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Elementals are both a heroic things villainous things and even places, like characters that possesses the elements of nature (water, fire, air, earth), are formed of elements (such as the Titans in Disney's Hercules) or are empowered by the elements including fire, water, ice, air, metal, vegetation, earth, gas, light, darkness and so on.

The types of elemental villainy includes:

  • Aerokinesis/Air Manipulation/Wind Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the element of air. This category mainly refers means to control the winds, either through technological/magical means. (Users include Aerisi Kalinoth, Aang, all Flying-type Pokemon)
  • Aquakinesis/Hydrokinesis/Water Manupilation - The power to manipulate the element of water. (Users include Gar Shatterkeel, Katara, all Water-type Pokemon)
  • Benzinikinesis/Gas Manipulation - The ability to utilize gas, manipulate gaseous matter or morph into a large mass of shapeless gas. (Users include Smoker, Ceasar Clown, many Poison-type Pokemon)
  • Bibliokinesis/Book Control/Book Manipulation/Literature Control/Literature Manipulation/Literary Control/Literary Manipulation - the power to manipulate books, manuscript pages, and text paper.
  • Biokinesis/Bio-Manipulation - The ability to control all aspects of any living creature's biological make-up.
    • Hematokinesis/Hemokinesis/Haemokinesis/Bloodbending/Blood Control/Sanguinarian Control/Sanguinarian Manipulation/Sanguine Control/Sanguine Manipulation - The power to manipulate blood, whether it is either from oneself, others or free-flowing. Through this ability alone, blood can be boiled, burned, frozen, and/or used as material to make blood creatures or as healing medicines. (User include Hama, Tarrlok, Amon, Yakone)
  • Chronikinesis/Time Manipulation - The ability to manipulate and control time. (Users include Michael Langdon)
  • Crystallokinesis/Crystal Manipulation - The power to manipulate and generate jewels and/or crystalline material. (Users include Selina Strawberry)
  • Depictukinesis/Art Manipulation - The ability to shape and manipulate art from just about anything from ink (Melanokinesis/Ink Manipulation) to paint (Palletakinesis/Paint Manipulation). (Users include Helene Hawthorn)
  • Dimensiokinesis/Dimension Manipulation/Dimensional Control - The power to manipulate dimensions.
  • Electrokinesis/Electricity Manipulation/Lightning Manipulation - The ability to control the element of electricity. (Users include Enel, Pikachu as well as all other Electric-type Pokemon, Iroh, Azula, Ozai, Mako)
  • Ergokinesis/Energy Manipulation - The power to manipulate energy. (Users include Aang and many of his predecessors)
  • Essokinesis/Reality-Warping - The ability to manipulate and control reality.
  • Ferrokinesis/Metal Manipulation - The power to manipulate metal. (Users include all Steel-type Pokemon, Toph, Lin Bei Fong)
  • Geokinesis/Earth Manipulation - The ability to control the element of earth (rock, sand and ground, not the actual planet called Earth.) and/or cause earthquakes. (Users include Marlos Urnayle, Toph, Lin Bei Fong, Bolin)
  • Hyalokinesis/Glass Manipulation - The power to manipulate glass.
  • Gyrokinesis/Gravity Manipulation - The ability to manipulate and control gravity, whether it be the gravity of objects or people, or literally defying gravity.
  • Naturakinesis/Ecokinesis/Nature Control - The power to control or manipulate the elemental powers pertaining to nature, which is also referred to as Life Powers or Nature Manipulation. This includes 2 subtypes:
    • Chlorokinesis/Plant Manipulation - The abilty to control plant-life. (Users include Poison Ivy)
    • Zoopathy - The power to speak with animals and/or ever control their minds.
  • Oneirokinesis/Somnipathy/Dream Mastery/Nightmare Mastery/Dream Manipulation/Nightmare Manipulation - The ability to enter, and some would say, influence, the (positive/negative) dreams of others. Like evildoers with power over dreams, so too not only items with dream/imagination-influencing properties, but also negative dreams (often referred to as "nightmare worlds" and/or "nightmare lands") can either create them and send them into sleeping minds, or to invade someone's dreams to shape and warp them following their own design. In some cases, this kind of villainy can affect people, simply kill them through their dreams, or even trap them awake in dream sequences. Most villainous dream worlds and evil dream-manipulating objects, like most evil dream masters, are linked to bad dreams, due to the ancient beliefs that nightmares were caused by evil spirits, and are sometimes living nightmares seeking to invade slumbers, but some cause dreams to go horribly wrong by their mere presence.
  • Petrification - The power to petrify, encase or otherwise immobilize their victims - whether by turning them to stone, ice, or other substance(s). (Users include Medusa)
  • Photokinesis/Light Manipulation/Evil Light - The ability to control and manipulate light. (Users include Maria Arzonia, Lord Helio and Kanon Rihavein)
  • Pyrokinesis/Fire Manipulation - The power to manipulate the element of fire. (Users include Maria Arzonia and Vanifer, Zuko, Azula, Iroh, Ozai, all Firebenders, all Fire-type Pokemon)
  • Quiekinesis/Silence Manipulation - The ability to manipulate the lack of all sound.
  • Quintekinesis/Gamakinesis/Enegerybending/Spiritual Energy Manipulation/Life-Force Manipulation/Life Manipulation/Life-Force-Draining/Life-Draining - The power to not only manipulate and channel life energy, but also to sap/absorb the life force or energy from their victims.
  • Radiokinesis/Radioactivity Manipulation/Radiation Manipulation - The ability to manipulate and cause radioactive decay and radiation spectra.
  • Replication/Multiplication/Copying/Cloning - The power to replicate oneself, others and/or objects.
  • Sonokiensis/Sound Manipulation - The ability to manipulate sound and sound waves.
  • Spatiokinesis/Space Manipulation - The power to manipulate space.
  • Technopathy/Technokinesis/Technology Manipulation - The ability to manipulate electronics and machinery.
  • Telekinesis/Psychokinesis/Object Manipulation - The power to manipulate objects/matter with the mind. (Users include Lisa Simpson, all Psychic-type Pokemon)
  • Telepathy/Mind-Reading - The ability to mentally receive and/or transmit information.
  • Toxikinesis/Poison - The power to manipulate and create poisons, thereby capable of causing [harmful/fatal] disturbances to organisms. (Users include all Poison-type Pokemon)
  • Umbrakinesis/Darkness/Shadow Manipulation - The ability to control and manipulate darkness/shadows. (Users include Gekko Moriah)

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