Also known as Stody. Aside from Rick and Tinsel, this is also one of the most important couples in Ikran's F-Zero timeline, even to Ikran's friends, Buttscottchpiie and Berrywatterson. Aside from Capt. Falcon, this'd make the most sense for Jody, even more than Tanaka.

Jody at the bottom near Clank, and Stewart at the bottom-right corner

Ever since the Elite Mobile Task Force was created, it was often seen ofscreen that Jody and Robert seem very content with each other, even when they happen to be alone. They've so much in common such as authorative leadership, though showing a soft side when needed; although Jody's hotheadedness often gets the best of her more than the doc; they're also skilled pilots and pacifists when the going gets rough if they're paired together and seem to easily negotiate with one another. But when they happen to be separated, all hell breaks loose, and there seems to be more anarchy with just Jody around.

Heck, they were so close, that they even got brainwashed together at Dark Star by Black Shadow and worked under his wing till near the end of Ending it All. Even more fascinating was they both received a downgrade from The Commissioner, aside from the director, but nothing's changed. They also were instructed by Falcon to prepare for the war against Dark Million as they believed in the legend of the savior and revived Rick.

Dr. Stewart has divorced twice, and even her last wife, Katherine Wilson, agrees Jody's the better fit. There were some inclinations as Jody was under anesthesia recovering from an accident, when Jody and doc watched Rick take care of Tinsel, even when they agreed Rick should take up Capt. Falcon's mantle or hoping for their chance on a romantic relationship after they monitored Rick and Tinsel's successful engagement.

Eventually, they were a beta couple as the Stewart family grew when Luna married Jack, then they had a son named Phoenix. Nothing's been official yet.


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