time in terms of intellect and maturity. As Zelda II came to Hyrule in the dense wood, her Pokémon were separated, and she was determined to find them in the foreign land, while also assisting the boy Hylian in the process. Since then, they became fast friends, even with Navi, which made them a sort of Freudian trio (with Link as the Leader, Zelda II as Emotion, and Navi as Wisdom).

Coincidentally, as Zelda II stuck with them throughout their misadventures, they all slept for seven years as their spirits were sealed away in the Sacred Realm. The three grew up then continued their journey to save Hyrule, Princess Zelda, and her Pokémon from the hands of Ganondorf, the King of Evil. Since the latter focused entirely on survival, Zelda II resumed her journey finding them all over again!

Despite this and bringing peace back to the post-apocalyptic realm she was still a supportive companion to Link and vice versa, even relating to each other in terms of tragedy and being misfits. Heck, it came to a point that Link seemed to admire Zelda II learning how to be a Trainer and describing her as a close friend like Saria was, albeit the same age.

Together, they were unstoppable, even while apart as she had to tackle the Well and Shadow Temple alone, as well as having their roles reversed while he ventured to the Spirit Temple and Thieves' Hideout. By the time they reunited, then defeated Twinrova, their relationship began to bond. That was till Link fell for the Princess, never wanting to leave her side.

This tore the Trainer apart, so much so that she wanted to leave Hyrule and go to the Pokémon World in any newer regions. Fortunately, that never happened as their close friends convinced them both they're better with each other; besides, Link would want to live with nature and mingle with the Pokémon like she does instead of being a monarch! It was official when Link uttered to her,

"Zelda II? I choose you."

They'd been living together ever since, at Lake Hylia in their own wooden settlement. And before that, they temporarily lived in the late Dampe's Hut in the Kakariko Graveyard, even on the frontier before that as well as camping together. Their bond became closer that he hopes they'd take coexisting titles as Hero AND Heroine of Time!


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