The would-they-won't-they couple in Sleepy Hollow's Season 4. They were both time travelers and Witnesses from different times; Ichabod from pre-Colonial America, and Lara from a dystopian future raised by Malcolm and Jobe. They made up for their absence, and at one point, treachery and together, they went to Hell and prevented an immortal to rule all! The mantle of the Witnesses were passed onto both of them by destiny, but sadly Lara left shortly afterwards to find herself in a newer time, much like how Ichabod did.

In The Missing Episodes, Lara found her place in the world, with her friends and even with Ichabod. They're still the current Witnesses destined to fight evil, even oreoare for the Rapture. Before Ichabod fought and lost against Death, she promised to save his damned soul from Hell, even thogh she knew he'll die for a noble cause.

She upheld her promise, and with the power of Faith, it broke over Ichabod's curse. They and their Guardians escaped with Lucifer,,and Lara kept assuring Ichabod it wasn't his fault on bringing the Apocalypse. As it would've been her role with her guardians, Dreyfuss and Jobe. Their bond and destinies averted all that and from there, their relationship blossomed; as Witnesses, they were in sync both in body and spirit. It was once the case when Lara performed a meld to combine their essences so they can function as one against Death and the Heart Devil. Like a battle bond.

When they had to separate on account of their injuries, they were still able to save the world and restore it from Lucifer. They were still the Witnesses, but also passed it down to Gavin and Jenny, and soon Molly (her lost niece) once she's ready.

In the alternate ending, their Guardians didn't survive the ordeals in Hell, and were unsuccessful on saving the world. Thus, they'd committed suicide.

Ikran, especially, wanted to make Ichabod and Lara (Ichlara) as an official couple as it was time for the Ichabbie fans to move on instead of being obsessed on having THEM as a couple instead.

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