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LOTM: Next Gen Island Tour

Cassie is revealed to be an ally of Castiel who joins up to help. Cassie joins with Cas's side to the west side of the Courage Kingdom and they go to the saloon to drink apart from Louise and Lydia. Everyone joins up and destroys the Internment camp, burning it to the ground with "Another Brick in the Wall" while killing any army remaining. May and the others work with Castiel and Jack as well as Dib in stopping CSMs Plans.

Castiel and his friends are on the same mission as Bender and his buddies which is use the ocarnina to open a door as Sylvester gave one to them. Castiel and Free Will Members get to the entrance where Lydia who has the ocarina uses it to open the door with Zelda's Lullaby. Cassie aids Bender and Cas against the Children of Blackgurumon and she goes after Birkin with Stardash, Knuckles and Sarah as well as killing him.

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