Like Rick and Tinsel, as well as Jody and Dr. Stewart, this is also an important couple in Ikran's F-Zero timeline. Only this one wasn't created by the Ikran herself, but rather one of her friends on DeviantArt. She wanted to make a pairing for her favorite characters in F-Zero, Jack Levin and Dr. Stewart, and much like Ikran she too created an OC who's one of the latter's offspring. The fresh, new face in the medical department and F-Zero racer, Luna Stewart, who has been betrothed to Jack. This was a surprise concerning his rambunctious and sometimes immature persona.

This can all be highlighted in one of her stories, An Unexpected Turn of Events. It is said that when Luna was chosen as a Task Force member to uphold her dad's legacy, she met and fell for Jack. They were soon married and bore a child, Phoenix Levin, on the same day. In fact, since Burt was the marriage officiant and because Rick and Tinsel are best buds, they'd decided to be their best man and maid of honor respectively during THEIR wedding in Ikran's fic, To Be Married and Loved. And if time permits, both Jack and Luna can become godparents if Rick and Tinsel should bare their own kids.

They also seem to share opposite entities, like for Jack would be the Death Reaper, and for Luna would be the Sadistic Coroner.


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